Germany commited genocide against blacks in Africa

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White countries have done a lot of evil on this earth. Britain put blacks in Kenya in concentration camps, and they also killed large numbers of blacks in Kenya for trying to prevent them from taking their natural resources.

In the history of the world blacks have never put whites in concentration camps. Blacks have never take white people land and natural resources.

Germany also committed genocide against blacks in Africa. Germany committed genocide against blacks in the African country of Namibia, 80% of their population was wiped out when Germany went in an stole their land and natural resources.

Germany also put blacks in Namibia in concentration camps, and some were beheaded.

These is called the 20th Century's first genocide. Germany killed over 605,000 blacks in this genocide.

Videos on Germany genocide against blacks in Africa.

This video shows the level of evil that Germany did to blacks in Namibia, after starving many to death the military leader of Germany gave orders to kill them all.

Germany has not even apologized for this evil.

These are some of the survivors of Germany genocide in Namibia. Germany starved many blacks to death.

These are some more survivors of Germany genocide against blacks.

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This evil was done by Germany 30 years before Adolf Hitler came into power.