Bill Cosby is straight up PRO BLACK

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When you look at the moves that Bill Cosby has made, he's straight up PRO BLACK.

White people were showing negative images of black people on television, they were showing blacks as savages in the jungle with Tarzan.

They were showing black people on television doing destructive things, and acting a fool.

White people were often showing images of black people being servants to whites, they showed black people as maids and butlers, they showed black people acting like clowns.

Bill Cosby understanding the power of media, he came along and countered those images of black people. In Prime Time television he created the Cosby Show, it showed black people being doctors and lawyers and having respectful children, it showed black people having good clean fun.

Bill Cosby wasn't through he went a step further.

He produced and created a Different World showing black kids in college. This showed black kids enjoying the college life and having fun. What he did was he made going to college cool, and this television show was also showed in Prime Time.

There are black kids that said they were inspired to go to college after watching a Different World.

Through those television shows Bill Cosby was changing people view of black people, and some people didn't even realize that their view of black people were changing in a positive way because of those shows. Those were successful television shows in Prime Time that ran for years.

Bill Cosby did more than just show positive images of black people.

Bill Cosby holds the record for giving black colleges more money than any other person in history.

Spike Lee said that Bill Cosby was the first person to give him money to finish making the Malcolm X movie, after the budget for that movie ran short. Spike Lee said that he got the check from Bill Cosby the SAME DAY that he called him.

Spike said that he was in Los Angeles and Bill Cosby was in New York, and Spike said that the check was dropped off at his hotel the same day.

We might not ever be able to gauge the positive affect that Bill Cosby has made on black people.

This is a video of Bill Cosby teaching on African history, this is a side of Bill Cosby that most people don't see.

Bill Cosby is a big supporter of Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Cosby often praises the Nation of Islam for the good that they've done for black people. He praises the Nation of Islam for how they are able to reform black people. He praises the Nation of Islam for how respectful their men and women carry themselves, he praises the Nation of Islam for how they are able to clean up the black community.

Bill Cosby said that if black people in general were more like the Nation of Islam, blacks would be a much better people.

Minister Farrakhan is a supporter of Bill Cosby also, he has always spoken highly of Bill Cosby.

This is Bill Cosby and Minister Farrakhan together.

Bill Cosby and Nelson Mandela.

Bill Cosby gave a lot of money to black colleges, in 1988 Bill Cosby gave a black college 20 million dollars. This was the largest donation ever made to a black college.

Bill Cosby has put 100's of black kids through college. His love for black people shows through his ACTIONS.

Bill Cosby has given close to 100 million dollars to black colleges.

As stated before Bill Cosby has given black colleges more money than any other person.

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Bill Cosby has given black colleges almost a 100 million dollars ... versities/

Bill Cosby helped financed the Black slavery Museum. ... ery-museum

Bill Cosby support of the Malcolm X movie ... _spike-lee

Spike Lee speaking on how Bill Cosby was the first person to give him money, to help him finish making the Malcolm X movie.

The positive impact that the Cosby Show had on black people.

Bill Cosby had South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba on the Cosby Show, and she was teaching African history on the Cosby Show.

Here is the rest of that VIDEO. ... 0551080962