First Day On The Job

Jason Cashe
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“Those are burnt..” A boy that can’t be more than 20 years old at best says with a sighing voice. Holding a basket of chicken, the 8 pieces were crispy black.

“Put a little syrup on it and call it Cajun!” Jason Cashe with a smile growing on his face hopes he could sway the opinion on his first batch of fried chicken. Working for Pollo Chicken was part of his new contract with Lion’s Road. He liked Fried Chicken so the opportunity could not be passed up. The boy who happened to be Assistant Manager dumps the chicken in the trash. Cashe’s mouth drops in shock.

“I can’t serve this! Do it again, set the timer and I’ll be back to check on you..”

As he walked away, Cashe just shook his head. Confused at how people just waste food at these type of places. Wearing a Pollo Chicken T-Shirt, he goes to batter 8 more pieces of chicken. He drops it into the grease and it sizzles beneath the surface. The chicken hasn’t even been under for two minutes when the Assistant Manager returns. “Jason. Did you set the timer?”


“Did you mix in thighs, legs, wings and breast?”

He had to think on it. The answer was no, he grabbed a 8 drumsticks and dropped them. Nobody told him to mix it up. “Ummm…”

“I thought not. Why does corporate hire these noobs?”

“Noob?” Cashe grinned but with the grin came a glare that wasn't happy. “I am not a fucking Noob you diaper baby!”

The Assistant Manager spun around. Now this kid was looking down at Cashe and he wasn't even taller than him. A huge superiority complex was had here. “You are here! Do you want to be fired on your first day?”

“Do you want to have that hot ass grease poured down yo--” Cashe cut himself off from finishing his threat, not wanting to lose his new job. He just got hired and it wouldn't look good heading into his first match with Lion’s Road if he got fired from their Fried Chicken franchise.

“You say something?”

Cashe points at himself with a response in question. “Me? Nope. Can I go on break?”

“Yeah.. Take 10 while I fix this mess..” First day on the job and Cashe has already annoyed the Assistant Manager. He hurries down the short hallway and shoulders the back exit door as he peels the gloves off each hand. A strong scent of dumpster hits him in the face as he gets in the back of the building. It was a new car smell, at least that is what he took it in as being. Inhaling deeply through his nose. His eyes shut and head tilted back as he takes it all in.

“Here I rise. See during the last 5 years I have seen ups and more downs than I care to acknowledge. I started floating along just not caring too much about what I can continue to accomplish. I lost track of who I was staring into my own reflection and that became a problem. Being fired was the best thing that could have happened to me. Feeling the chains of loyalty to a place that no longer had any for me.. That was refreshing. It opened up the opportunity to see and do new things. Find a new purpose, refocus and Lion’s Road is a big part of that!

Opportunity in Heritage. In becoming King of Lions! Opportunity not only in Lion’s Road but Maximum Japan Pro Wrestling which can later give me opportunity to return to Japan where fans there chant my name as JSun..” Cashe points up at the sun to give way to the metaphor of his name in the Land of the Rising Sun. “Yen. JSun Yen. Cause my name is Cashe.. Get it?

I have many hopes and goals once again. My career is anew and I feel like I am ready to take on the world! First comes a mystery opponent. A position I was in not that long ago, a rare thing then but something that in Lion’s Road I will face with every opponent on this roster until I meet one I have faced before. Prepare for me as I prepare for all of you..”

Dusting the front of his shirt off, Cashe looks to end his break. “But first goal I seek to achieve is Pollo Chicken Employee of the Month! Watch me do my thing!