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Jason Cashe
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”“Are you ready? I can't say what they will ask and I know, as of late you’ve..”

“I’ve what? Gone out and hit someone in the mouth or a chair? Seems a little needy I suppose but it is the nature of my business. Pro Wrestler?” Pointing to himself as if to remind the woman with a headset adjusted on her head.

The two stood in the green room of a Radio Station where Cashe was scheduled to appear. A hype for Adrenaline as talent washed up or ultra hot usually do. Still there was a difference between local radio and an appearance on Ellen. Holding and almost leading towards her headset, the woman looks at Cashe and gives him ‘the nod’.
“You’re on in 5! Through that door..”

She was off, out of the room. Leaving Cashe to himself and his thoughts. The red light above the door would indicate to stay put. Green means go. He was feeling butterflies for not having done radio in a while. He needed a voice exercise. Shaking his hands, his fingers wiggle about as his head rolls around on top of his shoulders.

“So many things to discuss right now to hype and promote what is going on! I mean.. Wowee! Luke just let all his frustrations out with his promo! I am here to promote a show but all I can hear are the words Luke Jones had to say! He got HYPED! Motivated to fight! Just as I wanted, just as I said he should. I get Luke wouldn’t have known that because as he said himself, he hasn’t paid attention to anything I’ve had to say in a long time. He doesn’t like me! Oh nooo!”

The light above the door turns green. Cashe knew that was his cue. Taking a deep breath, he heads through the door. Time for radio. Time passes, there was no need to hear introductions. The brief stumbles of the last nerves finally going away. The conversation was in the thick of it, he had hyped the overall show. What matches he liked, who he liked to win them even. Now it was onto his own promotion, things he wanted to say to anyone hearing this broadcast.

“Luke Jones. What do you want the listeners to know about him and the match you’re having that seems to have more resentment than a random booking.” Pondering it only briefly, he remembered how he was thinking in the green room before radio started.

“Resentment? Nah. How so? Homie said he don’t even hear me anymore.”

Cutting Cashe off, the host opens things up. “So say it now. On air, for the listeners and maybe he will hear it then.” It was worth a shot but Cashe didn’t need Luke to hear him. All he needed to say would be said in action come match time. Still he had shit he wanted to say so he said it.

“Him not hearing me only proves my point. So if.. IF he hears any of this, hopefully it’s this. People cast out claims of being ‘warriors' in this business. That we will put it ALL on the line but in truth, we all have lines we won’t cross. Ted Bundy had lines he would not cross. True warriors don't fight for wins and losses because in a loss for a warrior in battle? It usually calls for a life lost and none of us are dying in the ring. None of us are REALLY ripping chests open or clawing the eyes out of someone. What we are though are athletes. We compete and in that sense of it, we all take wins and losses. It comes with the business and Luke, like myself have taken plenty. His disliking for me is based on me insulting his friends and I get it, really I do!

I have a few loyalties myself and would stick up for them, share hate for them and have done just that before. Not only for my loyal friends which grow slimmer everyday it seems but also for the company that we will fight under the banner for. We have heard people bring up poor staff or writers rooms, feel discriminated against. We have watched others leave 4CW over relationships they cant even truly smell and even Alphas have slowly fallen into motivation obscurity.

We have seen bleached assholes ruin lives and have witnessed how sometimes a FAG can be the best among us to never have won the big one. We have gone through kidnappings, sons making this company seem very Galveston but in all of that.. I have stayed loyal. I have HATED this loyalty far too many times to count and yes, I wanted to leave but have I?

Loyalties are not always pleasant and regardless of what packs are formed FULL of fleas, I am here. People want to define me because of a few losses? Because of a bad relationship that caused LINES to be drawn where I’ve asked or expected no sides to be chosen? Do so. Bring that yap, talk that shit. Get direct because their way now? Cowardly hearted like a subtweet so when the house gets remodeled for the next era of 4CW, it will be ME who is still here win or lose..”

Sipping on some Cognac, the host nods and hurries to swallow his poison of choice. “So how about you do one for us? Finish it off, be more direct to the man you will fight! Let’s hear it. Don’t subtweet, tag his ass!”

“Sure.. Luke? You talk about a lot of shit you haven’t the slightest fucking clue about. My training? You see me being lazy one day on camera and that's what you think my whole preparation is? Maybe for YOU I drag my feet but you aren’t the only thing I got going on. I have things to retain in Japan and have you not noticed me making old friends into enemies with Chris Madison as of late? Let’s just assume, make shit up or build a story from a grain of salt? Okay, assumptions as truths? You don't eat your vegetables.”

The host coughs as he takes another sip of his drink. Cashe doesn’t pause and keeps going.

“There. We’re even and really it’s about equal level with half the shit you let drool out your cock gugger. Luke you don't know me. You hear things Bronx or whoever has said because you pay attention to them like the lackey who follows the Captain of a Water Pollo team because that's the kind of athlete you were in High School, if not probably drama club, you seem like you can ‘act'. Regardless you and I both can play this assumptions game.

You wanted to know WHY Wallace keeps me around? Same reason he hires the likes of you over and over again. Why not? I mean you see the jobbers on the roster, why not have one who use to be a Champion and one, like yourself who just never was much of anything to this business? Oh but I guess you have Bronx’s support and co-sign and those who huff his toilet water. You have that going for you huh? Guess that's another difference between us. You get rehired because of who you know. I stay hired because of who I am and what I have given to this company. Bronx carries this bitch now but its people like me who kept it from being Galveston or Boardwalk.

You have played to the same things other have said ten times over. I leech off this person or that person but do you SEE me in their backstage dealings? Do you see me trying to turn Hopkins dealings with Viduus into a World$tar project or tagging with anyone else in Crooked Kingdom? Where is anyone leeching off someone? Show me, tell me, give me examples because if SAYING it makes it true, if simply aligning with people for a cause and not just in some group DM to snicker about others is leeching then boyo! Times have surely changed indeed!

Now suddenly I am getting sick or getting into something to provide an excuse before matches? What because being moved into the jobbers locker room is an excuse for losing a match? Most of the things I do or get into backstage happens WAY after my normally OPENING matches. You think I show up early to the arena? Come on man.”

“Come on Man!” The host blurts out, not mocking Cashe but trying his best Cris Carter impersonation.

“But Luke, you said these things with a serious face. With depth and passion in your voice so good gawd it has to be true right? You are a pawn. I may have fallen off and I am the FIRST to claim my downfall. Its YOU who has leeched off others or at least the words of others and don’t invest yourself enough to experience something first hand.

Me beating Bronx? Me living off the past? None of that has been mentioned or used since Crooked Kingdom began. I haven’t won a match that truly mattered in years but all of that is shit I was saying before CK debuted as a group. Do I need them? Not in the slightest. I can sink, drown, fall or swim plenty well on my own and have proved that by not doing much of anything with anyone that people claim I leech off of. You need me Luke, at least for this match. You need me because you want to try and get your own approval, a glimmer of spotlight. Bronx wouldn’t pick on you, at least about your career if you actually won a match. Might even feed you a treat and pet your head or scratch your belly. You’re ‘talks a lot of shit behind a block’ buddy would LOVE you if you beat me! It’s probably why you even bothered to show up.. Right before deadline with doubts if you WOULD show up presented in a meme on twitter. Should you or shouldn’t you and look at you! You did.

See today people want things to be pretty, they want style. Men shave their legs and nuts, butts and guts and I look like a caveman. It's about who you know and what you can do when handed an opportunity. Like everyone in the South Beach Brawl tournament, they were handed a spot because that's the gimmick setup for it. Nobody earned a shot at Bronx or the Title but what was really left to do? He has had one HELL of a run as Champion! What hasn’t he done, who hasn’t he beat? I am sure his Father, the owner is very proud. It's why you have leeched on the concept of playing “family” with the boss as well right Luke? Why everyone has “sons” and “daughters” because people play into what is trending by who trends the most. A popularity contest and I have no interest nor try to be involved.

I am Spessal Made because I keep it original to me, I do me and it’s all the fuck I want to do and be. Because I do stupid shit and say even stupider shit. Knowing words like stupider is not a real word, that's just who I am! I also own a Short Bus because someone once SAID I did so I went and bought one. There isn't a mental issue here Luke, I am just weird. You need meds for yours because ADHD hits your attention span like a goldfish and I called you one last show for that very reason. You are weak, I handle mine because I am not.

Just like I don't run from losses. You said I disappear for weeks after a loss? Where? When? I was booked the show after losing to Manny. Got booked against Queef, Aidan, and Kimi back to to back and went one and two on those matches. Still here, hanging around. I took time off in November, the first time I have done so in the last 6 years. I don't need to over exaggerate who I am or what I do because I own that regardless. I take control over my up and down moments.

Losing to you Luke? Would suck. I’ve also lost to Niobe Martin before and up until now, it was my most shameful loss. Bronx lost to Raab once upon a time. Losses happen. Yet if you can win? I’d feel a little proud. I’d feel like something I said, the person I am and this hate you have for whatever reason being what set you up to push you harder. Never one to pay due credit though are you Luke? I see the others playing “face”, wearing their masks but I don't care to join that party either. I do my part, I carry my weight. You don't see anyone coming down during my matches do you? I sure as shit am not taking on an Anti Truth Commercial as partner because I have better options. Sorry your friends won't align with you, sorry you can't tag along like the skin tag you have fucking been!

This is my happy face Luke so I must thank you! This is fantastic! You are amped up and now I am excited! This isn’t about wins and losses. Things do become stale and the difference is, I wont change who I am because the trend changed and something new is popular. You won’t see me leave this company to grow, I will sit here show in and show out taking it to the chin. Unlike you, I been here swinging so its fucking hysterical you telling me off like MY name is Luke Jones!

I’m glad you put your big boy trousers on, really I am! Maybe it will help you. If only being co-signed and twitter popular helped decide a fight result huh? You tell me you’ll brush off all things said about you as if I haven’t? Where is there proof of me needing or even having someone tell me I am this or am that? I have none and tell anyone who has said nice things about me, tried to give me praise that they are full of shit. Hell I turned down Hall of Fame multiple times until it was forced upon me! That is where proof is found because that is the reality. I get shit said to me and consistently I have brushed it off like you claim you do but see, I care about my career. Unlike you this isnt just a rare match where I actually show up for once…

Lukester, this is what will happen regardless of who wins and who loses. We will fight. Small windows will open and one of us will take advantage of the opportunity handed to us.

So train! Train as hard as you can, hope you found that god to help you grow. Hope everything and anything you desire comes true in your mind because the odds are against you. This isn’t a contest for Prom King or who gets to wipe the the trend setters ass. Its rock em, sock em and I’m trying to leave you with your head loosened.

So continue to make mean faces. Growl a little, talk to group DMs and make jokes. Have some laughs in between your intense training but come the day of the show? That’s when all jokes get brushed off. Save that shit for backstage if you wanna make a funny but inside that ring, we gonna be DONE yappin. We going to go yap to scrap REAL quick and Luke? Sometimes the shit you are training and growing can't teach someone to have enough of what it takes. Come get fucked up.. Then you can brush that result off and go back to not caring again because THAT is who you are no matter the change in demeanor you show for one promo.

I get why you’re mad though. You returned with a new plan. A Tag Team and you thought being booked against World$tar was your chance and maybe somehow Hopkins won the match ALL by himself but end of the day, your debut, you new approach was grounded and MY face was involved in that process.

You ask why Wallace keeps me around? Clearly he doesn't like you too much because he booked you to get fucked up! Luke Jones, 4CW return. Overall win/loss will be seen as zero and two. Who can truly say they are shocked? In the truest reality, the ONLY place you will get too before me is back on the sidelines while I remain because through all the popularity contests, all the big voices that have come through 4CW it has been ME who has remained. Winning and losing, fighting and fucking and I’ve had a LOT of success and much failure as well but against you? Yeah there is doubt, doubt that what training I have put in for you is a waste of time but trust that there will never be a fight I don't show up for. That's my favorite drug of them all and I still get high off that drug and Adrenaline? It might not be running through me right now but come ding ding time? You are gonna feel that difference. Between us, our preparation and the value that separates us.”

A slow clap begins in the room. Cashe looks up to see the Host just giving his approval, his eyes open and eyebrows raised. It was a sincere approval. Cashe smiled even as a trickle of anticipation anxiety sweat builds above his brow.

“Thank you.. Now I just need that tweet of approval from someone who wants to shower me with a petting praise.” Their conversation fades out. Cashe was sitting back doing much less talking as the Host took over.