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Roy Speede
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(())Now, I know what Cashe is thinking, at least, and on that point I agree: similar name to APW.  It's not APW, though, and fuck a template for right now, lemme just get on this shit.

-Weekly shows, Sunday 11:59pm est deadlines, results posted Monday and new card Monday night, CONSISTENTLY on time.
-Monthly PPVs

-1 rp, 4K limit for all nontitle matches aside from 201 And Fun Matches, which are 700 Words

Titles and their limits are as follows:
-Action Wrestling World Championship- 1 rp at 4K
-United States Championship- 1 rp at 3k
-UCI Championship (the former world title of a now defunct fed, of which many members and the owner have moved over)- 1 rp at 2.5k
-Television Championship - 1 rp at 1k
- 201 And Fun Championship - named for an entire separate division, think "cruiserweight" style (weight limit 201lb IC) - 1 rp at 700 words
-Tag Team Championships- 4K total words, divided between the wrestlers as needed

-Great OOC group, featuring guys from NBW, UCI, and WCF among others. Donald Deruty is there, the handler behind Johnny Reb, we've had appearances by Doc Henry too, and those are just some guys off the top of my head. The handler of 4CW's Andre Holmes, too. The fed is run by Torture and Gravedigger, of WCF lore, and started in mid-February 2018.

All I can say is, it's been a DAMN long time since I've enjoyed a fed this much, and enjoyed writing this much. Some of the most talented writers I've ever seen here, and one of the chilliest places I've gotten to be.