Executor and UWP apps (Universal Apps build into Windows or from Windows Store etc.)

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July 31st, 2018, 12:52 pm #1

Executor currently doesn't support UWP apps (Previously called Metro Apps and WinRT Apps). These are quite fundamentally different than normal windows programs (working on devices and such https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/window ... form-guide).

I'm looking into adding support for these, meanwhile there are workarounds. 

Have some UWP app you want Executor to index? (Could be Microsoft Edge, People, Calendar, Calculator etc.. )

Find the UWP app, right click it and select "create short-cut" (in some cases it's "create link"). This will generate a short-cut on the desktop. Either leave it on Desktop (which Executor scans if auto-indexing is enabled) or put it in some folder that Executor is scanning (could be startmenu), or create a folder for these short-cuts, and in Executor settings add this folder to the folders that should be scanned/indexed.

In case there's no option to create a short-cut/link when right-clicking then instead drag and drop icon to desktop to create short-cut.

Want a keyword to point to an UWP App? 

Do the above step, and in the keywords command input field put in the file location of the short-cut file (.lnk file).