Latest test build available here (32bit and 64bit).

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Test build version: 0.99.22 (released 13-Aug-2018).

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Notes on installing 64bit version on top of the 32bit version.

.22 + Added new keywords file "extras.exc". This has a couple of my own frequently used system keywords "textlaunch, pastesecond, pastethird", and also some new keywords "dice, random, flipcoin" that can roll RPG like dices, return a random number and flip a coin. To install these go to the keyword editor (ctrl+k), right-click some keyword in list for a popup-menu and select "Import keywords from file". The "extras.exc" is located in Executors program folder. While your at it also check out the keywords in "windowkeywords.exc".
.22 + Added when running Executor in safemode it's window will be centered on the primary display (in case it somehow got lost out of screen).
.22 + Added when running in safemode Executor will be centered on primary display.
.21 + Changed defaul hotkey for new users (yet again) to Shift+Win+Z after Microsoft again stole my default hotkey Win+A when releasing Windows 10 (and Win+Z in windows 8)
.21 + Fixed keyword sorting in keyword editor<br>
.21 + Added default keyword ?sleep (it's actually same command as $STANDBY$, Microsoft just renamed standby to sleep). Existing users can import standard.exc (in keyword editor) to get this.
.21 + Removed old outdated default keywords groups, lastfm, myspace.
.20 + Added ability to delete items from clipboard list by pressing delete key on highlighed item.
.20 + Added new search type option to wizard to combine "short-form" and "text contains".
.20 + Added option to cancel wizard when started from settings.
.20 + Fixed typo in URL usage example in keyword settings.
.19 + Change Recompiled 64bit/32bit on up-to-date 2018 compiler.
.18 + Change Changed logo.
.18 + Changed the code that renders the Executor window for less flicker.
.17 + Added hidden setting to steal "WIN-Z" back again from Windows 8 as Executor hotkey (for old users used to WIN-Z as hotkey). To do so close Executor and open executor.ini file, and in the [Setup] section add stealwinz=1
.16 + Fixed an access violation that could occur under certain conditions when having "Short form dectection" enabled.
.15 + Installer will detect and offer a fix if you have Executor startup on Windows startup, but the location is somewhere else than where you are installing.
.15 + Fixed "Steal WIN-R" hotkey from windows" option for 64bit Windows.
   .14 + Fixed 64bit "Only allow one instance" option didn't bring already running instance into focus.
   .14 + Fixed an invalid buffer size that could cause problems with indexed items.
   .14 + Cleaned up some unsafe multi-threaded code.
   .14 + If indexing is enabled then the profile directory (c:\users\yourprofilename) will now be indexed for later versions of Windows (Vista+). This is only for folder items and it won't do sub folder items. This will include items like "Downloads", "Documents", "Desktop", "Music", "Pictures, "Videos" etc. (just like Executor did on XP).
   .14 + Changed default hotkey to WIN+A instead of WIN+Z as WIN+Z is reserved for something else in Windows 8 (damn you Microsoft for stealing my hotkey!). I actually prefer WIN+< which is the key to the left of Z on an Danish keyboard, but this key is very different from country to country.
   .14 + Fixed bug in "Build icon cache" feature, where some icons would show a default icon.
   .14 + Fixed bug in showing icons with "apps" keyword, where some icons would show a default icon.
   .14 + Fixed "apps" keyword now works in 64bit.
   .13 + Fixed bug with "send to" functionality on certain systems (try disable and enable this option if you have problems with it).
   .13 + Fixed bug reading some indexed items from history and "cached index items" option.
   .12 + First version of new compiled version supporting both 32bit and 64bit.
   Moved to new version of compiler (supporting 64bit and unicode) and had to modify a lot of code. Unicode is still not fully supported.
   .11 + Changed opening of items slightly for better support of programs that are iconic (system tray apps/programs for example) will in Win7/Vista open directly instead of sometimes only being opened and highlighted in the taskbar.
   .10 + Fixed bug with backup not being written under certain conditions.
   .10 + Added $DATAFOLDER$ tag. Making a keyword with this as command opens the folder containing executor.ini etc.
   .09 + Executor recompiled under an updated compiler and a couple of updated libraries. If you experience any side effects please tell.
   .09 + Small bug fix with a incorrect buffersize that could in rare cases cause access violation.
   .09 + "Don't display scrollbar" setting is now enabled by default on new install.
   .09 + Disabling clipboard sniffer in settings now really ignores clipboard. Before Executor would still hook into the clipboard and listen to messages but just not keep track of them.
   .09 + Added a "Automatic backup" setting under "misc" enabled by default. This will make a backup of executor.ini each time Executor is closed under the following conditions: No backup file was found, backup file is at least two days old, executor has been closed at least 5 times after a new executor.ini was written (this is so a new ini (maybe result of old being corrupt) just doesn't overwrite a possible useful backup right away).
   .09 + When Executor creates a new "executor.ini" but detects a backup, a notification about this will be displayed on startup.
   .08 + Pressing next delimiter (TAB by default settings) on a keyword that points to a folder will expand the folder in the input and list.
   .07 + Added optional browser now supports $D$, $H$ and environment path (%systemroot% etc).
   .07 + Fiddled more with clipboard sniffer recovery code.
   .06 + Added new tag $PASTE2$ that is probably most useful with hotkeys. $PASTE2$ will paste the previous text that was in the clipboard (not the current). So for example we can create a new keyword called "pasteprev" with command "$PASTE2$" and hotkey "CTRL+ALT+V". Pressing CTRL+ALT+V will then paste the previous text from your clipboard.
   .06 + Added tag $PASTE3$ and $PASTE4$.. Like $PASTE2$ but will return text number 3 and 4 from your clipboard history.
   .06 + Added $SENDTEXT$ this will send text from the parameter of the keyword that contains the command $SENDTEXT$ to the current focused window. For example I could make a keyword called "signature" with command "$SENDTEXT$" and parameter "Martin Bresson{ENTER}Author of Executor". When triggering this keyword it will send this text to the current focused window. I could also assign a hotkey to the keyword so I wouldn't have to open Executor to activate the keyword. special keys are also supposed example new line is {ENTER}. Other examples {TAB}, {F1}, {ESC}, {END}, {PGDN} etc.
   .06 + Fiddled with more safe data file writing to avoid executor.ini getting corrupt.
   .05 + Added some experimental code to try repair situations where clipboardviewer chain has been broken (normally you would have to restart Executor).
   .05 + Added optional parameter to $WCENTER$ ("center" keyword). The optional parameter is the monitor number you would like to center the window on. Monitor numbers starts from 1 (meaning 1 is your primary one). Monitor numbers can be seen in your windows display settings.
   .04 + Fixed external links in Executor to new domain.
   .03 + Added setting (drop-down) to indexing called "Auto index". This has the following options "Never", "Only on startup", "Only on focus", "On startup and on focus", "Only on 15 minutes of idle", "On startup and on 15 minutes of idle". This replaces the previous checkbox option called "Only index on startup". A note on the new "15 minutes of idle", Executor will not index again if the machine keeps being idle after 30min and then again 45min etc. Executor will detect if the computer is still in the same idle state since last indexing, and will only start indexing if it's a new idle state.
   .03 + Added hidden setting "indexidle", with this setting you can change the default 15 minutes of idle. Will only have an effect if your using one of the "Auto index" idle modes.
   .02 + Fixed problems with keywords calling other keywords, didn't pass and resolve the tags that might be in the original keywords parameter field.
   .02 + Fixed keywords containing parameter info and calls another keyword, will now be displayed correctly in history (previously the keyword parameter info would also be added to history).
   .02 + Fixed importing keywords that have more than one keyword would not be detected as a duplicate/already existing.
   .02 + Fixed current icon disappearing just after closing settings/keyword dialog.
   .02 + Added new tag $CC$. Only handy for hotkey keywords. This is just like $C$ but will trigger a copy to clipboard event first (so you just have to mark the text and then trigger the hotkey).
   .02 + Added new tag $CX$. This works like $CE$ but will in case the clipboard text is not a url or filepath replace $CX$ with the clipboard text (where $CE$ opens a predefined keyword with clipboard text as parameter). Limitation is it only works in a keywords command field at the moment.
   .01 + Added hidden setting "calcchar" with this you can change the default calculator prefix character "#" to something else.
   .01 + Fixed alarm message text was ignored.

   0.99.0 released.

   .64 + Added command-line parameter '-safemode'. Should you somehow have trouble opening Executor this will start up Executor in a more safe state. Disabling indexing, any cache building/loading, forcing the don't resolve network paths setting, forcing no skin, no internet auto import, no startup keywords.
   .64 + Added command-line parameter '-wizard'. This will force Executor to display the setup wizard on startup.
   .63 + Added new setting to import a keyword file from internet on startup. By this you can share keywords on different Executor installations (provided they have internet access and you have somewhere to host this keyword file). Setting can be found in settings - misc (along with a test button). This will be loaded async when Executor starts up (to prevent hanging if no internet is available) so it might take some seconds for the keywords to be available. Also these imported keywords will overwrite (update) any existing keywords of the same name.
   .63 + Added hidden setting "importurlfast" if this is set to 1 then Executor will import keywords from internet immediately (sync and not default async). The risk is that Executor might hang up to 60sec if there's trouble reaching the specified import url.
   .63 + Added a "Import keywords from url". In the keyword editor (right-click keyword list for context-menu). This will present the usual list where you can toggle which keywords to import from the url etc. You can try it out with this url that contains one keyword called "forum" that will open Executors forum maximized. Test url: you can also use this url to test the auto import feature mentioned above.
   .63 + Note to techies worried about I might have included some bloated internet library in Executor. I just use the standard windows api wininet.dll very little code has been added. This is also why I can't control the timeout perfectly because it's up to windows not the individual app when using this library.
   .62 + Added new tag $GRABTOINPUT$, if added to a keywords command this will grab the output and write it in Executors input. This requires that the command is a console application that outputs some text (like for example ipconfig.exe).
   .62 + Added new tag $GRABTOLIST$, works like $GRABTOINPUT$ but will instead display the text and set focus in the list (multi-lined text). To dismiss the text from the list press esc (while the text has focus). Example try make a keyword with command c:\windows\system32\ipconfig.exe$GRABTOLIST$
   .62 + Added new tag $GRABTOLISTNOFOCUS$ works likes $GRABTOLIST$ will display the result text in the list, but will maintain focus on input field.
   .62 + These new tags are kinda experimental they provide the possibility for users (well, tech users) to make custom information commands like $TIME$ $SHOWIP$ etc. For example you could make a console application that adds support for google calc by having the console application take the calculation as a parameter then call google with that url and get the result (by for example a regular expression, substring, grep etc. from the html returned) and then have the console application output that result and exit (So Executor will grab it).
   .62 + Fixed missing icon if keyword uses $CLR$.
   .62 + Added skin file setting "titlefontsize".
   .61 + Improved the "write to disk" routine. Should be about much faster, and use less resources than the standard component that was used before.
   .61 + Added a new special command $CLR$ for keywords. If the keywords command or parameter field contains $CLR$ it will clear the input in Executor after the keyword is launched. This can be handy if you for example launch a keyword that has sensitive information. For example a password as parameter, and you don't want this to be visible the next time Executor gains focus (if you want to clear input for everything there is already a setting for this).
   .61 + Added hidden setting "clipautopaste" (found in executor.ini). If enabled (clipautopaste=1) this will also paste to the current window when selecting a clipboard item in Executor. Disabled be default.
   .60 + Added default keyword refreshindex. This will rebuild the index. Executor will write number of index items when finished if input is not changed meanwhile (can be imported from the included standard.esc in zip file).
   .60 + Added new tag $REFRESHINDEX$ it will force index to be rebuild.
   .59 + Added new setting to toggle if global hotkey will also hide Executor if Executor already has focus and pressing hotkey. This can be found in settings/general called "Hotkey also hides when focus" (located just beneath where you set the global hotkey).
   .59 + Added default keyword textclean. This will remove any formatting of the current text in clipboard. Example you want to copy text from a webpage and paste it into a mail, but don't want the formatting (font-size, color etc) of the webpage to be pasted as well. Then first copy text from webpage, then launch the keyword textclean, and then paste the (now clean) text into the mail (new keyword can be imported from standard.exc in zip file). If you want a hotkey to do all this see $TEXTCLEANPASTE$ info below.
   .59 + Added a new tag $TEXTCLEAN$. This will strip any formatting etc from current text in clipboard (if any).
   .59 + Added a new tag $TEXTCLEANPASTE$. This is only for hotkey fans, that can make a keyword with this tag and assign it a hotkey. This will both clean text like $TEXTCLEAN$, and will also paste the text (I use WIN+V).
   .58 + Improved when moving alpha skinned Executor, the window should move more fluent and take up less cpu while moving.
   .57 + Added hidden setting (in executor.ini) named refreshindex. When executor has been idle it checks how long it has been idle when brought back to focus, normally if it has been idle for longer than two minutes it will refresh index (unless set to only refresh at startup, or indexing is disabled). With the refreshindex setting you can set something else than the default 2 minutes. refreshindex does not support decimals.
   .57 + Fixed an issue with clipboard handling.
   .57 + Fixed an issue with users that have switched mouse button behavior (left-handed setup etc.) couldn't move skinned window (was alpha skins only).
   .56 + Fixed a hotkey bug that could affect certain hotkeys (if you had problems with hotkeyed $CE$ you might wanna try again).
   .55 + Fixed a division by zero bug with preview of calculation.
   .54 + Improved "Don't try to resolve network paths" to be able to detect more.
   .53 + Fixed a bug that after using keyword editor groups wouldn't execute properly.
   .53 + Added calculator will show result preview when typing (in title/description).
   .52 + Fixed some issues with indexing and a minor memory leak.
   .51 + Fixed a bug with list skin not always being stretched correctly.
   .50 + Fixed a bug that could rarely occur when having Executor running on windows startup.
   .50 + Fixed various small bugs regarding input and "short form detection" and "enter will launch first item if no valid item".
   .50 + Improved icon load speed.
   .49 + Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances launching an item could cause a access violation.
   .48 + Added icon be resolved when using relative paths.
   .48 + Added that font script can now be set to something else than "western" like cyrillic, hebrew etc. (See settings/"Visual / skin" / Font button). The list / drop-down will also inherit this.
   .48 + Improved "Wizard" some more.
   .48 + Fixed an input bug introduced in .47
   .47 + Added the two hidden settings "clipboard sniffing" and "enter will launch first item in list if input don't make sense" to the settings listed under "Misc".
   .47 + Fixed an issue with multiple commands on commandline.
   .47 + Fixed an issue when using ctrl+tab or tab (depending on "Switch tab behavior" setting) to cycle the various matches.
   .46 + Added another option to Suggestions to "Only list suggestions in list". For people that want suggestions in list but not in input field. For example those that like "Contains text" search, and also have suggestions enabled, might perfer to have it launch the first item in list (pressing enter) instead of launching some suggested item matching the "contains" criteria you typed.
   .46 + Added the tag $WADJUST$ it takes four parameters width,height,left,top. This can resize and/or move a window by a specific amount of pixels. Example adjust 10,0,0,0 will make the window 10 pixels wider. Another example adjust 0,0,0,-10 will move the window 10 pixels up. Also added a default keyword called adjust that can be imported from "windowkeywords.exc" file.
   .45 + Added that pressing tab (or ctrl+tab if input setting "Switch tab behavior" isn't enabled) will expand the file path of the indexed item (and only indexed items) in the input field, or in case the indexed item doesn't have a file path (like control panel folders "Printers and faxes", "Administrative tool") it will expand it in the list.
   .45 + Improved "Indexed items" in input auto completion. Will now suggest the closest match first. It's also recommended that if you have indexed items enabled for auto-completion (Settings / "Input, wording & auto-completion") to move it above history.
   .44 + Added values listfontname, listfontsize, listrowheight, dropdownfontname, dropdownfontsize, failcolor can be set in skinfiles now.
   .44 + Added order of "Suggestions" in list will be at same position as "Indexed item". Replacing indexed items if "always add short form dectection" is enabled, and if disabled placed just before "Indexed items".
   .44 + Added more stop delimiter characters when using ctrl+left arrow and ctrl+right arrow to navigate input.
   .44 + Fixed timer, alarm popup will always stay above main window if losing focus.
   .44 + Added that timer, alarm, stopwatch parse keyword parameters (if any).
   .44 + Added background indexing reserves a little less cpu when scanning in background lower priority thread.
   .43 + Fixed annoying bug that under certain circumstances would prevent indexed items from being shown in auto-completion.
   .43 + Fixed some issues with "Indexed items" in list settings, was still kind of linked to "Scan start-menu & control panel". Which could cause unexpected behavior.
   .43 + Added option to "Additional typing assistance" to always add short detection items to list and replace indexed items (if any). If not checked short detection items will only be added when no other items are found.
   .43 + Added more logic to new configuration wizard.
   .42 + Temporarily removed fuzzy logic from the interface (short form detection is still available) as it's performance was not good enough. It's still available as a new hidden setting called autofuzz (0=disabled, 1=keywords, 2=keywords and index).
   .42 + Improved "Wizard". After selecting skin it will display some dialogs to try and pinpoint user type (normal user, power user etc). This is to have good start settings, so forum/my mail won't get cluttered too much, and will hopefully give the user a better start experience. This is a step to gearing up to 0.99b release.
   .41 + Added a hotkey CTRL+D and right-click context menu item called "Open folder of item". It will in windows, open the folder of the current item.
   .41 + Added simple alarm, stopwatch and timer functionality (can be imported from standard.exc). These will probably not expand much further as there are a lot of good software for this. It's just meant as a quick and simple help, if for example you're on a forign computer and in need of one of these functions. These are not saved when closing Executor.
   .41 + Added Stopwatch keyword. Parameters "start, stop" and no parameters will start (if not started) or show stopwatch time (if started).
   .41 + Added Timer keyword. Parameters "h:m:s or h:m or m, stop". If no parameters timer will display timeleft or syntax if not started. timer example: timer 10 (will make a timer with 10 minute countdown), Another example: timer 1:20:30 (will make a timer with countdown of 1hour 20min and 30sec). An optional timer text can be made as a last space seperated parameter. Example: timer 10 break is over.
   .41 + Added Alarm keyword. Parameters "h:m or h, stop". If no parameters alarm will show when the alarm is due, or syntax if not started. Alarm example: alarm 23:00 (will set an alarm for 23:00 same day, unless the current time is later than 23:00 then it will be the following day). Also supports am/pm. Another example: alarm 11pm. An optional alarm text can be made as a last space seperated parameter. Example: alarm 22:00 time to go home.
   .41 + Added an alarm/timer sound can be set under Settings / Sound.
   .41 + Fixed some issues with some functions (like CTRL+E) not working properly together with search type "Contains text".
   .41 + Fixed CTRL+E not working with suggestion items.
   .40 + Added a new item to the right-click context menu called "Copy full path of input", you can also press F8. It will copy the full path of the item in the input box (indexed item or keyword). For keywords it will just copy the command part of the keyword.
   .40 + Improved list performance when using search type "Contains text".
   .40 + Added "Clear last input" will not clear calculations.
   .39 + Added new option "Search type" to "Drop down / list". This can be "Words starts with (default)" or "Contains text (same as ctrl+r)". Will probably add a "Suggestions only" option later.
   .39 + Renamed "Programs" to "Indexed items" and most "scan" terms to "index" to simplify terms a bit.
   .39 + Added hidden setting (in executor.ini) named defaultenter, setting this to 0 will disable the feature that pressing enter when nothing has been auto-completed/suggested in the text input will launch first item in list.
   .38 + Added list will also update short form/fuzzy items, when deleting text.
   .38 + Tweaked "Short form detection". Should be better with multiple space seperated search criterias, and some other senarios.
   .37 + Improved how Executor updates and writes it's ini file.
   .36 + Added new typing "Short form" typing assistance. This can be enabled alone or together with fuzzy logic. It's faster than fuzzy logic so those with many items might want to only have "short form" enabled. At the moment it always shows a fair number of suggestions, I might cut this down to only show the most "relevant" ones. Can be enabled under settings "Wording, input & auto completion".
   .36 + Added in apps list pressing "shift-del" will now kill process while pressing "del" will close the process. It's really recommended to try close the process (del key) first as killing it might terminate it while it's writing data etc.
   .35 + Fixed bad .34 build.
   .34 + Fixed a rare occuring bug regarding launching items.
   .33 + Minor internal bug fixes.
   .33 + Fixed some rare error dialogs that could popup when scanning.
   .33 + Fixed expected behavior when assigning time or ip to a hotkey.
   .32 + Added when pressing enter in the input and current input is not regcognized as something executable, then the first item in the list will be executed. This only applies if list/drop-down is visible or set to auto-open (so those who have set an open delay on list can still press enter at once).
   .32 + Added that the "List appearance wizard" can now be cancelled at any time and no new settings will be applied.
   .31 + Added if list set to be hidden when no content, fixed commands like time, ip, next, prev will hide list after being executed.
   .31 + Fixed pressing cancel, esc or closing window in resize window dialog (apps) will not trigger a resize.
   .30 + Fixed that fuzzy will not start when input is a program on windows search path, or in app path section in the registry.
   .30 + Fixed fuzzy will not start if input starts with any of the following " - # mailto: (filepaths and urls are already included).
   .29 + Fixed a memory leak and possible access violation.
   .28 + Fixed some more issues with fuzzy.
   .27 + Fixed some issues with fuzzy and list. Also fuzzy will ignore input if starting with "-" (system commands).
   .27 + Added option for keywords to open "Hidden". Will probably not work with all programs as some programs force show/focus when they open.
   .26 + Tweaked fuzzy comparison a bit, using another algorithm and allowing more less perfect matches.
   .26 + Added that fuzzy matches will be added to list.
   .25 + Added new option to use fuzzy logic for auto completion, found under Settings "Input, wording & auto completion". It's still experimental and there might be some bugs in there, so your feedback is appreciated.
   .24 + Fixed behavior of "only one instance running" keywords, when an instance is running and triggering keyword again (often window would not appear).
   .23 + Added if trying to execute info text input will be cleared instead.
   .23 + Added keywords that still have the default name "new..." will be removed.
   .23 + Improved some behavior when opening windows that are minimized.
   .23 + Fixed setting "Hide from alt tab" not displaying correctly in settings.
   .22 + Added when using ctrl+tab (or tab if setting "switch tab bahavior" is enabled) to move delimiter, it now also stops at spaces placed before any slashes or backslashes.
   .22 + Fixed having defined an optional browser, it's home folder will be set when an url is Executed (Opera for example seem to require this).
   .21 + Fixed fixed a bug with the clipboard and linefeeds.
   .20 + Added ctrl+s, ctrl+k and ctrl+alt+k also work when focus is on the list.
   .20 + Fixed clipboard list won't trim and remove linefeeds when selecting an item. Also linefeeds will be displayed as {BR} in the clipboard list.
   .20 + Fixed freezing bug if listing apps and a listed app was hanging.
   .20 + Cleaned up some code that effects "stay on top" and "clear input on focus" options. Please report if you detect any new side effects.
   .19 + Fixed that scanned/indexed items that are not shortcuts (.lnk) will have their own folder set as working folder when executed.
   .18 + Fixed an issue introduced in .17 where keywords would not have the correct icon but instead the default icon (whoops).
   .17 + Fixed a GDI object leak when using alphaskins. Specially annoying if infoenabled was enabled with alphaskin.
   .17 + Fixed that under certain conditions, Windows could popup a "No media inserted drive" dialog when scanning, or listing certain history items.
   .16 + Added setting (under general) to "hide from Alt-Tab".
   .16 + Added setting (under indexing) "Don't add to history". If enabled no scanned items will be added to history.
   .16 + Added when auto hide behavior is disabled and pressing esc (if no input) or double esc, Executor will focus the previous active window.
   .16 + Added pressing "del" key in application list will try to close application (same as right-clicking it and selecting "Close").
   .15 + Added keyword editor can now also be sorted by command,comment,parameter.
   .15 + Fixed a bug with "Open keyword editor maximized" and when it was maximized and restored.
   .15 + Fixed issue with show info on focus keep reappearing when using arrow keys etc to navigate input field content.
   .14 + Added index setting to include hidden folders (enabled by default). Previously hidden folders would not get scanned.
   .14 + Fixed so shell: commands with space works.
   .13 + Fixed a system tray icon issue when using the option "Display window frame" and skins using this option.
   .12 + Fixed annoying bug with new settings to display full path for scanned items, bug would hang Executor.
   .11 + Fixed a bug with drop-down/list not showing additional scan paths when disabling scanning of start-menu and control panel items.
   .11 + Added settings to display full path for scanned items in main window and/or list. Settings can be found under "Indexing, scanning & cache".
   .11 + Cleaned up title trimming a bit in both main window and list.
   .10 + Added scanning setting "Build cache file (for quick start)". If enabled Executor will save all scanned items to a file when closing, and when Executor is started this is loaded and used before new scan is complete. If using Executor on a usb-drive between different computers this setting should probably not be used.
   .09 + Improved when typing something and auto completion suggests a text that doesn't fit the input field, the input field will be scrolled to the right. Now if continuing typing, the suggested text might change to something that does fit the input field, but the visual area of the input field is still scrolled to the right. This will now be detected and visual area will be scrolled back to start of input.
   .09 + Changed clipboard list is now sorted so latest items will be in top of the list.
   .08 + Added if an additional scan path has an empty extention field, it acts as a wildcard and add everything.
   .07 + Fixed an issue with .06 focus.
   .06 + Improved Executor window is now better at getting focus when pressing hotkey (for example opened popup menus in the taskbar could deny focus, like active program button groups).
   .05 + Added new "Auto open delay" setting found in settings under "Drop down / list". Default value is 0 (instant). Handy for slower computers or if you type faster than your computer can manage....
   .04 + Added "Programs" to auto-completion. So scanned/indexed items can be suggested in the text input when typing (previously scanned items was only suggested if in history). Off by default, can be enabled in "Settings"/"Input, wording & auto completion"/"Auto-complete and order".
   .04 + Added default keyword "listgroups".
   .03 + Added tag $GROUPS$, creating a keyword with $GROUPS$ as command will list all groups when typing/launching the keyword. From the list you can then select a group and the group will be displayed. Ctrl+e in list/drop-down also works for groups (like selecting).
   .02 + Added new key ctrl+e. This will list the folder/items of what is current typed in the input box (a keyword, environemt variable, index/scanned item), and you can also press ctrl+e on highlighted item in the list (or drop-down). Try type mycomp (if you still have that default keyword) and press ctrl+e. Also try type my then go in the list highlight my computer (if you have scanned items) and press ctrl+e. Regarding keywords Executor tries to figure out what part of the keyword (command, parameter) should be used for listing.
   .02 + $RECENT$ should be faster.
   .02 + Ctrl+e and $RECENT$ will like filesystem ignore the maximum number of items in the list/drop-down.
   .01 + Fixed that when option "Stay on top" is enabled, the Executor window could stay on top of the settings window and keyword editor window.
   .01 + Fixed a minor visual glitch when using "Wizard" button from settings and selecting alpha skin.
   .01 + Fixed spelling of ?hibernate default keyword.

   0.98.0 released.

   .31 + Launching item from clipboard list (click or enter) will copy to clipboard and send user to previous active window..30 + Added a right-click context menu to the apps list. With Switch to, close, kill process, center, minimize, maximize, restore, maximize width, maximize height, resize to specific size.
   .30 + Clipboard doubles (next to each other) will be removed.
   .29 + Added a right-click context menu when clicking clipboard list, with option to copy to clipboard, launch or select.
   .29 + When launching a clipboard item from the list (by enter or clicking) it will first be copied to clipboard then if you try launch it again it will be launched.
   .28 + Improved recent ($RECENT$) a bit.
   .28 + Added tag $CLIPBOARD$. Making a keyword with this tag as keyword command will list the text (and only text), that has been copied to clipboard while Executor has been running.
   .28 + Added hidden setting "clipboardsniffer". Default is 1 (enabled). If set to 0 it will not collect text copied to clipboard (might save you a small amount of memories if the feature is not relevant for you).
   .28 + Added default keyword clipboard.
   .28 + Changed the way $RECENT$, $APPS$, $CLIPBOARD$ will auto complete drop-down / list. You have to type at least 3 chars before it will trigger (or full word if keyword is actually less than 3 characters). This is to prevent some confusion if user types "a" and expects history and keywords starting with "a", and if "apps" is the first keyword and it would lists all apps immediately.
   .27 + Added that each keyword now has a new option "only one instance running".
   .27 + Fixed when keywords editor or settings dialog is open, Executor won't auto-hide when moving focus to something else (if auto-hide is enabled).
   .26 + Fixed some dialogs that could sometimes sneak behind Executor/settings window. Making it very hard to respond to the dialog.
   .26 + Added lastfm to the default keywords.
   .25 + Added that icon for each keyword can now be customized.
   .25 + Changed default focus to list when opening keyword editor with -k or from context-menu.
   .24 + Fixed an annoying bug where under certain circumstances when pressing a keywords hotkey, Executor would instead launch last selected/executed command from text input.
   .24 + Fixed when using clipboard Executor could sometimes popup an error message.
   .23 + $CE$ should be more compatible now.
   .22 + Interface now updates properly when disabling/enabling "Scan start-menu and control panel".
   .21 + "Scan start-menu and control panel" and additional scan paths are now independent of each other.
   .21 + Added hidden setting (in executor.ini) named borderstyle. 0 (default) = rounded border, 1 = square border.
   .20 + Another small fix to "Detect and hide duplicate items".
   .19 + Added posibility to have custom scanning add not only files but also folders.
   .19 + Item title for custom scanning items improved.
   .19 + Fixed a bug with "Detect and hide duplicate items" option, that could hide unique scanned items.
   .18 + Added ability to add custom scan paths for indexing/scanning, see settings/indexing. This still needs some fine polishing/tweaking and a bit more features. Editor is also pretty crude at the moment, will improve it later.
   .18 + Executor will no longer wait for scanning (if a scan is in progress) when closing down Executor (it will stop scanning gracefully instead).
   .18 + Improved $APPS$ will list more apps.
   .17 + Improved $APPS$. Will list more apps and show more correct icons.
   .17 + Fiddled with $CE$ but probably still shaky for some.
   .17 + Added tag $SETPOS$. This can set the position of Executor.. Syntax is: keywordname x,y (Add a keyword with command $SETPOS$).
   .16 + Added the tag $APPS$. If you include this tag in a keywords command, typing the keyword will list the current open applications. If you select one of them it will activate that application (like alt-tab). Added this as I was tired of some remote desktop clients not supporting alt-tab etc.
   .16 + Added the keyword apps to the default keywords.
   .16 + Added the setting "Lock window position and size". The setting can be found in "General" settings, and in the context menu if you right-click Executor and select "More...".
   .16 + Added hidden setting specialsolo. If set to 1 $APPS$ and $RECENT$ will be shown isolated (default). If set to 0 they will be shown along with other matching items.
   .15 + Added the tag $RECENT$. If you include this tag in a keywords command, typing the keyword will list the recent documents (just as going to the start-menu and selecting "recent documents").
   .15 + Added the keyword recent to the default keywords.
   .15 + Added an option to always open the keyword editor maximized (found in Settings/misc).
   .15 + Added keyword editor columns will size adjust better when resizing keyword editor.
   .15 + Improved "Scan for dead keywords". Now handles quoted commands and multiple command keywords better.
   .14 + Added a new tag $CE$ (clipboard extended) that is useful with a keyword that has a hotkey assigned. This will copy marked text to clipboard and launch the marked text. If the marked text is not an url or filepath it will launch the marked text to a default keyword as parameter, else it will launch the url or the filepath. The name of the default keyword can be modified in the inifile and is named "fastsearch".. It defaults to the keyword "google". So how is this useful ? Make a new keyword for example called "textlaunch", set it's command property to $CE$ and select a hotkey for the keyword. Now if you mark some text in a window somewhere (browser, email client etc) press the hotkey you assigned and the marked text will be copied to clipboard and launched. If you don't have a keyword named google, open the executor.ini and modify the value called fastsearch to your default internet search keyword.
   .13 + Modified the tag $WRESIZE$. It can now take two optional parameters X and Y position of the window syntax is like this "200x200,10,20" (widthXheight,xpos,ypos).
   .13 + Modified the tag $WRESIZE$. It can now take an optional parameter to center. Syntax is like this "200x200,center" (widthXheight,center).
   .13 + Added tag $WCENTER$. It will center the current focused window on the monitor it's displayed on (in case of multiple monitors).
   .13 + Added keyword "center" to the "windowkeywords.exc" file (for importing).
   .13 + Groups will be ordered first in auto-completion. Will probably add "Groups" later to the auto completion order dialog.
   .12 + Auto-complete in drop-down (by typing something while focus is on drop-down).
   .11 + Fixed that "Don't try to resolve network paths" option also applies to keyword commands containing network paths. Else this could stall Executor if visible part of list contained a keyword pointing to an unconnected network path.
   .11 + Fixed another bug in keyword editor when selecting group from dropdown (not applying properly when auto-apply enabled).
   .11 + Fixed a bug where in some multi-screen environments stored window position would not be correct on start up.
   .10 + Fixed some Group issues in keyword editor.
   .10 + Added in keyword editor that you can sort the list by keyword name, hotkey or group, by clicking that specific column header.
   .09 + Added "Group" as a new keyword property (optional). By this you can for example give all your browser keywords (ie, firefox, opera etc). the group "browsers". Then if you type "browsers" in the input field all keywords with the group browsers will be displayed in the drop down / list. Group names will also be auto-completed in input. Trying to Execute a group will open the drop-down / list with the group items.
   .08 + Added a setting to "Drop down / list" called "Auto size to fit number of items". If enabled this will trim down (auto size) the height of the list, if list contains less than the max number of visible items.
   .08 + Renamed "Hide list when no items" setting to more accurate description "Hide list when input field is empty".
   .08 + Fixed Executor sometimes appearing twice in the alt-tab view when visible.
   .07 + Fixed version .06 introduced a bug where window would some times very shortly blink white when Executor appeared.
   .07 + Startup keywords/commands/etc. won't trigger any sound.
   .07 + Launching a keyword by hotkey and keyword fails will not pop up the "Seems broken" message (that message is only meant for the "Test" keyword button).
   .06 + Fixed drag and drop to window should work with alpha skins now.
   .06 + Fixed visual glitch that sometimes with alpha skins you can briefly see previous command executed before Executor hides (probably only on slower/stressed computers).
   .06 + infoenabled might work with alpha skins now (not tested it properly).
   .06 + Fixed an annoying bug with alpha skins and stay-on-top enabled (and no auto-hide) where Executor would in some cases keep grabing window focus.
   .06 + Small fix with "hide list when no items" setting and having settings dialog open.
   .05 + Added setting "Only auto-complete when cursor is at end of text, or at start of suggestion." This makes auto-completion less aggresive, and allows for easier editing of text to avoid auto-completion suggesting something while for example editing the middle part of the text input. Can be found in settings under "Input, wording & auto-completion".
   .05 + Added a "List appearance wizard" button to "Drop down / list" settings. With this you can for example have large icons in list and two rows of text for each item (Screenshot). The wizard can also change font and fontsize for the list.
   .05 + Added setting "Always align to center of screen" to "General" settings.
   .05 + Some small fixes to the settings dialog.
   .04 + When Executor is set to not resolve network path icons, it will instead display a default network folder icon.
   .04 + "Show info on focus" combined with auto drop down behavior cleaned up a bit.
   .04 + Index settings now tell the amount of index items, and "scan now" button gives a bit more feedback.
   .03 + F9 should work now when drop down is visible but don't have focus.
   .03 + Fixed conflict with "show info on focus" and "clear last input" settings (show info now overrides).
   .03 + "Quick launch" area and the desktop are now scanned for short-cuts too.
   .02 + Changed settings interface a bit.
   .02 + "Show desktop" and "Desktop" items now indexed too.
   .01 + Changed settings interface, added some of the hidden settings to the interface (browser, explore, listnoscrollbar, noindexrefresh, infoonfocus, infosyntax, autosorteditor, calcdisplaystyle, nolisticoncache, nolistprogramsiconcache).
   .01 + Keyword editor window can now be resized more easily.
   .01 + Added new setting (under misc.) where you can list keywords, commands etc. to startup when Executor start up.
   .01 + "Add keyword" will now also detect if an url or a command is currently typed in the input field and use this as default for the keyword command being added.

   0.97.0 released.

   .45 + Fixed "Always show icon" option slowed down startup with alpha skins.
   .45 + The two files "defaultinternet.htm" and "defaultemail.eml" is no longer needed, or included with Executor.
   .45 + Added new skin to the wizard.
   .44 + Added hidden setting notrailingspace. If enabled Executor will never append a space character to the input (will override smart keyword param. detection).
   .44 + Fixed a glitch from .43 with alpha skin looking buggy while in settings dialog.
   .43 + "&" character(s) should now display properly in title.
   .43 + Some visual tweaking.
   .42 + Fixed an issue where "Programs" detection of start-menu items could follow drive/folder shortcuts outside the start-menu.
   .42 + Some minor cosmetic improvements.
   .41 + Fixed some text input background flickering concerning skins using transparentcontrols.
   .40 + Fixed a bug that could in some cases trigger an access violation when using multiple monitors.
   .39 + Fixed an issue when switching between skins where transparentcontrols would not reload background properly.
   .38 + fontbold in skins now works properly (before it would have effect as showcombo doh).
   .38 + Fixed a bug with button (dropdown) sometimes disappearing.
   .38 + Improved some visual code.
   .37 + Added hidden setting nolistprogramsiconcache. If set to false (0) programs icons will be loaded and cached, meaning they will be displayed much faster but also take up more memory (on my computer like 4mb extra) and initial programs detecting (in a background thread) will be a bit slower as icons have to be loaded (like two seconds more on my computer).
   .37 + The priority setting in the settings dialog will now set process base priority, which will have a greater impact (can be confirmed in the taskmanager).
   .37 + Fixed an issue where input text would shortly disappear when using dropdown (not list) and triggering the dropdown.
   .37 + Added so input and button background can now be transparent against skin and don't have to be one specific color. This should make life a bit easier when creating skins (to enable in skinfile medium and alpha set transparentcontrols=1). This makes Executor capable of the same eye-candy as other popular eye-candy launchers.
   .37 + Font property bold will now be saved. Can also be set in skinfiles with fontbold=1 (can be handy if input is transparent and displayed on a hard to read background).
   .36 + Having a keyword where command is only $M$ or $R$ will not open default folder.
   .35 + Improved safety of some code.
   .35 + Cleaned up the internal hotkeymanager.
   .34 + Better shutdown of Executor.
   .33 + Tray icon would sometimes not be removed when closing down Executor.
   .32 + Memory leaks in alpha skins.
   .31 + Fixed -s and alpha skins with list and always show list.
   .30 + Added iconsmall as skintype alpha parameter.
   .30 + Improved some code related to showing title in skin.
   .29 + Added support for new a skin type called alpha. This supports 32bit alpha channel bitmaps (same possibilites as png), and some new attributes and simplified layout.
   .28 + Bug fix for -x rarely doing an access violation.
   .27 + Added so $W$ now support number of seconds. Example $W5$ for five seconds.
   .26 + Fixed dropdown positioning when using custom font sizes.
   .25 + Added tag $C$ that will be replaced by text from the clipboard.
   .24 + Added a hidden setting called autosorteditor.. will sort keywords in editor after closing the keyword editor.
   .23 + Fixed some behavior issues with multi monitor.
   .22 + Added tag $H$ (for home) it will return the full path to executor.exe
   .20 + Added hidden values dropdownfontname, dropdownfontsize.
   .19 + Bug fix related to window keywords.
   .17 + More window commands (width, height, resize).
   .16 + Added hidden setting "fastesc" where if enabled pressing the "esc" key once will hide Executor if autohide is enabled, no matter what text is in the input field.
   .14 + Pressing ESC when all text is selected will hide Executor if autohide is enabled.
   .13 + Popup at cursor smarter with multiscreen and taskbar.
   .12 + if keyword does not use any $P* or $U* tags (in command, parameter or path) and given a parameter when executed, it will act as virtually append a $P$ to the keyword's parameter field.
   .11 + Added infocustomtime, customtime.
   .10 + Fixed a bug from .9 affecting letter casing.
   .9 + Tweaked some code for better performance.
   .9 + Added support for all environment varibles.
   .9 + Freelibrary (dll).
   .8 + Fixed popup at cursor when triggered by win+r.
   .8 + Added new dll hookwinr.dll to replace wingrab.dll.
   .7 + Infoonfocus clock will now be properly updated.
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