Unsanctioned Segment (Pre-Adrenaline)

Promos that don't count towards a Match but were written often times because I was bored and wanted to write.

Unsanctioned Segment (Pre-Adrenaline)

Jason Cashe
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January 11th, 2018, 1:37 am #1

Zoomed in so close that all you, the viewer can see is a patch of scar tissue. Pulling back it turns out to be Jason Cashe and that close up was the area where his right nipple USE to be. Setting up a camera on his own as he backs away just far enough to be seen in center view. He smiles and waves with one hand ever so slightly, greeting the viewers.

CASHE: "I know, I know.. Most of you are expecting something wild to be said. Something bitter and exaggerated but I will leave that to my opponent later tonight!”

Throwing up an arm over his shoulder with a pointed thumb. He steps aside to show a hallway inside of the Smoothie King Center. The site of 4CW Adrenaline.

CASHE: ”“I am already in the building but see.. What I might have to say right here? Maybe it doesn't belong ON the show. Why add to the broken kayfabe if you want to call it that. I have more respect for this roster and brand. Where in places like SoCal I would gladly do whatever was needed to disrespect the whole company. 4CW though? It’s not in good taste.. I love this place! To the point where it is like Home. I view new people coming and going as visitors. Extended stays like in a Prison and inside the ring? That is like the confined space of a cell or the yard where terrible events may and often do occur. Call me a lifer, say I am the OG on the Block and you’d be correct.

Wiping his mouth with his forearm, he was clearly antsy. Ready for the night’s events.

CASHE: ”But see it's not now nor ever been my business to hide the shit in my head. My issues had with anyone, regardless of who they are friends with or what connections they have. If I have issue, its brought to their attention. Boardwalk, SoCal, HOW, Fight One, Bryan Williams, Aidan Carlisle, Psyche Devyne, CJ O’Donnell, Genie Carlson, Bronx Valescence, even EWC be it Mac or their “Most Successful” name in Triple X, I have always front lined that shit, it's her who didn't want to play tag with the @ button on twitter.

So I wont play her game. I wont say how she said that someone should lose their kid because they live in a trailer or a homeless shelter. I am not that guy! I won't play those games like she has. I won't go bff with that same person because as it was said to me, 'befriend the right people to get the right result' and thus ta da!

I don't need to befriend people to get by. I suuuure as shit didn’t want too and I quote 'be more active so a trash couple wasn't the best known couple in 4CW' wink wink.. I also won't say how conversations or rather 'rumored' conversations about a certain Pussy Fart being released have been spoken among staff. Not me, I have only been a referee at best. Sorry you can't swing being more involved and creative outside of being carried in Uno games with Jett.

18 and 10 anyone? See you are not even third best female on this roster as far as wins and losses go. Ana, Genie, and yes Aidan all have better records. That makes you that BOTTOM Bitch see? How ugly does 18 and 11 sound though right? None of that is why I am here doing what I am doing though. I am here to show more appreciation because EVERYONE knows the most tantrum throwing, rage insulting squealers loooove them some appreciation and often reflect that insecurity onto others so but it’s me who attention hungry right? I begged for Title matches or at least that Pride Title match against Williams during a FEUD he came to me for and a title that was PLACED on our feud because Madison bailed? It’s the ONLY time I have asked anything of Wallace or any staff member in this fucking company and THAT was seen In the ring, not behind closed doors but hey I’m the guy who DIDN’T want Hall Of Fame. Who was convinced BY Staff that I can’t sit and not contend or seek Titles because of some F.A.G. who got mad cause he couldn’t achieve and needed to find some Honor. At least I had cause for the turn from Titles, I done had plenty of them to sit comfortable without them. Unlike you who cried until you got to defend and drop a Title because to you? It was a FEMALE title with Hair Pulling and female competition booked against you because of a SEXIST as fuck Owner..”

From the pocket of his shorts comes a single Uncrustable still in its plastic packaging. Pulling it open he smells and grins at the camera. Tsking as he removes the plastic, tossing it aside and really INVESTING in the snack itself.

CASHE: ”“I am gonna get fat off of these one day. At least I’ve got my beauty right? You have some NERVE talking about Aidan’s slight weight gain! I seent you get cottage cheese booty eating Spam like NOBODIES business! You need to stop or be stopped.”

Scarfing it like he was starving, the jam and peanut butter cakes up some at the sides of his mouth. Smacking as he munches, he mumbles some shit but it is mostly inaudible.

CASHE: ”“Muahsshuaaama.. Mhmm haa your grandmother’s gift.”

Nodding like anyone understood any of that but the last few words. He starts to swallow his food.

CASHE: ”Mmmm them shits are good! Now where was I? Oh yeah!”

Clearing his throat he uses a clenched fist to cover his mouth. Then gets to the point.

CASHE: “What I will do is tell you, my former mistake. Is that I appreciate everything you did during our time together. Be it giving me ultimatums so I would open up about my personal life. Your 2012 obsession was Tots Adorbs! You were my favorite addiction for like 6 months of that year and even if I never got to express my thanks until it was seen as a weakness. I thank you! I thank you for showing me what signs of a crazy bitch NOT to approach next time and that suicide is wrong but failed attempts be it once or more is just failure at life and reaches for attention. I thank you ever so much for these things.”

Holding the center of his chest, his heart. He wanted to express his gratitude and be sincere.. Maybe a pinch of that ‘cashe-isma’ that he claims to have.

CASHE: “I thank you for thinking that you have all the answers but now only your Butchy Lesbian looking boyfriend can truly believe in you. I thank you for showing how truly bitter you are as a person inside and outside of the ring as if I HAD dumped YOU! I wanted to break up and have that match, even you mentioned how I had said it last year. If you wanted a one on one, end the relationship. You wanted no part of that after we broke up. You nixed it altogether but now shed tears squealing like you have a snout about me ducking you as if I haven't been busy. Winning Bad Company and becoming a Tag Champ with Hopkins where you failed to win but one tag match with how many different partners? You have like 1 win to 5 losses in Tag Matches, SHOCKER you try and drag the success others have, you’ve got none to speak of yourself. Not really. I got to the finals with even Bryan as my partner the year before that. For you, its always someone else's fault though, we know!

After that I took a vacation. One that was NEEDED last year. One that, yes I told you I wanted to take. I was fake leaving 4CW waaaay before you because Perry Wallace for whatever reason wants the guy who helped build this fucking place to stick around. Pity you for never being that figure.

Thanks. Thank you for being so fucking 'fearful' as you like to believe when its no longer a skill people fear, it's the rage fit, the tantrum they fear seeing happen from you. Don't get it twisted honey girl, you were noticed best while with me, because of me. Now it is this hate between us that give you ANY recognition but know this. You... Are... Not of any importance to this company or its roster. Williams isn't either and he has walked out for a "love" before and the proof out there of him being too attached is almost too good to be true but why insult him further? He has to deal with you now, he will suffer enough.

Most of all, the Sun to my Moon. Something YOU labeled us by the way... I thank you for being in this match here tonight! Sure gonna be fun seeing you reach for excuses, for claims unproven other than in your bitter tirades you are KNOWN for now! The world watching will see you crumble just like a dried out “Cookie”. I know you and tonight? I expose you even with a 2 to 1 advantage you have worked so hard to achieve. Sucks that advantage can't wrestle for you.. At least with Eli and Phe, I would have some doubt. With you? It's just enjoying the moment, the highlight added to my reel. So very happy to have you apart of it now!"

Again Cashe waves with one hand and a smile stretches across his face but only briefly until his other hand rises pointing his finger and thumb like a gun..

CASHE: “Bang, bang.. I shot you down. And whooo the fuck lives in Canada? My ex wife isnt remarried and they live in Texas. Why do you think I stayed there so long? You never met him because I wouldn’t allow it. Just making shit up as you go though.. Sure. Just the same? I never got reversed surgery, still shooting blanks. When did we slow down any after I said I got it fixed? Where was there any mention of a scar post “surgery”? A voodoo curse by Viduus to help sell a lie told to you. Tsk tsk.. Hook met fish and you bit on it among so many other things.

Truly, you are.. Full of shit as you try and play some celebrity porn star who has never ACTUALLY tweeted you much less recognizes you as a real person. Credibility shot so you reflect your pain as mine. Heh you are such a crybaby Queef.. Move on. I really hope after this you can do that. Already with excuses in place you know the inevitable has arrived. THAT is the night for you, come for my throat. I dare you!

You want to pretend you aren’t recycling OUR relationship with Williams now? Let’s look at the facts. Wasteland you push him away, him the same. After New Years when we got back together you went to Japan with me. Only difference is he went with you. Now there is the whole “I’ll tell Daddy soon that we’re together” as if it’s something new. Will Josephine hate him too? Probably not now! You can’t even give him your full attention when you are together! It’s ME you still want and HATE me because I pushed you away until you were left with no choice but to end things. You are pathetic. I take shits but at least I am known and have success for something more than KPop and being an insufferable cunt. Show me statistics, ignore 4CW’s history altogether and compare notes. Even when HATED by staff I have found success. I don’t get it sometimes myself but it’s there. You know better than anyone because you obsessed over me. Over my career and I am truly sorry that it didn’t work out.

So in conclusion, I will always have SOME love for you Marquis. Like you said, I celebrated Days of Aging, I proposed to you. I did all those things you said I did because of you. I lived to see you smile and now? I will cherish this night when I stole that same smile ONCE again.. Thanks for everything!”

Letting everything set in for a moment. Maybe most wont recognize the subtle hints at one thing or another but Cashe didn't care. It wasn't for everyone to understand or comprehend. He knew she would know them even if she denied it in voice or tweets.