Preparing 4 Gods

Jason Cashe
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Right away the first thing seen is a sweating cold can of Pepsi as it is being tilted back. Jason Cashe chugs the chilled beverage and as he breaks for air, the sound of ahhhhhh is heard. It was a cheap sell to the arena that 4CW Adrenaline would be held in. From the soda Cashe rises his other hand and puffs on a pre rolled joint he purchased from a weed shop. Another cheap sell of the show being in Colorado.

“Can you hear that?” Placing his cupped hand to ear, Jason Cashe pauses and listens. There was no sound, nobody actually talking but yet he was referring to the talking of plenty. “That is the sound of people complaining. Complaining because I somehow found my way into an actual Main Event match!

Now it wasn’t my choice. I’d MUCH prefer to be stealing someone else’s spotlight as of late or at least that is the way it seems does it not? Why did this happen? Was it because I am ‘friends' with Wallace again because now I stand across from the only kid he consistently claims as his own.

Does the interactions with Chris Madison before he became 4CW Champion put me in position as to why this match was booked? I mean American Tommy claimed it was Jair Hopkins carrying my worth to this match but is that truly where it boils down too? I lost to the Mystery opponent, to James Shark who not long ago came to 4CW to visit me of all people. I asked how does one prepare for the unknown and in that moment I proved to be unprepared for it. It was a fight though and one I rather enjoyed so regardless of the outcome I got to be involved with the great James Shark debuting for 4CW!”

Dressed with a baggy hoodie, Cashe was still shivering. The wind was blowing hard enough for it to flush his cheeks with a shade of red. Cashe was getting high somewhere high up in elevation.

“As far as I am concerned though? I don’t belong in the Main Event. I haven’t earned this booking. I am, in a sense being rewarded for my actions. Rewarded for slow clapping on Main Events since I returned to this company in December. Is rewarded the right word? The majority might say this could very well be my punishment. If that’s true then Perry Wallace is providing opportunity to prove him wrong. To prove everyone wrong in seeing this as a certain loss for World$tar.

Bronx will no doubt pick at us. Tear into us as he has done to so many before but while giving pinches of respects and such because he is the ‘good guy’ right? He is the one who stands to bear the role of Face of the company regardless of who has the Title now. Bronx will say how this is his company, how Madison has his respect, how maybe even Hopkins has it but me? I don’t have it and in truth, I don’t need it. I don’t wish to be apart of the support group that has formed. He has said how he wants to earn his way back to the title as if he was starting fresh within the company but these.. These are lies.

He isn’t the good guy in any of this! He is the director of hate and trolling. Everyone takes his lead and it shows by how too many of you play ‘house' among yourselves now. How to troll is to pick at the little people or subtweet in subtle drags. Everyone of you will be watching, expecting a highlight added to Bronx and Madison’s career! A moment for Madison and Bronx to form this ‘Godtier' that you two teaming could be labeled. Hops and I know the challenge before us. We know we stand across from Perry Wallace and Frankie Morrison’s favorites. The original staff duo of 4CW now has their chosen ones standing as a duo.

World$tar knows that it will be a huge hill to climb. I know that people have less value on me than ever before but that is the exact reason why I step out from the back with no music. I want the cheers if you dig what I do but I desire the hate just the same. It's all reaction and it shows with how many not involved in what CK has done who can’t keep themselves from talking about it MORE than what they are doing in this business themselves. I KNOW ya’ll got matches to promote or opponents to undersell because that's the bit now when not howling out opinions like you have one worth giving. Fans boys and girls, the majority of you.

So boo us. Doubt us but what happens if we rise? If we don’t, if CK continues to stumble and fall flat then the common response will be ‘told ya so’ but what if it doesn’t go that way? What if in this match the current Champion and the former Champion, two GODS find defeat without the help of Dakota and Riddle at our aid?

We’re labeled the bad guys but never have we actually interfered DURING a match to cause a finish or cost someone a win. Spoiler Alert: It won’t start here either. We ain’t about that. We sink and swim on our own merit and while that merit needs some refilling it is in a match like this that gives us the opportunity to do just that. Hopkins is coming off a loss. I am coming off one of many. So do we go and do what is expected and lose or can history like at Bad Company repeat itself and we shock the company? Can we do it? I believe so. Hopkins believes so and for us, we need only that.

So instead of stealing the spotlight, World$tar will be out there making one! You people stay talking about how it’s trash how we’ve been doing. Ruining Main Events AFTER the Match before the credits begin to roll like it ruins the entire match. Ruining retirements of a guy who’s biggest matches in 4CW involved the XTV Title and yes, I include his time on Octane because it wasn’t on Adrenaline and THIS IS THE SHOW IN 4CW period!

While all the complaints. All the judging comments and subtweeted insults have been thrown out there, not a SINGLE motherfucker, Bronx included have done a GODDAMN thing to stop it. Why stop doing it if it has been an EASY task to walk in and take something? I’m out here ROBBING people of they spotlights and nobody is doing shit but holding they hands up and talking shit after the fact. I’ve been Deebo when it comes to snatching chains and fames but on twitter? Big and bad talkers just talking..”

The growing annoyance for social media was evident. Cashe was tired of every ‘name' or those who thought they had a name because of the comfort zones they place themselves into to have success, and all of them RTed and Liked tweets for one another to sell that they mattered.

“Do something about it! No? Tweet about it then. Speaking of tweeting, Chris Madison! By far the oldest name of a now former friend that I know in this business. You were done. You didn't want the spot in the tournament that led you to become the 4CW Champion! You wrote yourself off while others gave their praise of you as you have always had throughout your career. Now? Now you are sharing laughs and subtweeting with the common trends out there like you belong there! If not for Bronx giving you that praise, if he had made jokes about you wanting to step away. If he dragged you then everyone sharing laughs with you would be laughing at you. Doesn’t surprise me any though because the majority of them are followers. Just as you are Chris.. When it was Brad Jackson and Spiral years back you did a good job blending in just the same. What honor do you have Madison? You, the guy who ran undefeated as Pride Champion only to bail when the competition was closing in on defeating you. You come back, catch a few losses and its shamesville full of self doubt.”

Giving the camera recording a slow shake of his head. He was ashamed of Madison more than mad at how things had become. “I came to you. As a friend, as someone who had been going through struggle just as I have. Asked you for helped, for guidance being that you have been an inspiration for a long time to me and you gave me nothing. Nothing!” Staring off, he was up high as buildings in the distance were seen by rooftops.

“So what happened? I crashed down chair shots until you found that fire inside of you ignite. Did my actions help you get to that throne? I won’t take any claim to the credit but it would make sense. The same sense as when my very partner had his doubts after joining 4CW. I put fire back into his purpose. I gave him a cause to go and be great and he did, he has and now you have once again become THE name on yet another roster.”

Slow claps. Showing both sarcasm and paying a due credit where it was truly deserved. “You sit on the throne now. As people are beginning to whisper, it is your time! But how long does that clock have? When will the alarm again ring before you are questioning your career or deciding if you will stay or go? Will we once again see you leave a championship vacated as you have done before in this company? Your title doesn’t matter to me..

I proved that at South Beach Brawl when I chucked it deep into the live audience! I don’t want a shot at what you have, I just want the chance to FINALLY beat my fists and elbow up with your face! I want to show that old friends can come closer than anyone to killing one another because where you have strength, I have weakness. But I won’t grapple with you. I won’t compete in ‘MMA' with you because that would truly be stupid. You slap on a submission and I won’t escape with anything fancy. I will pinch, bite, slam down my heels against whatever part of you I can reach to get free and then.. It will be simply a fight. A brawl. A scrap and you know better than anyone that when I am motivated to be so, I am dangerous. Crooked if you will.

We have never fought one on one. If my memory is working right which isn’t often but I don’t believe we’ve been opponents even in a Tag match. We have won matches together, been aligned when winning them and the potential of Unstable might fall on deaf ears to everyone else but you.. You know what could have been and it’s because you knew what you were getting with me involved and what you brought to the table to add to it. Now we will clash those things on opposite sides of the ring. I will slap box, I will swing them things and trade slams and attacks with a God. Two of them. A God of time and a God of now. How does one prepare for mystery? I failed that test but against gods? I’m excited to put the difficulty up from Hard to Nightmare and will adjust the tactics to fit the settings. You will punch down like Bronx has mentioned before, I prefer head shots. You can see them coming but at times cannot do SHIT to stop it from landing. World$tar lands plenty.

We took pause. Hopkins found his individual success not just in becoming Pride Champion but beating you as well Bronx. I know, I know.. Living in the past is looked down upon to those who have little to look back on. I don’t seek to live in what has already been done because here before Hopkins and myself lies something never been done before..”

Cashe began rubbing his hands together. In part because they were cold but the grin grown across his face, the eyes he stared at the camera with was sharply gazed and glazed over as he continues.

“In mythology be it Greek, Nordic, whatever way you want to look back on. When has two gods been defeated by what many label as fading and incapable men? This is where impacts and highlights can be found. We plan to find them. After South Beach, CK as a whole had to get together and reflect. We had to face the reality that we won’t win every match. As of late I am lucky to get by with one against a low name like Luke Jones. A true to the description bottom feeder. Those are my last wins so how will it look not if but WHEN we beat you two?

I can imagine all the howlers out there subtweeting now! How this happened or how luck played its hand. In a day and era where everything is online, I will tell those howlers to rewatch the match. See every angle, witness every turn of events and KNOW that it wasn’t luck that causes this. It was the combination of chemistry with my partner and the doubt I can easily place in the opposition.

Bronx? Chris Madison a few shows back. Before he beat you, found himself backstage face to face with me. His first question to me as our conversation grew was why he wasn’t included in the formation of Crooked Kingdom. One of my oldest friends and like I told him then, his name was an option… So you have to ask yourself Bronx. Is he still an option?”

Jaw dropped open. Mouth selling a shock that shouldn’t be a surprise. Telling people plans could be dumb if he was telling the truth. It wouldn’t be the first time he puts aside a beef to align. To him, the ones who fight hardest with you are those who have gone the distance against you.

“He has been seen befriending, playing along with the trend of those throwing shade. But as we see too often, people wear masks. They pretend to be friends with others to gain a certain ground. This is proven time and time again.. Hell, Crooked Kingdom is as labeled, Unstable and Omerta but who all was involved with Unstable?” If this was social media, you’d see that emoji of a questioning, a thinker for all.  

“Boooy wouldn’t that be another swerve that people would complain about? The crowds would boo, possibly riot! Yet why would I tell you that if it was true? I speak without thought often do I not? Am I doing so now? See that’s something to think about but we all know you can’t show that worry. You’re Bronx after all and too many people like my Brother, like Ana now and like the other Howlers out there need you to be strong so they live their arrogant status through you. So I expect you to say it won’t matter, that if Madison turns on you then you will deal. The Wolves are hunting, this is suppose to be their year as Ana said herself so you being the Alpha Wolf, you must be ready for whatever. So be ready for just that.

It's why it came easy to me to hand my paycheck from this match over to American Tommy as soon as it was booked. I’d take these type of matches for free. I would almost pay to have them because it's here with no titles on the line but everyone is still watching. Everyone is expecting one thing and I get the chance to give them something different. I would take these moments over any that you had as Champion Bronx.

Crooked be thy Kingdom and you will see that you are just living within our walls…”

Tossing the now empty can out in front of him, it flew off the edge as he reaches into the sky above. He was on the roof of the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. “I’m here now! I’m early to the dance and training to fight the heavens if I must! Come get you some..”