Hammer GTG Part 1 - Leaving for LA > > > >

Hammer GTG Part 1 - Leaving for LA > > > >

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April 15th, 2010, 12:27 pm #1

So, what else am I going to have on my wrist heading to Hammer's GTG except the one-and-only Fiddy!!!!!!!!!!

At YUL airport:

Just about half way there!

Finally arrived and heading for the car rental:

My ride for the next four days!!!!!!!!!

Look familiar????!!!!!!! LOL

Heading to my hotel:

There it is, the round building!

The 14th floor view from my room, I can see the ocean!!!!

On my way to the BH Boutique GTG:

It was a glorious day!!!!!!!

Finally arriving at the Boutique!!!

Stay tuned for more to come in Part 2

Montreal, Canada