Lebron James is a good father

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Lebron James never had his father in his life, and he said that he's never even met his biological father.

Lebron said that he wants to be the father to his kids that he never had, and I think he's doing a great job of that.

Lebron James sons were waiting for him after he came off the court, after the Cleveland Cavilers beat the Toronto Raptors and swept them out of the playoffs.

Watch these videos.

Check out this special handshake that Lebron gave his sons.

Lebron James wife and kids congratulate him on reaching 30,000 points.

Lebron James and his daughter.

Lebron James speaking on not having his father in his life.

Lebron commercial with his family.

This is the message that Lebron James tweeted to his mother for her birthday.

I have no idea throughout all my childhood years how u were able to support me being a single parent mother and also being financially constricted. So every single day I wake up I'm striving to repay u back by making u proud of your only son and also figuring out a way to give u the Universe! You're also my father, brother and sister that I never had. How and the heck did u cover all those bases! One of kind Mom and I thank you so much for never leaving me and being my sunshine every single day still!

Lebron is a good father and husband, he married his childhood sweetheart.