Serena Williams explain why her father didn't escort her down the aisle

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Serena Willaims said that her father texted her about an hour before her wedding and told her he couldn’t walk her down the aisle, on her wedding day. She said that he told her that he's not him myself anymore.

She said that she's understand.

A father is going to escort his daughter down the aisle, even if he's on his last breathe in a wheelchair.

So maybe we have to look at things a different way.

Serena Williams father is a strong black man, he has a lot of pride as a black man, and maybe didn't want to walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away to a white man.

That's a serious possibility, some black father don't want to give their daughters to a white man, when you look at the history of racism in America, when you look at how white men during slavery raped and abused black women and nothing was done about it.

Black fathers that's over 60 years of age, they remember all of that stuff. So could have have played a part in Serena Williams father not wanting to give his daughter to a white man?

Her father didn't attend her wedding

Maybe he didn't want to say that and spoil her wedding day.

If you look at this picture of her wedding, her father is not there.

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