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The Herb Girls - Licorice (LHR 15th Dec 2013), Bay (LHR 15th Dec 2013), Fennel (Lucky Hens 26th Oct 2014) and Peppermint (Lucky Hens 26th Oct 2014)

Nutmeg - my very special tabby puddy cat (Rescued 25th January 2013)

My babies ..... Sleep well xx
Onion LHR 23rd May 2009 xxx (28th August 2014)
Sorrel LHR 16th July 2011 xxx (21st February 2014)
Tansy LHR 12th April 2012 xxx (30th Sept 2013)
Myrtle LHR 14th Dec 2011 xxx (1st Oct 2012)
Dilly Draws LHR 6th Nov 2011 xxx (6th Dec 2011)
Parsley LHR 23rd May 2009 xxx (29th Sept 2011)
Sagey LHR 23rd May 2009 xxx (22nd May 2011)
My adorable cat Lucky RSPCA rescue August 2005-February 2011 xx
My lovely new boy Chaucer (RSPCA rescue April 2011) He will come home xx