America is the #1 Human Rights Violator in the world

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The people in American media makes me sick, they say that America shouldn't be having peace talks with North Korea, because North Korea leader is a dictator that has committed Human Rights violations.

(As if America is NOT GUILTY of Human Rights violations all over the world). America is the #1 Human Rights violator in the world.

Let's take a look some of America's Human Rights violations.

1. America is the ONLY country that has ever used nuclear weapons on human beings. America used nuclear weapons on innocent men, women and children in Japan killing many innocent people.

2. America used (Agent Orange) on innocent men, women and children in Vietnam. This not only killed many innocent people people, but the Agent Orange that the U.S. Government used caused babies in Vietnam to be born with all kind of birth defects.

3. U.S. politicians bombed Iraq night and day killing 500,000 innocent men, women and children in Iraq, a country that wasn't bothering America.

a.) Over a million innocent people in Iraq were badly injured and crippled when America bombed that country.

b.) Millions of children in Iraq are now orphans because the U.S. Government killed their parents when they bombed Iraq.

c.) American bombs were filled with chemicals, and this has caused major birth defects in babies in Iraq

4. U.S. politicians bombed Libya killing 1000's of innocent men, women and children, another country that wasn't bothering America.

5. America has bombed and invaded over 50 countries killing innocent people.

6. When you look at the foundation of America, America was built on the fact that they put millions of black people in slavery for 200 years without pay. Blacks were worked in America for 200 years from sun up to sun down, and they were never paid. A lot of well known companies in America were built on slavery.

7. Today in America the police are killing unarmed blacks, and nothing is being done about it. (Those are serious Human Rights violations).

Iran and North Korea didn't do those evil things to people, those things were done by Americans.

America is the #1 Human Rights violator in the world, not Iran or North Korea.

These are some innocent children in Iraq that are victims of America's bombs.

Because of the U.S. Government invasion and sanctions put on Iraq, there were food shortages and severe starvation, this is what the American media don't show you about what America did to the people of Iraq.

When America used nuclear weapons on Japan, they killed a lot of innocent people, with a large percentage of those people being women and children, and many of them were burned alive. This is one of the victims of America's nuclear weapons.

When the U.S. Government invaded Vietnam they used Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people causing them to have all kind of birth defects that they are still suffering from today. These are some of those victims of Agent Orange.

This child lost her leg when America bombed Libya.

Chemicals in American bombs caused major birth defects in babies in Iraq, as shown in these videos.

U.S. politicians put sanctions on Iraq that killed over 500,000 babies. American sanctions prevented Iraq from from getting medical supplies, and other much needed supplies.

When asked was it worth it to kill 500,000 babies in Iraq, America's Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that it was worth it, as shown in this video.

The U.S. Government ordered the military to spray Agent Orange from airplanes, and studies have said that this has caused over 2 million people in Vietnam to get cancer.

The U.S. Government used napalm bombs in Vietnam(which is a ball of fire) this bomb burned innocent people alive.

This Vietnamese girls suffered burns all over her body when America bombed her village.