How to make a 32bit bmp with alpha channel without Photoshop

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There are many different ways to do this and I'll show you two alternatives.
I will NOT however, show you how to make/edit the .skn-file.
If you don't know how to do that I suggest you visit the Small guide on creating alpha skins
Things I used:
For alternative 1
AlphaConv by Adam Najmanowicz - A 32bit image converter (PNG, BMP & TGA)
For alternative 2
Pixelformer by Qualibyte Software - An advanced icon editor
Launchy's Black Glass skin
Alternative 1
Get AlphaConv HERE and unpack it to C:\AlphaConv\
Go to and generate a nice "button".
You can play around with the settings but I'll only change some of them now:
width (pixels) to 410
height (pixels) to 80
background color to clear (click on transparent)
rendering speed to wicked slow
Click on the Reload button.
(if you get "Internal server error" just go back and try again)
When the page has reloaded and you're happy with your button, click on "download zipped images...)"
Note: The readme inside the zip-file contains your settings and an url to your button. It may come in handy if you want to make some changes later.
Open the zip-file and extract button_0.png to C:\AlphaConv\
Start Explorer and go to C:\AlphaConv\ and run AlphaConv.exe. Change target format to .bmp
Drag button_0.png and drop it on the AlphaConv window. Close AlphaConv.
That's it!
Copy/rename button_0.bmp to your Executor skin folder and create the .skn-file.
Alternative 2
Get Pixelformer HERE and install it.
Get Launchy HERE and install it.
Start Pixelformer and choose File|Import... (Alt+Ctrl+O)
Browse to C:\Program Files\Launchy\skins\Black Glass\ (default install directory) and open alpha.png
Press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.
Choose Image|Import... and open background.png
Click on the Magic Wand and click on the red border. Press Delete and then Ctrl+D and Ctrl+V
Choose Image|Export... select .bmp as file format. Browse to your Executor skin folder and click save. Make sure 32 bpp is selected and click OK.
That's it!
Create the .skn-file.
I hope I didn't miss something important...

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I learned a better way to obtain a black and white image in photoshop using the image calculations. It turns into an alpha channel. How do I apply the alpha channel to the image. I saved it, and it was in color. I also noticed the image was black and white, but in that layers palette it was still color. Can you help me?

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but i topic was to make without Photoshop ))

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nice information...i appreciated your effort..I would like to see more posts like this.thanks