July 15, 2010 - First report from the Montreal GTG yesterday (80+ pix) > > > >

July 15, 2010 - First report from the Montreal GTG yesterday (80+ pix) > > > >

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July 16th, 2010, 7:44 pm #1

Yesterday was a great way to kick of a GTG weekend!!!!

I left the office early to meet up with a few Ristis!

Man, it was a hot one and felt even hotter with the humidity factor!!!

At least the tunes were cool

Almost there!

I first met up with Kenn, his wife Monica, and Brian!

Checking out Kenn's latest!

Feels great!

Kenn & Monica at the next place we went for more drinks

Met us with Luke..........great to met you

Who's this guy????????

OK, the next photo definitely needs a caption, LOL

I'm loving Luke's LE Boutique special Navy Seals!!!

Another caption???? Same guy, LOLOL

We finally made it over to dinner!!!

There's Marc B peeking past Aurelio's head, LOL!

I wonder if this guy realizes he's got a fake strapped to his wrist???!!!!!!

Mojito time, cheers!!!!!!

The food - Pulled Pork Poutine, Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Dill pickles and coleslaw

The burgers!

Lia and Jerry showed up a little late!!

The 'sliders' looked amazing!!!!


Marcus from SoCal also showed up

Oh, and here's the wrist-shots for the evening!!!!!

Sarah was an amazing waitress and also let us use her arm for the wrist-shot, LOL

We're not really sure if Aurelio was celebrating or convulsing

And finally, one of Brian's watches he brought along! This thing looks great and has some nice weight ti it, well done Brian

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more today from the afternoon lunch to dinner and the comedy Gala!


Montreal, Canada
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