Forum Reviewing Guidelines

Post here to get your forum reviewed by staff. If your forum is 3 stars and under you can request an Advertista Layout and we will give you a way to reorder your forum better.

Forum Reviewing Guidelines

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To get a web review you must meet some requirements
~At least15 posts here
~You board must have at least25 members and 250 posts
~Your board must comply with our TOS
~You can not apply for this service again for 1 month

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[b] Name of website:[/b]
[b]Link of website:[/b]
[b]Website Main Theme:[/b]
[b]Website Banner:[/b]
[b]Website Description:[/b]

Then we will rate your website out of 5

And we will rate like this

Rating ?/5
What needs work:

And the scale is this.

1. Needs a lot of work - or needs members
2.Inactive website - or active but needs a lot of things done
3.An Ok website. Needs a little bit of work
4.Overall good site. could use a few tweaks
5.Excellent No words to describe it