Trick AND Treat

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Trick AND Treat

Jason Cashe
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October 16th, 2017, 8:11 am #1


"Want some candy?" Chewing with a smack, Jason Cashe begins tonguing his tooth. A line of saliva and chocolate mixed coat his lips as he holds out a bag of sugar daddies. He was staring across at someone but you as the viewer couldn't see who. No response comes from his offer so he pulls the bag back to his lap. Unwrapping another piece, Cashe again gets to smacking as he spoke.

"What was the question again? The same as with any upcoming match? How do I feel we'll fair? How much respect is given or what game plans do we have to curb the rise of Hostile Takeover? Better, like Wrigley called them, "House of War" like he was borrowing from both House of Howe and Art of War. Sampling is a form a flattery isn't it? You want your questions answered?"

Using the tip of his pinky finger, he goes deep in his mouth. Picking at his back tooth where the candy being chewed was caking up and getting stuck. That pressure builds and he fingers it repeatedly until he sets it free. Chewing again, he swallows what had been lodged in his tooth, sucking air between his gapped teeth.

"Take Halloween for instances. Fright Night is our night of horrors so let's go with that reference. You've got Brody and Magnus, both of them bigger, stronger but Hopkins and I both done handled our own with bigger and stronger. These are not qualities we fear or seek shelter from. What's that?"

There was nothing said but Cashe paused in a lean forward. Ear to the direction where he was carrying conversation with someone, however one sided the conversation seemed to be. "Wrigley? What about him? He's a spoken voice. A noise in the background that is smart enough to keep far away from the fight itself.

Heh.. Hahaha! I'll give it to the guy, World Dollar Sign Tar was clever. Became a bit even that a few make mention of on Social Media. Wrigley has his little advertisements, his little spots to promote himself and his clients are rising steadily. They beat Omerta when even Hops and I fell to them. What's that mean? Were our belts on the line? Sure every match matters but guess what? There is still a PINCH of space between big non title matches and big Title matches. Hostile Takeover, House of War, whatever it is they want to label themselves as?

The "World" will see "Dollar Signs" when we beat the "TAR" out of you come Fright Night! See it's not even that we're a sure thing to win, inside this match, this Ladder in a Cell match? Well we might catch hands, might take our licks and be thrown around and tossed like rag dolls but have you SEEN how fast Hopkins can run up a ladder?"

Shrugging, Cashe was trying to visualize them losing. Seeing them in victory, their hands raised high as they struggle to stay standing. The battle over, the belts handed BACK to the Champions. It was easy to fantasy, to see what you wanted to see in your imagination but Cashe and Hopkins, collectively known as World$tar were going to do their best, give everything they've got to Successfully defend the 4CW Tag Team Championships. They WANTED it more.. Hehe dumbasses..

"Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide and the time to pause and take a breather will be short, never enough. As your chest gets tight, as your heavier frames begin to drag at your feet. As you cringe looking up the ladder, fighting off the urges to give up because you see it so much higher than it is. That's when we will beat you. When you've reached your limits, when there is little left to give because we are confined inside of a Prison. It's not Warzone of Horrors but I PROMISE you both that this won't be some motherfucking picnic.. Not by any stretch of the imagination. You can see it as it truly is, World$tar's Haunted House."

Standing up, the bag crinkles as he lets it drop to the floor at his feet. You quickly realize that this whole time you were not seeing Cashe directly but his reflection in a mirror. Numerous mirrors, a "house" of them if you will. The start to his Trick and Treat, his point of interest. To him the trick was in the reflection of his opponents, of himself.

"The TRICK? The trick is in their rise! Brody has been here before on many occasions. One must wonder just how tight you're mouth has gripped the NUT SACK of management to come and go, appear and fade out on a handful of times already. Is this where things change? Where you finally WIN a title so you stick around? You were a General Manager too weren't you? Maybe I don't remember well, there have been a HANDFUL of failed "Staff" members appearing throughout 4CW's history. You are just a consistent failure, a continuous disappointment. But NOW you have Wrigley so it changes somehow?

Magnus is the same, not his first run in 4CW. Two guys coming together to try and turn two jokes into a movement of war? A hostile takeover from guys who if they DID win the Tag Titles, they would just continue the trend, the curse of the Tag Titles. Champions who disappear or disband after they lose them. Turning this division BACK into a trash bin as my Cousin and the ONLY Hall of Famer in 4CW has said. Hell, I labeled them a Ghost Division at one time. Yet here I am, one half of the 4CW Tag Champions and guess what?

We are that difference in the lineage of the belts. We have proven to be staples in this company. We've BEEN here, we didn't run away time after time. Leaving abruptly when nobody would notice and TRUST nobody really cared. Never has Magnus or Brody Lee Prince been called threats. You've had a run of good luck, a brilliant run even. You made it to the finals of Bad Company but coming in at Second place is STILL a loser as you will ONCE again be at Fright Night. You will WATCH as Hopkins or myself reach and pull down OUR Tag Team Championship Title belts. WORLD$TAR...

Learn to speak it before you THINK that you can defeat it.

We are the curse breakers and you are but the first defense in our reign. Tag Team Wrestling is BACK and be it Japan or anywhere else in the world, you will continue to see my face attached to it. You two are the trick in everyone's eyes, the illusion of what might be but never will be. In this case, for this event, you will NOT become Champions..."

A low growl builds in his throat as his reflections burst forward and kicks forward. Sparta like kick that shatters a mirror. Glass clinking as the echo of shards hitting the ground fill the audio.


"This is only PART of the Treat!" His face so close to the camera, it was all you could see. Pushing away, Cashe steps back until he is seen full body. Naked. Yes, Jason Cashe was BUCKET Naked standing in front of a 4CW camera being recorded. All of him revealed. Not that it was the first time or even second time people had seen him naked. He felt comfortable in the nude but here it just stood still. All Nine and a Quarter of him just hanging in the wind. Presenting it like a present, a gift, almost with a little shaaaawing like he was doing the "Wayne's World".

"Here it is, ALL of me! Every detail. See it, TAKE.. IT.. IN!" Lifting his right leg, a squeak burps out from his backside. Where the good lord split him. Seeing him naked was something most people watching could now never UNsee!

"On Halloween by tradition you must wear a costume. You must wear masks or paint you face. Call out the Demons, Witches and the Sexy versions of them for the females! The ONLY Halloween memory I have as a kid, my Mom dressed me up as one of the Fat Boys. Preeeettty sure she painted my face brown so I was in FULL black face which feels and seems SOOOO racist looking back. I loved the Fat boys!

The cause for that story is here I now stand. Wearing the ONLY costume I ever want to wear. I have no secrets about who I am, what I am about. Every match someone new, someone the same labels me stupid, tries to make me look DUMB and on a few occasions they have succeeded. Here I am.. Not a trick but a treat because I hold no aces, no tricks UP my sleeve as you can CLEARLY see!"
Lifting each arm up, you see the trimmed bush of his armpit hairs. More of him was trimmed than most cared to know about or see.

"Hostile Takeover, I have no money to my name. I lost every title I ever won to the flooding of Hurricane Harvey. I fell in LOVE and then got dumped by Love. Yet to end this year, this HORRID fucking year, I won the BIGGEST Bad Company tournament to date with Jair Hopkins. I got me a BRAND NEW Short Bus who I have come to name "Shawty" cause that's my new Boo!"

A slight pause in his words as his right hand reaches down and itches the patch of pubic hairs, also trimmed.

"Aidan Carlisle returned! So forgive me if my Spirits are not rejuvenated! Forgive me if I am not standing both confident enough to BARE it all but to tell you why, how, and when World$tar will defeat Hostile Takeover... For the SECOND Time!

Yeah see, ya'll big sum bitches can spout off or I'm sorry! Wrigley can spout off, yap his yapper about how World$tar had the easy route. How ya'll journey to the finals came at a bigger fight? You know what I say to that? Show me the end result. Show me where your "harder" road paid off as hard work should! You think that pay off comes at Fright Night? Why because "Godzilla" and "King Kong" are being put in a cage with mere MEN? You cause a TON of damage but the end of the movie STILL has MAN winning. It has MAN controlling the beasts, bringing them down to their knees and trust me..

You DON'T want to be on your knees in front of me!"
Slowly Cashe begins to twirl. Letting his "Good Damn" begin to dance and bounce from left to right. No "mouse" present like some ASSHOLE tried to sell. "You can be mighty but we STAY nice with it! We swang them thangs WELL! It shows both in our history and our present standing. So bring the big Lizard and the oversized Vanilla Gorilla because Jair Hop and Yaaaaaa Boy! Well we got that remedy, we got that Militia fight in us and we will GIVE you that. You will be left with NO excuses, nobody will be able to say.."

Mockingly, his voice changes. "I say, I say, they only done won cause they ain't face so and so during Bad Company." Going natural voice as he continues, you can see parts of him jiggle as he expresses himself in motions of the hands as his words bark out.

"You will be fresh. We will be fresh. You like us will feel the pressure and pains of a Cell, of Ladders as they are slammed against you or you against them. We will climb not just the ladders but you as a unit. You will feel robbed, purged, home invaded but it is OUR home you will stand inside of. Make no mistake of it, World$tar consists of TWO of MAYBE Four names in this company who have earned the RIGHT to call this company Home. You stand in OUR ring! No need to wipe your feet before you enter, the canvas like a crime scene will be stained with blood. Yours. Ours. Nobody enters Fright Night unharmed unless you have no match to compete in.

Do you feel like winners? Like it's going to be a good night for you? That's the best part of the treat! See I WANT you to be confident! I want you to feel as good as you can, I want to see a SMILE on that Magnus guy even! I want you to have a skip in your step as you come to the ring. I want you to WANT it more than we do! I want you to CRAVE the win, hurt in your SOUL when the thought of loss creeps in as a whisper to your mind! It is there where I can have the biggest high. Where Candy is passed out for Halloween, I too will have a hand out at the door wanting something sweet. What I will get is your Hope. Your Desire. Taking that has been and still is my greatest enjoyment for this business and Hostile Takeover? You should expect a Hostile environment because your time on the rise, as Contenders to the Titles WE hold are limited and fading like you both know so much about already.

You have a "voice" in Wrigley but inside the Cell, staring up at the Titles hanging, seeing the climb you have to make has zero value for a "voice". The only thing that will matter then is the fight and we will bring more than either of you can handle. When we win? I'ma go and find me a nice bitch to put this into.."

Now it was moving! Cashe thrusted at his hips from side to side as his "Good Damn" slapped back and forth. Wanting you to see it, stare long at it. This was the pest in him, the annoyance that he could be outside of a fight. Inside of one he stuck to someone, he was annoying in how he gloved them, glued to them. A scrapper to the very description of it so him trying to dance naked? Was very weird.

"Want some candy?" A question he had asked to start the promo. A point or purpose was stuck in the reference of Fright Night. The Halloween Event for 4CW. Yet as he asked it this second time, he lowered his hand and cupped under his nuts. Lifting them up, his dick almost points at the camera. If this was done in 3D? Ya'll would be needing to duck!

"Hold ya hand out. You need these to beat World$tar, you need the do more than WALK heavy because you carry weight in your guts and butts. I'm here and now showing you why I walk with a limp but after Fright Night people might see you and wonder. A child might ask you why you walk with a limp and you will have to swallow your pride, hide the hurt in your heart and try to quench the instant dryness that forms in your throat. You walk with a limp after Fright Night because World$tar gave you a limp.

The people watching will see it LIVE! The TREAT of Champions beating Contenders. Pretenders who are more known for their returns than their reigns and runs in a company. Big, voiced by a little man and unable to stand on your own. We will NOT be a transitional Team. We will beat you, let that idea sink in some or realize it as I climb the ladder and you're on your back looking up into the lights. You see the sparkle of how the lights hit the titles hanging but then like a cloud blocking out the bright light of the sun, you will see Hopkins hitting an OMFG right into your fucking THROAT if he aims true. That will be the last image you see before you wake up again later that night. I can see it vividly.. Can't you?"

Doing a little shake throughout his body, he got a shiver. The thought of the fight, the thought of getting punched not just punching someone. The spotlight of a big match always got him excited. That excitement was beginning to really be noticed. Looking down at himself as it grows to stand attention, Cashe begins carrying conversation with his own dick.

"Now? You're waking up now of all times? We talked about this! Bad Good Damn! Bad! Go away!" As if trying to punish or put his dick in time out, he flicks the thickening head of it and it bounces like a pole or an antenna being pulled and let go. There was no use or yelling, Good Damn was awake and wanted something as it throbbed and bounced. Probably with the help of Cashe, it wasn't like that thing really had a mind of it's own. Throwing his arms up as if giving up, Cashe shrugs.

"Guess I'm gonna go play with my dick now.. It's been fun, truly. Hostile Takeover? Brody, Magnus? I really hope you both bring as many Tricks as you can bring to that Ring. Inside that Cell, with that Ladder. Bring EVERY Trick in the book because ehhhh buddies! The treat will sexual.. Like the best relieving SHIT you have ever taken. When it finally breaks free and you long sigh... It's one of the best things in the world. Winning matches like these? On this Show which I have an AWESOME track record at if you want to go do some homework... That's by FAR the best feeling in the world! Better than sex, better than that morning Piss, better than a finger in your butt when you nut..."

Clearing his throat, cutting himself off. He corrects things up some. "Not that I would know.. Just be prepared. As casual, as common as that is said, you BETTER be at your best because World$tar will shoot and collide and the bigger, the better and more powerful Star will win.. Win the World Tag Team Championships in 4CW. Or in our case, we will just consume your place in the constellation and keep tearing through space. A metaphor for the Tag Division rankings if you will... I am high if you haven't noticed.. Oh well.."

Nothing left to say, Cashe doesn't even wave goodbye. He goes straight to his dick, grabbing it in his hand, holding it, feeling it and giving it a good tug. Turning away from the cameras, he walks away, his ass cheeks rising and falling with each step until the recording cuts.