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“Who am I anymore? I’ve only recently asked myself that, if you can believe it. What have I done to have a voice to brag with?”

“Awww man that’s not true at all! You paved the way. At the very least in 4CW but even before that. You have always been a grinder!”

Lifting up from having his hair shampooed, Jason Cashe was sitting in a barber’s chair. It had been time to cut his hair as it started getting long in length again. His beard would be trimmed some, groomed if you prefer. The barber, someone who wasn't just a fan but a Wrestling fan. The whole shop talked about so much on a daily basis. It had that very barber shop vibe you might see in movies. Old timers, a few strong women even who preferred calling themselves hair stylists. It had everything expected.

“The fact is I have become adjusted. Comfortable in the bare minimum. The openers for instance. The not looking to achieve with championships to show for it. Maybe.. Maybe that is what needs to change.”

It hadn't been a question asked but an assumption to himself. Yet spoken out loud, it was offered up as a topic to conversate about. “I never understood that approach in the first place. Why limit yourself? Why achieve just floating along like some regular guy when you can and have proven to be much more when you.. Try?”

“Let’s be fair. In the last few years my name, who I am has been remembered for shitting in the ring, not even that I won that match but that I shit during it. That and a terrible relationship where I gave a hoe some recognition then drove her to dumped me and she was STILL more bitter as if the roles reversed on who dumped who. People think of me and think Special needs. They think I'm old at 33 and that my success is behind me because I’ve hosted a PPV after two losses and didn't demand to fight for a title or in a match someone else maybe deserved the spot on the card more! That or a match nobody talks about because there is no substance behind it.”

Making the first snip of his top dew. Cashe reached into his pocket. Realizing then that he didn't have one of those black tarps over him like most barbers use. In his pocket, he pulls free a braided bundle of hair. Manny’s hair.

“As Host. I was given gifts. A beautiful woman to spend the night with. A lock of hair as a sign of respect from a man I’ve beaten twice before..

Manny. Mariano Fernandez!”
Trying to place an accent to the name as it leaves his mouth, Cashe pauses as the barber listens and pulls out the clippers to begin shaving on Cashe’s haircut. Using scissors to get the hair down shorter first. It was kind of knotty but now going right to the shaving of it. “He will no doubt say something about Crooked Kingdom..

Who hasn't? He might ask why, for what purpose? Relevance like others have said? Try to downplay it because it wasn't them making an impact with some monologue backstage. Not everyone can do something to be remembered. Something that bad or good has gotten people talking. Our point is different depending on who you ask. More of this will be seen soon enough but know its not for relevance, at least not for me. I don't need to make impacts for that because even as Host which most out there talking shit don't carry the credentials past or present to be offered that. I still made an impact. It wasn't in a title match. It wasn't beating a big name in a meaningful feud. It was simply just showing up. Clapping, showing my fists, talking about climbing and giving someone a wet willy. I am sorry that my non relevance is more relevant than someone’s run of the mill match. If I was winning, the reception of my side shit would be praised and applauded. But now? Now I will do just that. I will try because NOTHING is guaranteed in this company, in this sport unless your name is Callum.”

“Hey I like CWC!” Another Barber, a very flamboyant Barber in the chair directly across the room from him interrupts.

“And that's why you’re not cutting my hair.”

His own barber turns Cashe around. The mirrored wall now facing him shows him his own reflection as the barber stays behind the chair. Cashe continues essentially staring at a mirrored wall (not brick) and seeing himself as he speaks.

“So I will try to achieve in not only the small impacts but the ones that garner more praise. Matches to me are victories if its a good match, if the person or people across from me step the fuck up! Win or lose, I am happy with it. My next match though? I will try more. Try to win and not just fight a good fight. Manny is next. Him coming back to a company that I’ve BEEN a vet in and had my up and downs in. So expect me to meet this big return with ME having a bigger victory..”

“Mmmhmm..” His barber nods and grunts. Cashe wasn't sure the guy was listening but he was old. Truly old. Mid 50s. Cashe seeing his surroundings, at least can see the room of others getting their haircut or doing the cutting were quiet. Usually a barber shop like this had 10 different conversations going but everyone was listening.

“I actually like Manny. The dude is different, he’s not cookie cutter. Most these folks out here are great because they are gifted in their words or storytelling. They speak properly or are surrounded by cliques made up of grown ups who were not apart of the popular crowd in high school so this is their time made up. Manny isn't that. He owns his different. I wish he’d own his girlfriend pegging him but I think that’s more of a ribbing made on twitter. I dig the guy. He’s good people. Yet I can sit here and tell you the pros and cons about my own Momma if she was my opponent in anything. I talk shit like a school shooting. Just firing away at anything that moves! So even with what respect I do give him, I can evaluate him as we do to opponents in this business. As he will do to me.

Like how he quit. A few have, our decorated Champion as well or Raab who is coming back now even! Somehow uglier than before but he’s back! Manny returning stands out though not because of how he returned but his first match back. No, not because I’m his opponent but because this match will be in the first round of the South Beach Brawl Championship Tournament. What a time to return and what a storied return it would be he could go all the way with more than just Paige Matthews?

You can almost see it now! The Cinderella Story: The Tale of Manny the Mang! He has the opportunity to even things up a bit with me. I’ve beaten him twice and soon we will have two matches again. For this South Beach Brawl Tournament and then again in Kamikaze where he is teaming with a Robot who has boobs. Imagine that?”

The thick eyebrows on the Barber raised up. Not sure if it was the mention of Robots, boobs or Robot with boobs that peaked his interest but something did, at least in expression. “Yeah! But see this dude is coming back to 4CW and he has talent! He beat Bronx last year when not a full finger count on one hand achieved that. So he COULD very well tie things up between us but I aim to not let that happen.”

“Why’d he leave? Was he injured? Did he rip open his asshole after a good hard pegging?” The room filled with laughter as the old Barber made a funny. Played to the joke, the bit already ran into the ground if not for the consistent response Manny has to it still.

“No.. You know, I’m not 100% why he left because as most can tell. I’ve been just floating by. Not caring about who is doing what or who is even signed to this roster be it Adrenaline or Octane for that matter. I couldn't name 4 people that compete in Octane right now. It's not disrespect, its just not caring if it's not right in front of me. Is that selfish? No. It's lazy. I've just been running on autopilot and I’ve done that plenty for a while now.. Now though to beat me will be to best the beast that truly hungers again!”

His chest rises and falls as he breathes deeper, opening his lungs to taste the air around him. “I am the wolf stalking its prey once more. There isn't a gimmick or rewrite of the person before you. Something inside of me must have been in hibernation because its awakening now and woooo weee! It ain't happy! Nobody can tear me down more than I have done myself these last few years. And it's ONLY in myself where I can find redemption for that. Where I can right the wrongs of both my life and my career. I don't want to live off my name in past tense and to gain a better step forward, I must first take out this Soccer Mom haircut that will be standing in front of me.”

His barber, coming around and standing in front of him. Holds his lips sealed as Cashe finishes. “What do you want to do with the beard? Just trim?” It was a simple question and any other time Cashe would do just that but he had a plan. Pulling free the braided hair that Manny gave him. Cashe presents it to the barber.

“Braid this into it..” Cashe replies. The barber gives him an awkward stare but takes it. It was an odd request but that fit Cashe to a tee and would be explained given some time as the Barber goes to work.


Freshly shaved to his dome. Jason Cashe now stood posted up on a wall outside the Barber Shop like Jay or Silent Bob would. Puffing away on a joint. At each side of his chin, braided in the scruffy length of his groomed beard sat some finer strains of hairs. Colored lighter than his own, it stood out as being the hair that Manny gave him.

”Manny I have at times throughout my career. When I was still giving a shit, took things from people. Material properties most the time but for others a hope or a prayer. A desire they have had to do something and I dove in like an Outfielder and scooped it from reality. Now for a while I have asked about your hair. I have made claims that I would shave your head, that I wanted a piece. Yet I didn’t have to take it? I was presented with it as a gift because regardless of what is said, regardless of the pleasures I feel from your pain be it the bullying you endure on twitter or what will occur during this match. You respected me enough to give me some… Just handed me what I wanted. I didn’t have to work for it or do anything shady to get it. That’s part of your problem..

See people fall into two types in this business. Those who ACT like they have thick skin and those who just do. Bronx? Him being the Champion defending for this tournament is a great example, he is LOVED by so many but yet he tears into people like the biggest villain in a Super Hero story. Good versus Evil no longer exists Manny. It’s not healthy for you to be so.. NICE! Maybe it’s your relationship with Paige. Maybe it’s the “rot your brain” video games? Maybe you were just hugged plenty growing up but they say nice guys finish last. That’s just not true.. The ones who finish last will ALWAYS be those who bury the knife deepest. But that’s me talking about it when I haven't buried a knife too deep in a while now.

Talk has become cheaper than a Dollar General and it’s bout time to see which of ya’ll hold value like a Black card and which of ya’ll yapping them flaps like a pussy farting. First round I am looking at Mariano Fernandez. Tsk.”
Pulling air through his opened gap. Cashe spits to his side and flicks some ashes from the burning tip of the joint.

”You’ve gone and had you a nice little run since leaving 4CW haven’t you Manny? Surprised yourself how much other companies want your name on their marquee but why is there a surprise? You have gained a fame for being in 4CW and a Champion at that! Throughout history, companies want a piece of what is hot. Even the rejects, the tuck between the tail runaways are desired by smaller booshit places who want to live up to the hype they are often providing for themselves alone. Still. You took time to travel, see new opportunities. I have had my time traveling as well but there is the difference between you and I. One of many I’m sure but a big one nonetheless. You LEFT 4CW, the Throne Of Professional Wrestling. To re-energize, refocus before returning for a more prepared run. You didn’t want to suffer any downfalls more than you already had and I get that but that, at least to me? Is a very coward approach. Which will your return be compared too? Bronx or Jett? One has done it all and the other is best known for social media and not actually HAVING a real career. All hype but having none or having earned the hype. You got to take a timeout whereas I stayed here even when I traveled to work with other organizations. I stayed HOME and have earned Hype and became ALL hype remaining HERE to do both."

Holding his arms out to his sides, he was proud of the company he kept be it 4CW or now Crooked Kingdom. Finding some confidence, Cashe was feeling good about his approach moving forward. His weird mixed with flex and things were about to PICK UP or at least he was aiming high once more.

"I am a Champion in Japan and yet the flag that I wave around has always and until otherwise decided is Four Corners. It’s not uncommon though to uproot and spread out to gain more experience. More preparation for the war that each and every match in this company gives you. That’s what is so REAL about 4CW, it’s that those WATCHING it take place want so desperately to have either an opinion on it or their own version of it’s greatness. 4CW is like a big faced Hundred Dollar Bill and other places claiming to be as great are as real as a Seven Dollar Bill. So what in your travels have prepared you for this return?

Mariano, you are returning for the Moments. The same reasons why people like Gavin or Blaise come here. Why people like Aidan or Cyrus Riddle or even Rorie Steele cannot truly stay away. 4CW provides something other companies TRY and often fail at providing. Moments. Highlights seen not just by in house fan bases but people across the landscape of this business. So for your return, your timing couldn't be more perfect! You get to FIRST HAND witness the return of trouble. The return of Influence! You get to be IN the ring with it. To feel it not only in words spoken but paws placed on you! You beat Bronx when next to nobody else has in a good long time. That’s also why this makes for a FANTASTIC bout between us because I am coming BACK into that VERY mindset that STILL has more victories over him than ANYONE in this business. He has YET to beat me one on one! I made him do what you have done. Leave, regroup, and return at a later date. He did it and now you are doing it but will you have the same result as him? We’re not in the same bracket as he is so in order for either of us to see him, see that Championship we must go BIG but Mariano? I am going BIG at HOME. A place I have yet to leave, a place that I have stuck with through thick and thin. I am married to this company, to that ring, to this purpose.. I have a LOYALTY to 4CW that is often not returned to me. That makes this dangerous so you have surely found yourself in some trouble!

I mean, let’s face it. I beat you while I was merely floating. I beat you when I was giving half or less of what makes me, me. You are apart of the climb I will make to not just return to the top but to gain back a PRESENT name in this business. Not just apart of it, you are the beginning. That first reach. I am sure footed and every advance up will come with slips, falls, but I will continue to climb. I could make a call and leave you buried in Boston but I wanna see you in North Carolina.. You're shooting for the stars while I will begin to shoot AT them! I'm getting Crooked in the Kingdom that I helped build and while I went underground, got locked in the cells underneath the keep, I too am rising and shit is about to POP off the hinges!

Crooked be thy Kingdom.. Champion becomes thy name...Let me chuck you the Deuces and get on with my day! Peeeeaaace Out!”
Flicking the remaining piece of joint at the camera, Cashe pushes off the wall and leaves the scene.