Last Questions...

Last Questions...


June 15th, 2005, 2:00 am #1

Ok heres the last of whats going on with my express and questions.
I have a 1978 Honda Express (NC50)

Overall it is in MINT! condtion, it was found stored in a guys garage in rochester, NY. I took the chance and snatched it. 712 miles when i got it, cleaned it, rode it untill 1010 miles with a broken horn and headlight.What i know thats broken:

maybe horn

i put in a new battery, put brand new acid in it. Put in on a charger on 12v for about 2mins and then 6v for about 5mins. Then rode it for about 100 miles with the horn semi working and tailight working. My questions are:

should the tailight always be on? i start it up no lights are on. But when i ride a brake thats the only time my rear brake light turns on. The horn worked for maybe 1 min after i charged it on 6v overnight for about 6 hours. Is my battery dead? did i ruin the battery?

also decided to look inside the headlamp looked like the lamp bulb was replaced then blown again, now just need a whole new light. It only had 2 white wires coming from the back of the light that were cut and just hanging there. So i just figured i need a hole new light. Now the horn i took the back screw off and cleaned with a metal brush, little corrosion, hooked it back up and still doesnt work. I also removed the hight beam assemble w/lightbuld and speedmeter light w/light bulb and are laying in my tool box untill i figure the problems out and get a new headlight. I didnt want to blow those bulbs, thats why i have them taken out. Another question i have is the 2 pods of green terminals (where green wire connect too) Does it matter just as long as a green wire goes in them, do the green wires have to go to certain terminals?

fyi, with the shop m. i tested the rectifier, works fine, and the yellow wires underneath the carb, works fine

thats the low down on my
thanks, chris

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June 15th, 2005, 7:13 am #2

which ground won't make any difference, Just use the meter to confirm that they are both providing good continuity to the frame/ground

tail light works off the battery, so does the brake light

headlight has it's own circuit from the magneto

NOW here is rock meets the hard stop

this moped has NO seperate voltage regulator

everything has to be connected and be correct or you will get high voltage somewhere it is not supposed to be when running the engine at street speeds

this means a good battery, good diode , solid conections for the battery to the charge diode and frame ground, also a good headlight that is connected and drawing power ( turned on ) and good wiring connections thru out the complete bike

you need to use the volt meter on the battery when the engine is running to confirm that it is getting about 7 volts on the battery for charging.

the headlight and the battery balance the magneto/alternator output

if either is not right the other one will be damaged

NO headlight means the battery will get overcharged and run out of water depending on how long it is run that way

no battery means the headlight and main 6volt power circuit will go to high and burn out bulbs.

sound like the horn is just plain bad, any 6 volt small moped/scooter horn can be wired to the curcuit.. to replace the bad one.
or do like i did and get an 'air zound' air horn..


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