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Lord Raab
Lord Raab
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July 12th, 2018, 10:38 am #201

Brennan Devlin I swear has got to be one of the worst human fucking beings in this game. He trolls on every single one of your characters and claims you're another character being the same when there's no evidence or proof of that. I asked him where's the proof of that and he didn't even respond because he's just one of the if not the biggest cunts in this game. He also blurs IC and OOC lines that he doesn't even know what's in character and what's out, even resorting to using OOC potshots. Why does anybody respect him or even like Brennan Devlin is beyond me when he's the worst fucking person actively in this game.

He's a pathetic man who has no respect for anyone, but himself in this game and he's never helped anybody to get them over or anything that doesn't benefit his characters, just a selfish bitch who only plays this game for himself and Ramona. Brennan Devlin can go and fuck himself, also people who stick up for him can fuck off for acting like he's done nothing fucking wrong for consistently tagging and mentioning raab all the time. Now he's not even in any feds with his Brennan Devlin character and yet, he has his character shit on wrestlers and companies when the character isn't a current wrestler, let alone in a fed for him to do that as it makes his character a complete fucking coward. Fuck that asshole who shouldn't even be playing this game.

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