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“Is he dead?” A male teenager. Almost like out of a scene where kids go to see a dead body. It looked like the back of some broken down bar. A large dumpster sitting crooked against the wall with trash never finding its way inside scattered about.

“Touch it..” One of the boys suggests. Another quick to reply with a taste of disgust to his voice. “Fuck out of here, you touch it!” Neither were about to make the first move. A third teen, stepping through, shoving both the boys aside. SHE took the initiative. An “Alpha” among the boys you could say.

“I’ll do it.. You bunch of callums!” You might find Cashe smiling to know his replacement for Wallace’s favorite F Word was taking hold throughout the youth of today. Still setting trends he would try to say ever so jokingly.

The girl did it though. Standing out from the crowd of boys as she squats down next to the body. Laid on its stomach, clothes were filthy. The crack of their ass was hanging out some as it almost looked like the body was face down, ass up. Upon her first touch, nothing. Her second followed with a slight shove against the exposed skin where the shirt was risen.
“Nah this fucker is ghost..” She says as he pulls his wallet and cell phone from his pockets. The body moved in a startled jolt causing one of the boys squeals.

“Zombie! Run!!” And they ran. Even the strong willed girl. The body was Jason Cashe as he grunted and rolled over. Bags broken open with garbage spilling out from them as he pushes at them to get up.

“Kimi Su? I knew you’d want seconds. Where you at girl?” Drowsy. Intoxicated on something and possibly a little boozed up. Cashe still kept a sense of humor about him, or at least he found himself funny. Jason to Cashe right?

Looking around he has a hard time remembering how he got here or where he even was! He remembered leaving Japan after defending the NJFC Tag Titles against Shoot Camp. The match was brutal and he had some pains felt the moment he moved from the garbage pile. Grunting as he yawns and stretches, he feels an itch and scratches it. Filthy he was and needed a shower and good scrub but where was he? Patting his pockets, he didn't find a phone or wallet. For better or worse he was as well off as a homeless man right now. He starts walking..

“What the hell happened? I must have gotten fuuucked up cause my head is throbbing, I’m starving and I smell like half cooked liver and onions. Ugh..”

As of this moment he forgot about the kids who had brought him out of his slumber. Stepping out into the front of the building, on what appears to be a Main street. Cars pass by as the world carries on with their day. Still with no idea of his location, he heads into a nearby corner store. The scene skips showing him enter the store and then exiting as if only a moment had passed. Reaching down into the front of his pants, he pulls out an Uncrustable. Stolen but Cashe has been petty even when stealing. Taking a big bite, he chews into the GRAPE flavored PB&J and there was only one person who came to mind.

“Thunder Buddy! THE Alpha Bitch of 4CW! Heh, more like an itch right now! I should be enjoying the title defense from Japan. I should be tweeting sweet nothings to Kimi Su just to crawl under her skin but no.. No, instead I am here. Recovering from some Hangover mystery from the night before and now because of these here sweet and glorious sandwich snacks, I have YOU in my thoughts.

See Aids, and yeah! I am calling you Aids right now! When you came back I knew it was a sign. To see someone who I had so much animosity for return to where I came to notice her first. I couldn't help feel your return signaled but one thing: For us to finally meet inside the ring. I had given up the extreme matches, I was a staple in the top throne of this company. Yet during your first run here, I jumped into that world again HOPING we would cross paths. At the time for selfish and bitter reasons but now? Now I just want to test that question burning deep in my stomach. Yes, I think in many places and usually none of them are my head.”

Along the sidewalk he kept walking. Not sure where he was headed but he spotted some kids leaned up against a wall. The closer he got to them, the more he caught their conversation. “Just keep trying to break the code. Let me count these duckets!”

Cashe could see the girl among the group fumbling with a wallet. That's what caught Cashe’s eye. He recognized it as he didnt know anyone else who had a Regular Nintendo controller wallet. “H-Hey! That’s my shit!” Calling out to them, the kids all turn to the voice and their eyes get wide upon seeing Cashe picking up speed. The girl tosses the wallet to the red headed kid as they all scramble, taking off in various directions. Only reason Cashe doesn't take chase after is because his cell phone had been dropped.

“Fucking thieves..” Hypocritically speaking since he just stole some shit himself. Cashe picks up his phone and unlocks it. He had half a mind to call someone for a ride or report some kids but making reports was for cowards so he kept going. Eyes on the lookout for the little Alpha girl and the boys she had with her.

“The question is I keep asking myself is, do I have what it takes? All the success I’ve had came early in 4CW. People question if I can still compete at high levels. Even in close matches like with Kimi, I take a loss and that's all people remember. They don't say how close it was, they say in the end it was a win for her and a loss for me. I can handle losses. They keep me humble but for this match? I want to know. I want to know if you are as superior as it seems on paper. Maybe you are. I can live with it if that is the case because end of the day Aidan? I admire you. I always have but before I hated saying it even in a whisper. I hated the thought of it. I wanted it to be as far from the truth as the holy bible is to reality but this match? It will be purely gospel in finding out that truth. Do you feel the same?”

Coming around a corner, Cashe sees a playground. The ideal place for kids to go during the day. He scanned the area as children were jumping, swinging, riding down slides. A skate park next to it as a few teenagers are just hanging about. Then Cashe stops and stares as a suspicious man seems to be watching the children from afar. “Is that… That looks JUST like Sammy Duke!”

Wanting to go smash Peckerman 2.0, Cashe catches the red hair of a boy rushing by. One of the boys who had his wallet. That's what grabbed his attention and he gives chase. “Hey You! Where is my wallet you little ginger fucker?!” The kid hearing Cashe’s yell tries to run away but trips over a parking curb and slaps the concrete of the parking lot. Cashe catches him, snatching up the shit head. “Where are your friends?”

“I-I don't know!” The kid responds scared that he had been caught.

“What's your name?”

“A.. Aidrian.. My friends are gone.”

“And what are their names? Tell me you little shit!” Cashe asked, his eyes keeping the surrounding area in his scan.

“Beth and Troy b-but I have your wallet. Here, take it! Can I go? Please dont tell Beth I gave it to you! She’ll kill me!” The kid was begging at this point. Cashe was just happy to have his wallet back, not how the names could be a reference to his opponent but Cashe would never catch on. Beth, Aidrian and Troy Think about it. Shoving the kid upon release of his shirt collar, “Go on. Run..”

The kid does. He runs off a little ways before turning back towards Cashe and bellowing out a small victory. “We got your funds though!” But his celebration wasn't a concern for Cashe. He didn't have the same value for money and had wasted so much himself. He could chalk this up to a donation to the adolescence of the streets. He got his wallet back. That's all that mattered. He felt good, felt high off of claiming what he sought after like a Double Moonie in a Pride Title match. Turning back to the park he couldn't see the pervert from behind. Now he would be seen as the weirdo watching kids as his thoughts went back to his match with Aidan.

“I know you are coming off a high yourself Aids. Beating Genie, becoming the XTV Champion and regardless of what it is called now. It's something you have wanted for a long time. Maybe your biggest regret when you left, when you RAN off to Boardwalk is that you didn't become it before now. I won’t get into that just yet though. You should feel great right now! Third highest rated Adrenaline and it was the women who helped make it that kind of night. So much so that even Bronx gave credit where it was surely due. Now you come into the match I approached you about having. I told you then backstage at that first Adrenaline where I returned that when you were ready, I want med this match. Who knew Perry Wallace would jump the gun and book it sooner rather than later? Free on Television instead of on PPV.

So it is set! We stand now as opponents for the first time in a 4CW ring. We have been opponents before, in that overly hyped and glorified geometry show in Boardwalk. Wasn't Drew Stevenson one of your partners? Yeeeoouch! Bad show on both fronts. Yet in that setting, you came out victor. Hand raised at the end of the night and that only fueled my issue with you. Fuck.. Maybe I should ask Wallace for an extension. I need more time. We just got to where we can even tweet one another again.. I don't want to say shit and ruin that! Part of me likes having my Thunder Buddy around, makes me smile real big!

The odds are against me. It's not the first time but maybe now it's almost a sure thing that I cannot beat the person standing across from me. I feel confident, I know I want to win but more important than that, than even titles themselves. I want to welcome you back to 4CW Aidan. To MY Openers! See in your first run here you wanted these spots as well. Wanting to take away what I made into a valuable asset on this show. You wanted to outshine me, out perform me but when I was in Extreme.. You changed course. Coincidence? Probably. Where I became Extreme, became the original XTV Champion. You became Pride. So much so that by the end of you having pride, you showed little and packed your bags along with Brother Williams and went to Boardwalk.

I stayed. I fell off for a better part of last year in more ways than just my in ring performance. These are things we cannot change, our pasts our behind us and now Aidan. We look to the future. What are your goals because at least one of mine is now going to be standing in the opposite corner of the ring come Adrenaline. You. Imagine.. To kick start a new year, I beat whats her name. I lose to Kimi but I beat you. Three matches and in those matches I am 2 and 1? Not too shabby if you ask me. Not too shabby for a guy damn near half the roster feels is past his days of glory.

Past his time in the spotlight. I might skip a beat from time to time but in this match, I will give it everything! I will beat the former Pride Champion who ended up in Boardwalk. Who blocked me on twitter. Who DENIED her Thunder Buddy status until more recently when you called me that very thing yourself! I have goals for this year but for me, they are not laid out in a timeline. They will come one foot in front of the other and if reigns as Champion happen then so be it. If not then I will make DAMN sure I make every match a highlight of the night.

To borrow a line from Eminem, I am whatever you say I am. I can be whatever label or interpretation a given person or people see me as being. Its part of being who we are. I cannot be anything but myself so if at any point you see me in a certain way? That's just fine by me. I cannot control how I am labeled by others. But I can control being a competitor competing with the best and taking them to their limits. That role, win or lose is just fine with me.. As long as I know and my opponents know that I am a threat. Now, Yesterday and in the days to come. How about you? How will you feel if you lose? You took huge losses to both Amber Ryan and Nurse Kinsley. Your return has had bumps. You bounced back, did good but what makes you think that you CAN’T lose here against me? Because Kimi beat me in a match that could have gone either way. A match that I lost because I looked to climb the ropes and go for a Double Moonie? I originally did that move to mock you. To use it against Bryan Williams and it cost me. I’m NOT Aidan Carlisle. I am Jason FUCKING Cashe and in this match there WILL be an Alpha and there WILL be trouble found. I use the Double Moonie to mock opponents and pay homage to Thunder Buddies, maybe one day we will use that name. Tag up and wreck fucking TERROR but right now? We will see what Alpha does when inside the ring I fucking BUILT. Bronx can say it’s his, he can say it’s the new era or that people like us are no longer in the big picture but this match will show otherwise. I am IN this to win this and I will ONCE again prove that you might be the best BITCH in this place but I am the IT in this bITch as I’ve said before. Time to collect that rent, you will pay up..”

Realizing he needed to find his way back to his own day to day. He first needed to know where he was. Was he still in California? Spotting a beastly female, one that looks like she could bench press two of him. Cashe decides to talk to her, ask a few questions and maybe figure out if she was really just a dude in drag. They allowed those types to just walk the streets nowadays. Not sure why someone wouldn’t know where they were, maybe he was having a mental breakdown. Maybe he had a sudden case of amnesia. It happened often enough depending on the intake of marijuana he smoked but that was more brain cells gone than anything else.

“Say Ma? Excuse me Miss?” Trying to be polite even though as he closed in on her, she had large bulky muscles on top of other muscles. She was either IN bodybuilding or she was wasting her whole look.

“Yeah?” Her voice was deep and it took Cashe back some as he took a step away but tried to keep his smile about him.

“I don’t know where we are beautiful. City? State? Kind of lost it would seem and I can’t remember a DAMN thing about last night!”

She smiled some. Her teeth slightly crooked but she had a pretty smile for as buff as she was. “Albuquerque dear, Albuquerque, New Mexico! Anywhere I can take you?” Now she had a sweetness to her voice that made Cashe even more nervous. His smile faded some as he gave her a look down.

“Nah I’m good Ma. I just got turned around somewhere is all, I’ll be good! Thanks for the info! Later toots!” Turning to leave, Cashe was without money on him. He still had no idea why he ended up here so early or what had happened the night before. Yet now he knew where he was and for him, that was a good start. The woman though? The buff, roided up chick who could power top him until he DIED was starting to stare. Watching Cashe hard and long with that ‘I’m Hungry’ look in her eyes. Looking at both sides of her, she steps off in the direction Cashe was headed. This wasn’t over and he didn’t even know it.