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Good post reddgirl.

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This is in no way intended as a racist hit but when will America's negroe females support themselves instead of trying to dupe colored men & other colored females into shoring up their self absorbed dreams, whims & unrealistic fantasies by purchasing things they have no possible want or need for just because? Even blacks know not to sink their hard earned or even entitlement money into questionable goods & services, every first choice business & entrepreneurial journal reveals that 9 1/2 out of 10 black businesses & services fail within their first quarter because their initial marketing strategy was solely based on false promises, dubious business practices, skullduggery & outright bold face lies & deception in advertising. ;)

Work a little harder & lie a "LOT" less & in 20 to 30 years or so you'll eventually achieve your dream of owning a thousand purple Cadillac's.

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Ken you ain't no money to be duped out of.

A dollar toward the food you're going to eat isn't duping you. :D
This is where I stand: The Universal Motherhood Must Be Awakened.


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reddgirl64 wrote:
beserker wrote:
reddgirl64 wrote:Here's a list of some up and coming young black women owned brands.

We are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs.. Let's help them out with our purchasing power!

Kudo's to them! ... son-beyond

wrote:We are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs.
? why this underlying competition streak i perceive in your post


.. never mind

SHE is my mother,aunt,sister, girlfriend

am still gonna reap the benefit ..... much as u obviously detest dat

Your insecurities will not be my problem. I don't have this men vs women thing. If supporting women is perceived, to you, as putting men down, that is your issue.

All you could have said, was HELL YEA!!
wrote:fastest growing group of entrepreneurs
Besides, the truth should be stated and celebrated!!.. :D
One of the rare occasions when I do agree with you.
These individuals should be supported.

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I always try to support black owned businesses.