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North Korea

Struggling Scientist
Struggling Scientist
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August 11th, 2017, 12:00 pm #1

A few years ago, I put nuclear war pretty low on the list of probabilities. I put pandemic and climate change near the top for probabilities, accompanied by associated social and financial upheaval.

Now though, with Kim Jong Un threatening to send a missile with one of his miniaturized nuclear warheads to Guam within weeks, and Trump threatening retribution on a scale like the world's never seen, and this emboldening Kim - I really don't see much of a "good" way for this to end. With assorted mutual defense treaties which would come into play, it looks a lot like the run-up to World War 1. The question is whether China will honor their treaty with North Korea to come to their aid if attacked. The choices are a nuclear war or a military coup in either country if the military refuse to end the world on a dubiously-illegal order - if that concept even exists in North Korea.

I'm not planning to leave where I live on the high plains of the US, surrounded by ICBM silos. I want to be sure that before the signal goes to my brain from seeing that FLASH, before the pain of the burning skin can get to my brain, the brain will have been vaporized - no pain. I'm just more happy now that I never procreated.