The white mind of Barack Obama

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People always need to remember that a white woman gave birth to Barack Obama, and he was raised by white people for the first 18 years of his life. Being raised by white people totally shaped his thinking. Then he went to two mostly white colleges. For most of his life Barack Obama has been in mostly white environments and that totally shaped his thinking.

Even though his skin is brown his mind is white.

A the end of the day many black people are disappointed in him, because he's done things against blacks that white politicians hasn't even done.

Let's take a look at some of them.

1. Obama made his cabinet 99% white, even though many blacks and people of other races voted for him.

2. His cabinet was not diverse at all.

3. He mainly picked people from white Ivy League schools to fill his cabinet.

4. Obama CUT FUNDING to Africa, in the fight against AIDS. This caused many people in Africa to die because of the lack of AIDS medicine.

5. Haiti is a poor black country. Obama fought against Haiti raising their minimum wage above 31 cents an hour. This was pushed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They said that it would be bad for the American companies that have factories in Haiti.

6. Obama put American greed over the well being of the blacks in Haiti.

7. Obama bombed the AFRICAN country of Libya killing 1000's of innocent men, women, and children that wasn't bothering anybody.

8. Obama and NATO also killed the president of that African country, who was very close friends with Nelson Mandela.

9. Today that African country is totally destabilized because of it, to the point where people are now risking their lives trying to flee that country by sea on makeshift rafts.

10. Obama sold weapons to South Sudan and three other African countries that use child soldiers.

11.  Obama threaten to put sanctions on different African countries because of their stance on the gay lifestyle.

12. Obama extended sanction on the African country of Zimbabwe, saying that president Robert Mugabe government policy interferes with American foreign interest. Mugabe doesn't bow down to European pressure, therefore he's disliked by the U.S. government.

13. Obama refused to go to the United Nations Conference on Racism.

14. Here in America Obama CUT FUNDING to black colleges. Which hurt many black students trying to go to college.

15. Obama said that he's against reparations for black descendants of slaves.

16. Black Americans said that they wanted to see another black person on the Supreme Court, maybe even a black woman.Obama nominated three people for the Supreme Court and neither one was black.

17. In his book Dreams from my Father, Obama speaks against Black Nationalism.

18. Obama denounced the black pastor of the church that he went to. He got (offended) when that black pastor spoke out against America dropping bombs on other countries, when that pastor spoke out against America's evil. Barack Obama made a statement criticizing that black pastor for speaking out against America's evil. Obama then left that black church as if they had never done anything for him. He did that in order to be acceptable to whites.

19. In a press conference that he did speaking against his former pastor Rev Jeremiah Wright, Obama criticized Rev Wright for praising Minister Louis Farrakhan and for calling him one of the greatest voices of the 20 Century .

20. A president can push for any bill they want to. A president can ask Congressmen and Senators to write a bill and try to get it pushed through. The police are killing unarmed blacks everyday, and in 8 years Obama did not asked the Congress or the Senate to write laws to crack down on bad police. He chose not to. But Obama asked the Supreme Court to rule in favor of legalizing gay marriage.

21. Michael Brown was an unarmed black kid killed by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri. For months this was the biggest news story in America, it even made headline news around the world.  Barack Obama never went to Ferguson to pay his respects and talk to the blacks in that town. He never even set foot in that town.

22. Obama NEVER met with any of the parents of unarmed blacks killed by the police.

23. White Democrat Joe Biden wrote the 3 Strike Law that filled up the prison with blacks. That law also broke up many black families, and Barack Obama made him his vice president.

24. Obama ignored black people for the whole 8 years he was in the white house. But he did everything he could for gays and other groups.

25. Obama passed a law to protect the police, but he never passed a law to stop the police from killing unarmed blacks.

26. Marcus Garvey was one of the greatest black leaders that the world had ever seen, he organized millions of black people. He taught black people to love themselves, and be proud of the way that God made them. He taught blacks to come together and do for self. Garvey built factories, grocery stores and other things, and by doing so he created 1000's of jobs for blacks. Marcus Garvey was lied on an falsely sent to prison. People have asked Barack Obama to pardon Marcus Garvey but he has refused.

27. White countries raped, robbed and exploited African countries through colonialism, they crippled the continent of Africa by taking it's natural resources, and Africa is still seeing the negative affects of colonialism today. Many African countries are still being exploited by whites today. Well known white companies are still using slave labor in Africa today, and some are even using child slave labor. (But Barack Obama went to Africa and told blacks to stop blaming their problems on colonialism).

28. Assata Shakur is a black woman and a political prisoner, and under Barack Obama, she was put on terrorist Most Wanted List, she's the first woman that the U.S. Government has ever put on the terrorist list. Even though she's not a terrorist, and she's never blown up anything.

29. White presidents have pardon white politicians, and even a few black politicians. In 8 years Obama did not pardon any black politician, even though some of them are in prison on minor charges.

30. Obama did not pardon any black activist.

31. After getting 90% of the black vote, Obama got in the white house and said that it's wrong for him to focus on the troubles of black people.  But he focused on helping gays.

32. Obama cut  8 billion dollars from the food stamp program, hurting some of the poor people that voted for him.

33. Black activist and freedom fighter Dick Gregory died on August 19th, 2017, and Obama NEVER paid respects to him, or sent out condolences to his family. A few days after Dick Gregory died, white gay activist Edith Windsor died, and Obama did a tribute to her and sent out condolences to her family.

34. Obama never sent out any condolences to Winnie Mandela when she died. She was the mother of the anti-Apartheid Movement in South Africa. Just another thing that shows that Obama has never had a connection to black people.  

At every turn he disrespect blacks, and do things that are harmful to blacks.

If a person with white skin had done those things, what would be the reaction of most black people?

Eight years after Obama being in the white house, blacks are in the same condition or worse, with nothing to show for him being in that position.

Obama sold weapons to African countries that use child soldiers ... d-soldiers

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Obama cut food stamps

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Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe condemned Obama for putting sanctions on his country. Watch this video below.


Obama passed  law to protect the police ... /27578911/

Pictures of the whites that makes up Obama cabinet ... 4075390/1/

If this is not a modern day Uncle Tom House Negro, then nobody else is.

Blacks fleeing Libya on a raft after Obama and Hillary Clinton bombed and destabilized Libya.

Under Barack Obama our black sister Assata Shakur was put on the Terrorist Most Wanted list, making her the first woman to ever be put on the Terrorist Most Wanted list. Even though this black woman is not a terrorist, even though she's never belong to any terrorist group. This was (not done under Ronald Regan or George Bush), this was done under Barack Obama.

Obama armed child soldiers in Africa.


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If this is not a modern day Uncle Tom House Negro, then nobody else is.

Then we sure got a lot of them....what about all the rest of the black men shacking with white women and marrying them and hustling them etc, etc. When will any of you clowns learn there is a difference in the world of politics and the everyday world of people who are not connected to that stage. You all slay me with your limited knowledge of just about everything that exists in todays world. You act just like uncle tom's yourself always bitching about someone, tattling on who did what to the "white lady" waiting on that special gift from the massa....that never comes.

Take the blinders off. Nobody is concerned with giving you anything if all you're going to do is sit around and bitch and moan. Making comments like this proves you don't want to earn anything that's why you hate the Pres. cause he didn't give you anymore than you already had. Your expectations are just as off target as your mind set .....that is if you're actually black. BTW make up your mind is it a house Negro or an Uncle Tom you're referring to or do you know the difference. And for your information you do know that the very ones you're making light of told the massas lies to protect the rest of the slaves...made up things to make the old geezers think he was being fed the truth...didn't always work but most of the time it did. ..........white boy.
Understanding is much deeper than knowledge. There are many who know but few who understand.

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This is what happen to black people during the 8 years that Barack Obama was in the white house.


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When you put an uncle tom house negro in a big position, that's what you get.

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After all of these years, you're still following "Mr Charlie" orders as to who"s Negro, and who's white. Obama can't think like Negroes, neither can he think like he's white. What did you think? Wake up to the future of America! Fifty years from now, very future inhabitants will be Black in this country. I'd say about four or five percent.
Deal with it.
B-) ;)
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Nat Turner wrote:When you put an uncle tom house negro in a big position, that's what you get.
Nat, you're so quick to call someone a HN or you really like black people? You try so hard to come across as Nat Turner did but you are so far from his ideology. And since you are so "adamant" about preserving the black culture why do you constantly use such destructive terms to describe "your own" people? What you're calling a white mind is so ignorant. I went to school in an environment that was 99.6% white from 1st grade through Jr High. and I don't have a white one will take my heritage away from me because they THINK they own me. You and the rest of the clowns on here constantly put yourselves down by referring to each other in derogatory ways which leads me to believe you're not as black as you avatars would suggest.

Your tone of "conversation" rings loud and clear that you really don't like black people or you wouldn't degrade them all the time with names the white man designed for his purposes. Don't you think it's time to refer to your own in a much more positive light then the old slave world. You're really quite appalling when it comes to your message about us. So which is it are you black and stuck in slavery mode or are you white and find it amusing to degrade others who don't fit your description of human beings?
Understanding is much deeper than knowledge. There are many who know but few who understand.

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Obama renews contract with private prison, he's like a white racist in black skin.

Source ... nforcement

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Cassidy wrote:Obama renews contract with private prison, he's like a white racist in black skin.

Source ... nforcement
After researching this further. I recognize you're having difficulty understanding the difference between prisons and immigration detention centers.

This article is about the immigrant detention center in TX where most of the detainees are Mexican. It's NOT A PRISON. Grow up little boy.......get some fat on your empty head.
Understanding is much deeper than knowledge. There are many who know but few who understand.

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Can't Help It wrote:Grow up little boy.......get some fat on your empty head.
TLOL @ how you lightskin racists always have to namecall any person who speaks the truth about Obama.


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When Obama denounced his black pastor to please white people, that should have blacks everything that they needed to know about him.