Rev Billy Graham preached to more people than any other preacher

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Rev Billy Graham was the greatest Christian preacher ever, he was the most successful Christian preacher ever.

He NEVER preached about money or material things.

He NEVER pushed any political party.

He NEVER promoted any political agenda.

He only promoted God agenda.

Rev Billy Graham closed every one of his television broadcast by asking people to come down to the altar and accept God as their Lord and personal savior. He always told them to do it now, because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Rev Billy Graham always called out America for its evil, he said that America better turn from its evil ways. He then pointed out how God destroyed many nations that had become wicked and full of sin.

He always preached about the moral decay that he saw in society.

Rev Billy Graham preached to more people than any other Christian preacher ever. He spoke in Korea and over a million people came out to hear him preach.

NO Christian preacher today could draw a million people to hear them preach.

20 well known Christian preachers today, if you put them all together they couldn't draw a million people to come to hear them preach.

Rev Billy Graham did all of that without cable television. Cable television wasn't even invented when he was doing all of that.

He was packing large stadiums long before there was cable television and the internet.

He preached in 185 countries, that's just about every country on earth.  

Rev Billy Graham was a man of high morals that was dedicated to his wife and family, and he never got caught in any scandals.

Rev Graham spoke out against racism and injustice done to blacks, he always preached that racism is a sin.

Rev Graham put a lot of knots on the devil's head.

Rev Billy Graham is a great example of what it means to be a true followers of God and his son Jesus.

Rev Billy Graham was chosen to do what he was doing, and that's why he connected to people. That's why he was able to touch so many lives.

Some pictures and videos.

Rev Billy Graham preached at Yankee Stadium in New York City in 1957, and drew over 100,000 people.

Rev Billy Graham preached at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1963, and drew 134,000 people. Which is an all time record for that Coliseum.

This is Rev Billy Graham preaching in Rio de Janeiro in 1974, and over 225,000 people came out to hear Rev Graham preach. This is the largest crowd to attend an evangelistic service in the Western Hemisphere.

Rev Billy Graham preached in Seoul Korea in 1973, and 1.1 million people came out to hear him speak on the final night of his crusade. During the 3 days that he preached there, over 3.2 million people came out to hear him preach.

Here are some pictures below.

Here are some videos of Rev Billy Graham preaching hard, and telling people that they better repent and turn from their evil ways.

A video of Rev Billy Graham preaching over the years.

Rev Billy Graham preached to over 200 million people in person.