A Day at the Morris Gym

Occasionally going as Minnie Morris, Minnie is the partner (in a complicated way) of John Morris. She's shown two major sides depending on where you find her. She's shown herself as the Snobby, Talented Anti-Female Female Wrestler, who believes that she's better than other women because she learned everything from John Morris, a #REALWrestler. Then there's the version more like her true self, a starving artist who likes to get high and speak in 'profound' ways.

A Day at the Morris Gym

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A "Filmed by P10" caption is shown in the top right of the screen for a few moments as the camera reveals the Morris Gym fans of Minnie's partner know and possibly love. It's where many notable names, including a few big females, have learned how to wrestle. Most importantly, it's where Minnie Morris learned the craft. In her eyes, she didn't just 'learn' how to wrestle. She perfected it with her Hubby-Bear. Speaking of which, currently in the ring stood the #RealWrestler Minnie with her husband facing her.

Minnie: So, should we go over that move again, Johnny-Boo?

John: Anything for you, Minnie Mouse.

Well, at least that nickname was bearable. After a nod from both of them, John grabbed Minnie in a side headlock, and took her down to the mat pretty fast. From there, Minnie raised a leg so that she could jam her knee into the body of her H=husband, but the male kept the hold locked in. He turned his head now and saw camera, and let out a cuss under his breath. Then, he released the hold. Minnie used this to get to her knees and try locking John in a sleeper hold, but while doing it she looked directly into the camera and let out a groan.

Minnie: Ugh! This isn't fair! You're not jamming cameras down Steele's throat every single time she's trying to train. Ugh! Just because I'm a hashtag REAL wrestler doesn't mean you need to follow me around all the time!

Minnie lets go of John, and the couple leave the center of the ring and opt to instead sit on the apron, facing the camera.

Minnie: So what, you want me to talk about my match?! What is there to say? I'm going to go in that ring and do my job. Sorry I don't need to cover up bad wrestling with some big talk and a catchphrase and some witty banter before the match. I'm a professional wrestler, not a Stand-Up Comedian. I will say this though! Courtney Steele, as much as I hate to say it, must be one singular step above the rest of these women. She's the "Bad Ass Bitch" Champion after all. Ugh! Johnny! You know how much I hate saying that!

John: I know Darling. That's why whenever you win it, we'll name it something else.

Minnie: Something like... The Morris Championship?!

John: Well, then there will finally be something in this company with prestige. You should get back to the point, though.

Minnie: Right! Well, she's the champion. So maybe she's a bit smarter than these other 'wrestlers' on the roster. But she showed just how STUPID she was at the last Crash! She was the special guest referee as all of you know, and by NO means a fair one. She not only sullied my win, completely tainting it! No, no, she sealed her fate. Not only did she show her cowardice, dodging Rose once more... But she also picked ME to fight her for the championship. Johnny-Doll, can you tell me why she did that?

John: Well all I can think of is that she's finally done being selfish. Instead of focusing on 'me, me, me', she's contributing to the company. Finally Perfect Ten will have a champion they can be proud of, now.

Minnie: That... Or she's stupid! She probably saw the big strong Rose, who wanted her fair shot at the championship, but knew that she, the 'bad-ass Courtney Steele' wasn't nearly as talented as me, the Hashtag Real Wrestle Minnie Morris, and would have been tossed around like a rag-doll by that monster of a woman Rose.

John: Who I'm convinced is still taking Performance Enhancing Drugs! No woman can slam someone down like that!

Minnie: So she knew that the Big Bad Rose would destroy her. So she went with the smaller of the two competitors. And I understand where she's coming from at first! At initial glance, it's a fair choice... But then I look back, and didn't I warn her on Twitter?

John: Yes you did, Minn-Boo

Minnie: I said that if she came after me, she would be fighting someone far above her league. I told her that if she came at my throat, she would be making the single biggest mistake of her career! Didn't I JohnBear?

John: Yes, MinCub.

Minnie: So, that's my 'message' to P10 and I guess to Courtney Steele. Ugh. Can I get back to doing my job? When I'm not at a show, I'm right here. Hell, John and I have on plenty of occasions slept right in the center of this mat after a long training session. This ring is my home! This ring is my calling! More specifically, this ring is MINE! And not yours, Courtney! Or anyone else in this stupid, awful company! This ring is MINE, and you'll all see that at Crash when I strip that belt from Courtney.

Minnie gives a glare to the cameras, and John takes her arm and raises it, prematurely declaring victory. This is the final scene, as the camera fades out. Will this be what we see standing tall above Courtney Steele, or will the Bad Ass Bitch prove why she's the champion? You can find out the answer to this and many more by watching Crash!