Montreal Paneristi Just For Laughs GTG Report (143 photos!) >>>

Montreal Paneristi Just For Laughs GTG Report (143 photos!) >>>

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Sorry for the delay in posting this report

Thursday July 26, 2012

So here I am heading downtown to meet up with a few guys (pre GTG):

With Glen (aka glenspeed) and Max from Seattle:

Glen's amazing AP ROO Black Themes on that beautiful bracelet, I'm in love (again, LOL!!!!)

Glen with my Navy Seals:

Serge and his Dad, Guy, also joined us!

Serge & Yvon

Glen, Max, & Guy:

Smirnoff ICE and Beer, a new drink called the ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The aftermath, LOL!

At dinner with appetizers, yummmmmmmmm!

The Little Zack Burger:

Dessert is always a treat here

The group wrist shot! Guy was wearing Serge's 118 and Serge was late getting his wrist into the photo, hence the blurred Portuguese!!!!!

Friday July 27, 2012

This date was my Mom & Dad's 60th Anniversary and I had mixed feelings about not being with them, but we have planned another celebration for them

Happy Hour on the patio at the Sofitel

Houda, Aurelio (what are you doing????), and Rob (aka Donut):

Stan & Max

Another round please,


Back at the hotel lobby to hand out the show tickets with Rob (aka RobNY), Aurelio, Rob, and Cary!

Cary, Stan, Rob, and Kenn:

Houda looking great as we are leaving to the show:

We all met for cocktails before the comedy show.

Serge, Aurelio, and Angelo (aka AngeloP)

JoeyP was a surprise guest who asked to join at the last minute, with Max. Joe, it was great to have you in Montreal!

From L - R: Elaine, Gord (newcomer to the GTG), Logan, and Roland (Gord's son):

With our local friends Sonia and Aurelio (Oh no, there's more than one Aurelio at the same GTG!!!!!!)

Stan, Kenn, Yvon, and Coleen (RobNY's lovely wife):

It was finally time for the Gala!

It was a great show themed around the "American Dream"!

At the finale

Here's part of our group leaving the theater to head for dinner:

Ready for dinner:

Two-thirds of the organizing team, Aurelio and Ken!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you both for your continued support and help with the GTG!

Saturday July 28, 2012

The group was invited for a champagne breakfast at a local Boutique specializing in pearl creations! Thanks to Laura and Aline for a special morning!

Stan couldn't make up his mind what to buy!

Luis, Max, and Aurelio:

Rob & Cary:

Houda and Kenn with the group:

Stan is STILL looking

Aline (left) looking on:

At a late lunch with a few of the guys!!

Recognize this place yet?

Maybe the food is a clue, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yummy, that's good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hotel had undergone an extensive renovation. Here we are at the lobby bar before heading out to dinner with Cary, Max, and Houda!

At the venue for cocktails:

Max, Me, Cary, and Luis:

We had more fashion here than Mr. Porter, LOL!!!

OMG, I don't believe we're even comparing footwear

More on topic, comparing the Bronzo!

Mine and Dan's polished version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yvon and Nancy, her first ever GTG and she's hooked!!!!!!

Colleen and Rob:

Luis, Pierre, and Cary:

Hmmmmm, I wonder what they're talking about???!!!

Lisa (Angelo's wife) and Daniel:

Here's Nancy loving Houda's 338, now she wants one!!!!!!!!

Houda and Paule:

With George and his son Elie:

L to R: Dee (Marc's wife), Carla, Paul, and Colleen:

Allan and Rob!

The Fab Four SUBS!!!!!!

There was more fashion here than at Pitti Uomo in Firenze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rana (Selma's sister), Selma (Hiro's wife), and Houda!

With Hiro, Rana, Selma, Houda, and I!

With Cary, Kenn, and Daniel:

With Allan, Rob, and Paule (Allan's wife):

With Peter and Roberto!

Lisa and Angelo:

Aurelio and Houda (again!)

Dinner time!

Sorry for so few photos during dinner. I spend most of my time overseeing and entertaining our guests!

Houda had left a little earlier and stayed. I decided to walk back to the hotel and snapped a couple of pics on my way:

Sunday July 29, 2012

Taking an inventory at the hotel before checking out!!!!!!

The view from our room on the 27th floor!

Another Montreal Paneristi GTG is in the history books. Stay tuned for next year's GTG with some surprises, but you'll have to wait until our announcement!!!!

Thanks to all the guests that joined us and for those who took the time and effort to travel to be here!

Your participation is greatly appreciated and added to the success of the weekend, THANK YOU!

See you in 2013

Montreal, Canada