America, Britain and Germany are the 3 most evil countries on earth

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America, Britain and Germany are the 3 most evil countries on earth. They have caused more death, oppression, pain, misery and suffering than any other countries on earth.

Let's take a look at their evil track record.


1. At one point the British had bombed and invaded over 90% of countries on earth.

2. The British have gone all over the world taking things from people that don't belong to them.

3. The British colonized, raped and exploited half of the countries in Africa taking their natural resources.

4. The British put large numbers blacks in Africa in concentration camps, for standing up to their oppression.

5. The Queen of England and Britain financed the slave trade, the Queen of England bought the slave ships that transported blacks into slavery. Millions of blacks were transported from Africa into slavery on these British slave ships.

6. A lot of Britain's wealth was built on the slave trade.

7. Britain oppressed the people of India.

8. Millions of people in India were starved to death at the hand of the British Government.

9. Even today the British are still doing evil. The British Government helped to start the Iraq war, a country that wasn't bothering Britain. Over 500,000 innocent people in Iraq were killed in that Iraq war, and over a million people in Iraq were badly injured in that war.

America has done a lot of evil in the world, America has made the world a terrible place to live for many people on this earth.

1. America put millions of black people in slavery for 200 years, where they worked black people from sun up to sun down and never paid them. (America's wealth was built on slavery.)

2. America took away black people African names, language, history and culture and gave them slave names.

3. Millions of blacks died during the slave trade, and slavery that took place at the hands of America.

4. America put black people on the same level as animals, blacks were listed as 3/5th of a human in America.

5. America passed laws that legalized the mistreatment of blacks.

6. America passed laws that made black people ride on the back of the bus, and drink from separate water fountains because of their skin color that God gave them.

7. America made it against the law for black people to read, and any black person caught trying to read would be punished.

8. In America blacks were hung from trees, and some had their bodies set on fire, as white people stood around and watched.

9. In America many black churches were bombed and burned down, at the hands of whites.

10. America is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons on human beings.

11. America used nuclear weapons to kill innocent men, women and children in Japan.

12. America put 120,000 Japanese Americans in concentration camps, in America.

13. Even today America goes all over the world bombing and invading other people countries.

14. America went 8000 miles away and bombed Iraq (a country that wasn't bothering America), and 500,000 innocent people in Iraq were killed because of it, and over a million innocent men, women and children were badly injured when America bombed that country.

15. America has also exploited Africa for it's natural resources.

16. Even today there are American companies that use slave labor in Africa.

17. In America the police are killing unarmed blacks, and nothing is being done about it, even when it's caught on camera.

Germany has caused a lot of pain, misery, suffering and death in the world.

1. Germany committed genocide against blacks in the African country of Namibia, 80% of their population was wiped out when Germany went in an stole their land and natural resources. Germany also put part of their population in concentration camps.

2. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, Germany killed over 12 million people. With 6 million of those people being non Jews.

3. The German Government put human beings in ovens.



Britain starved 4 million people to death in India.

Britain had invaded all but 22 countries on this earth.

Blacks in Africa that were killed and put in concentration camps by the Germans.

On foreign land Americans kicked in the doors of innocent Iraqi families, terrifying women and children.

Americans soldiers kicking in doors of Iraqi people homes in night raids.

America exploiting African countries for it's natural resources.

America company Firestone pay the African workers 42 cents an hour, to tap trees for rubber. Firestone has been exploiting Africa for rubber since the 1920's.

Digging for diamonds for American companies.

Children in Iraq being terrorized by Americans.

Iraq children that are victims of America bombing their country.

A black man being burned alive in America.

Blacks in Africa that the British put in concentration camps.

News on Britain invading 90% of countries ... 30513.html

Those 3 white countries have done a lot of evil on this earth, they have caused a lot of pain, misery, suffering, death and oppression of innocent people.

Those 3 countries represent the WORST in humanity.