Reverend Billy Graham fought against injustice done to blacks

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Rev Billy Graham is one of the greatest Christian preachers ever. He's the most successful Christian preacher ever.

Even today no Christian preacher has matched his success, when you look at the large number of people that came out to hear him preach.

In the 1960's he was packing out large stadiums all over the world. Sometimes drawing over 200,000 people.

Rev Billy Graham has preached in over 185 countries, and during his crusades he has preached to over 200 million people. He spoke in South Korea and over a million people came out to hear him speak in one night.

Every president during his lifetime got in line to meet with him, he had more power and influence than presidents, presidents called him for advice.  But Rev Graham never lined up and supported any political party, and he never endorsed any politician.

Rev Billy Graham didn't preach about money and material things, he preached hard against sin. He always warned people, and he always warned America that you better turn away from sin.

He was a warner to America, he always said that America is going to have to pay a price for rebelling against God.

He was serious about preaching the word of God, and he preached from his heart with passion and conviction. It didn't matter how large of a stadium that he was preaching in, at the end of every service he invited the people that wasn't saved to come down and give their lives to God. He always said don't wait to late, because this might be your last chance. ( That's something that you don't see Christian preachers doing on television today).

But there's another MAJOR part of Rev Billy Graham that a lot of people overlook. Rev Billy Graham fought against injustice done to blacks, he spoke out against injustice done to blacks.

Rev Billy Graham said that racism is a sin.

Rev Billy Graham refused to segregate his crusade audiences, he said that if people came to hear him preach blacks and whites were going to sit together. This angered a lot of racist white people, and Rev Billy Graham and his family started getting death threats. Racist whites called him all kind of names for not segregating his church services.

When Rev Graham held one of his crusades in Alabama, the Ku Klux Klan knocked out his signs and threaten violence against him for not segregating his services. Rev Graham said that the police had to travel with him everywhere he went in Alabama, because they thought that he was going to get shot.  But Rev Billy Graham didn't back down, he didn't allow that to stop him.

Rev Billy Graham was a big supporter of Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. He often put up bail money to get the Civil Rights protesters out of jail.

Rev Billy Graham told Dr. King that he wanted to get out in the streets and march with him. Dr. King told Rev Graham to stay in the stadium, King told him that he could reach more people in the stadium. Dr. King told him that you can reach some people that I can't reach, and I can reach some people that you can't reach.

Dr. King often praised Rev Billy Graham for trying to improve race relations in America.

In 1957 Rev Billy Graham invited Dr. King to open up his crusade at Madison Square Garden in New York City, which Dr. King did.

Rev Billy Graham also spoke out strongly against Apartheid in South Africa, he said that was a sin.    

Rev Billy Graham and Martin Luther King together, the two were close friends. Dr. King told Rev Billy Graham that he could call him by his nick name (Mike).

Rev Billy Graham at a lunch counter with black and white kids.

Rev Billy Graham talking with a group of young black men.

Rev Billy Graham and Muhammad Ali together.

Rev Billy Graham is the first well known Christian preacher to say that Jesus wasn't white, as shown in this video below.

Rev Billy Graham preached at Yankee Stadium in New York City in 1957, and drew over 100,000 people.

Rev Billy Graham preached at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1963, and drew 134,000 people. Which is an all time record for that Coliseum.

This is Rev Billy Graham preaching in Rio de Janeiro in 1974, and over 225,000 people came out to hear Rev Graham preach. This is the largest crowd to attend an evangelistic service in the Western Hemisphere.

Rev Billy Graham preached in Seoul Korea in 1973, and 1.1 million people came out to hear him speak on the final night of his crusade. During the 3 days that he preached there, over 3.2 million people came out to hear him preach.

Here are some pictures below.

Here is Rev Billy Graham preaching hard, and telling people that they better repent and turn from their evil ways.

Rev Billy Graham statement on the Ku Klux Klan threat of violence against him. ... -barriers/

Dr. King letter to Rev Billy Graham praising him for his effort to improve race relations ... Graham.pdf

Rev Billy Graham remembering Martin Luther King Jr ... r-king-jr/

Rev Billy Graham found his calling in life, and he did what he was put on this earth to do.