Bill Clinton sanctions on Iraq killed 500,000 babies

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When Americans hear about sanctions being put on other countries, they just go on with their lives as if they didn't hear anything.

I don't think that the average American understand what sanctions are.

Sanctions causes pain, suffering and death to innocent people.

Sanctions prevent countries from getting medical supplies, and other much needed supplies.

Sanctions inflict harm on countries, and it can cripple countries.

Sanctions can prevent countries from getting food, and it can also drive up the cost of food.

Sanctions can cause starvation in countries.

Sanctions are very cruel.

Democrat Bill Clinton put sanctions on Iraq which killed 500,000 innocent babies in Iraq. The people in Iraq love their children just like Bill Clinton love his child.

Look at these videos.

Madeleine Albright was the Secretary of State under Bill Clinton. When 500,000 Iraqi children were killed because of Bill Clinton sanctions on Iraq, Madeleine Albright said that it was worth it.

Which shows a disregard for human life.

Former Democrat congressman Bill Richardson worked with Bill Clinton, and in this interview he said that Bill Clinton killing 500,000 innocent babies in Iraq was worth it.

Not only did Bill Clinton put sanctions on Iraq that killed a half million babies, but he also bombed Iraq a country that wasn't bothering America, and many innocent people were killed in those bombings.