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"Fright Night changed the landscape of 4CW and anyone who fails to see that is delusional! Six championship matches, six title changes. We got to see careers reignited as others were snuffed out. Returns, goodbyes, and a battle of brand supremacy that left the losin' side look just as strong as the winners."

"So where does 4CW go from here?"

"Bronx looks to pick up where he left off as 4CW Champion with Persephone Marquis lurking and the rest of us try to figure out where exactly we stand in the peckin' order."

"After winnin' the WarGames match thanks to Lauryn Wolfe submittin' Sativa with my Peruvian Necktie, Williams, Aidan, and I have this guaranteed match in our back pockets that if used correctly, could propel ourselves into whichever title hunt we choose. You have to be smart, methodical. You have to pick your spot. You have to make it mean somethin'. But when Perry Wallace is bookin' main event matches like Jair Hopkins versus Chris Madison on Adrenaline, there really isn't a need to make a rash decision and pull the trigger on this guaranteed match just yet."

"Jair Hopkins is exactly the kind of name you'd want to notch on your belt if you're lookin' to make any kind of title push. In 4CW's history he has been one of the most notable and successful names to compete. He's one of only three people two hold the 4CW Championship on multiple occasions throughout the company's four year history. And of course most recently, a former 4CW Tag Team champion. He's also second in all-time wins inside of a 4CW ring. A perfect candidate to use that guaranteed match against."

"Lucky me, I don't have to use my guaranteed match if I wanted to make a statement at the expense of Jair Hopkins' name. In typical Perry Wallace fashion, he's givin' the 4CW fans a pay per view main event quality match on Adrenaline! For the first time in our careers, one on one, it's Chris Madison versus Jair Hopkins!"

"This match could have happened..."

"This match probably should have happened..."

"Action Packed Wrestling, PURE Wrestling, Four Corners Wrestling. After all the time spent on the same rosters, all of the times traveling to the same cities, comeptin' under the same banner, we're finally goin' to get chance to square up and see how we match up against each other. I don't know about you, but this is a match that I've always hoped would happen but for some reason never has."

"You and Cashe have been doin' your thing as a tag team, winnin' the tag straps and the Bad Company Three tournament. But I know that doesn't mean you can't step in between those ropes and hold your own without Cashe in the corner. On any given night you're more than capable of pullin' out the type of performance that showcases why you're a two time 4CW Champion. At Adrenaline, I'm fully expectin' the Jair Hopkins that beat Jason Cashe in a Three Stages of Hell match, the Jair Hopkins that outlasted Jett Wilder, CJ O'Donnell, and Dakota Smith in a Sixty Minute Iron Man match. Preparin' for anythin' less and I'd be settin' myself up for failure..."

"...and I didn't come back to 4CW just to fail!"


October 29th, 2017
Witchita, Kansas

In the early hours of the morning, before the sun found it's way up, Frankie Morrison was woken up and jumped to his feet after hearing a commotion in the hotel room next to him. Startled by the sound of slammed dresser drawers, he confusingly looked around and starred at the clock on the nightstand. He popped his head out into the hallway, hiding his body behind the partially opened door. After a moment of getting his bearings, Morrison realized the sound was coming from his client, Chris Madison's, hotel room. He tiptoed over to his door and knocked lightly, trying his best to not disturb any other hotel guests.

"Chris, everything alright in there", his scratchy voice whispered as he leaned towards the door. Getting no response, Frankie tried his luck by jostling the door while turning the handle. The unlocked door swings open and Morrison stumbles into the dimly lit room. Once again he tiptoes until finally seeing that it's his client making the racket. Standing in a pair of pajama pants and a plain white t-shirt with his hair disheveled from leaning on the pillow. "What the hell are you doing", he snapped with his arms held out wide.

Pacing back and forth between a dresser and the luggage on his bed, Madison barely acknowledged his manager, shooting him a glance.

"It's three thirty in the morning, our flight isn't until the afternoon, you could have waited until a decent hour to pack your bags", Morrison suggested.

Without missing a step, Madison said, "I changed my flight, leaving in a couple of hours."

Morrison looked dumbfounded. FGA's Vertigo had just finished a few hours ago and already Chris was looking to skip town. The two had a scheduled flight into Baltimore for the rest of the weekend so Chris could be there to support his friend, Amber Ryan, while Frankie traveled down to Sussex County to scout a new possible client. In the heat of the moment, all of that seemed to be in jeopardy. "So straight back to New York", Frankie asked, trying to piece things together.

Chris zipped the main compartment of his luggage shut and quickly slipped passed Frankie, dipping into the bathroom. "Did I say that", Chris asked while stuffing some toiletries into smaller bag, discarding anything that had been opened by slamming them into the nearby garbage can.

"Well, no", he muttered.

"I'm fuckin' tired. My body has been through hell and back. As much as I'd like to sit around and take a break, gettin' as much rest as I can, even if it comes through a travel day, I can't. In this business the hits just keep comin'. With Fright Night wrapped up, I need to start workin' on what 4CW has in store for me next", Madison grunted as he once again moved passed his stationary manager.

"Jair", Frankie mumbled before exhaling through his nose.

Chris nodded his head before uttering a sound. "I know a place in downtown Baltimore that has opened their doors to me for as long as I'm in town. The sooner I get in, the sooner I can get to work. Hopkins isn't the kind of guy you can just sit around and hope to get over on. He's one of the best 4CW has ever had step through those ropes. First Adrenaline after Fright Night and Wallace is givin' those fans a five-star caliber match for the main event. If I'm goin' to be the one with my hand raised at the end of the night, I'm goin' to have to be at my absolute best", he explained.

"You've got to be careful Chris. Before we get to Adrenaline there'll be another Vertigo. Not sure who, but MacDonald has already told me you'll be competing. I'd hate to see you get sucked into this match with Jair and let your guard down. I know you've wanted this for some time now, but winning or losing to Jair isn't going to make or break you. He's got his legacy in 4CW, but so do you. As much as you feel like you've got something to prove and a win over Jair will speak volumes, so does he! Think about it... He and Cashe just dropped the tag straps to Brody Lee Prince and Magnus Brutus after dominating the Bad Company Tournament. He's going to be a ball of fire, looking to prove that loss was a fluke and that he hasn't lost a step. What better way than beating a man that barely knows what defeat feels like in 4CW. You may feel like you need this win, but he feels like he needs it more", Frankie warned, trying to reason with his client.

"No matter the circumstances, Jair is about as dangerous as they come. I'm sure given his loss at Fright Night, he'll be even hungrier than usual. All the more reason I can't let a day slip away while in and out of airports Frankie. Until FGA lets us know who I'm up against at the next Vertigo, Jair Hopkins is my sole focus", he reiterated, making his intentions clear.

"I know Jair is one of those talents that you've always wanted to see how you measure up against but never had the chance. APW, Pure, 4CW, this marquee match has always slipped through the cracks. But you can't let the fanfare of this match get in the way. At the end of the day, he's still a multiple time 4CW Champion, and a future hall of famer. No matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you prepare, nothing is going to simulate what you're going to be up against. So do me a favor, because I know how obsessive you can become in situations like this, don't kill yourself before we even get to Louisville", Frankie advised.

A sudden sense of levity filled the room and brought a chuckle out of Chris. "I think I can do that for you", he agreed before yanking the luggage from the bed.

"These are the kinds of matches you wanted when you returned. You wanted to silence those critics who tried to tear apart all that you had accomplished because it lacked star-power names. Hopkins is the epitome of the type of talent they claimed you dodged. By the looks of it", Frankie looked down at the luggage that Chris wheeled behind him as he walked towards him. "...you’re obviously anxious to get out there and silence those critics, prove them wrong, re-establish yourself as the alpha male of that roster. That’ll come in time Chris. Just don't look too far in ahead, you might let opportunity slip on by."

"Normally I'd agree with you one hundred percent. Not today though Frankie. Jair isn't slippin' by me. I don't exactly know what I want out of my second run in 4CW. I could try and reclaim the championship that I handed over. Maybe I throw the rule book out of the window and reconnect with the extreme ways of the early years in my career. I could try and push myself to the top of the mountain, gettin' myself another match with Bronx and try to gain a championship belt that everyone knows I should have contended for while I was undoubtedly at my best. Regardless of what's in my 4CW future, beatin' Jair is a huge step in the right direction", Chris declared.

"Couldn't agree more", Frankie said as he escorted Madison out of the hotel room. He reached up and held the door that Chris swung open, allowing his client to exit. "I have to ask...", he reluctantly groaned before he could spit out his question.

Chris's eyebrows raised as he stepped through the doorway and curiously turned towards his manager. "It's not often that you struggle to find the words to express your thoughts. What could you possibly have to ask me that's obviously goin' to be against your better judgment", he wondered aloud, opening a platform for Frankie to ask his question.

"When you made the decision to step away from 4CW, no one was more vocal about it than Cashe. You two didn't exactly end on good terms. Now you're up against his tag partner...", he said before cutting himself short after seeing the look Madison was giving him.

"Cashe and I go way back. We're like brothers. At times we'll even fight like brothers. But if you're thinkin' Cashe is goin' to screw me over, save this match for Hopkins, you don't quite know him like I do. He's goin' to let Hopkins and I scrap because he wants to see this match just as much as 4CW fans do", Chris informed his manager while grinning from ear to ear.

4CW Video Diary #43
November 1st, 2017
Long Island, New York

[ • REC ]

"In the summer of twenty-thirteen, I returned from a six year run in Japan - and I’m not talking about a NJFC show; I think Ricky Valero and I are still scrappin’. I spent six years overseas, tryin’ to reinvent myself because I had gotten into a rut, struggled with consistency, and could barely stomach the person I had become. My career had spiraled out of control and needed a drastic overhaul. A little company called Action Packed Wrestling was gracious enough to open their doors to damaged goods and allow me to try and rewrite my history after my hiatus from the North American wrestlin’ scene. I came back to the states a different man, a better man. APW provided me the opportunity to mix it up with some of the best in the industry at the time en route to the Overdrive Championship. But amongst all of the names Ingot mix it up with, one match that seemed to escape me was you Jair. It wasn’t until nearly two years after debutin’ for the company that we finally got to lock up inside of an APW ring. A triple threat tag team match that put you and Anthony Bailey against Keaton Saint with “The Soul of Philly” TJ, and Tommy Knox with yours truly. I’ve got no shame in admittin’ that we ate the loss that night. Bailey caught Knox and it was game over. But that match didn’t do justice for what could have been. Too many chefs in the kitchen kept us from really gettin’ into it with each other!"

"It took two reunion shows after they decided to close their doors for APW to get us in the ring with each other. But before puttin’ together a few nostalgia acts, the rosters scrambled to find new homes. Hopkins, you and I, we ended up in the northwest competin’ for an APW spin-off ran by Johnny Rebel and Michael Callahan... Openin’ night they booked themselves one hell of a match. The final APW Tapout Champion, Jair Hopkins, versus the final APW Undisputed Champion, Aubrey James Parker, versus the final APW Overdrive Champion, Chris Madison. A triple threat match that ended with AJP gettin' the best of me, forcin’ a submission. Much like the promise that PURE Wrestlin’ showed its fans before bein’ snuffed out, the possibility of gettin’ to mix it up with you, one on one, with all eyes on us, vanished before comin’ to fruition."

"This business is funny though. Careers could go by and some of the greats that step through those ropes may never get a chance to stand toe to toe with each other with nothin' but pride on the line between the two of them. 4CW presented us another chance, another opportunity to finally make this match happen. Who knew it'd be this hard to get two beasts from New York in a simple one on one? I came to 4CW originally because no other company compared to its deep roster. Top to bottom, there were guys that could walk into other promotions and instantly be king; but only a few worthy of that crown in the most controversial company in the wrestlin' scene. That back and forth between you and Cashe sealed the deal for me. I saw two guys that I knew all too well hittin' each other with their best shots, in the middle of a tug-of-war for the 4CW Championship, and comin' back for more. I saw the way the two of you went at it and felt confidently that could've been me. I signed that contract with the intentions of forcin' myself into that main event picture, and gettin' that match that continuously slipped away. Shit just wasn't meant to be. Our paths never crossed as I tore through 4CW like an unforgivin' hurricane, turnin' this place upside down as the undefeated Pride Champion..."

"Who knew it would take me leavin' the company and returnin' before 4CW fans would finally get to witness a match that has escaped us for the last four and a half years. But now it's here... And boy am I fuckin' ready!"

"Regardless of where we are at in our careers, regardless of championships, title implications, Chris Madison versus Jair Hopkins is goin' to be a showstopper. You're the kind of talent that forces his opponents to elevate themselves; you have to be at your absolute best because it's either you step your game up or get knocked on your ass! Anyone else in my position might make the mistake of takin' you lightly. But you don't amass the win streak I did by makin' mental errors like underestimatin' your opponents. As of late you may have been occupyin' your time in the tag division with Jason Cashe, but that doesn't mean you're not the same Jair Hopkins that won the 4CW Championship on two separate occasions."

"Nah man, I ain't fallin' for that trap. I respect you, what you've accomplished throughout your career, what you've accomplished here, and what you mean to this company too much to overlook what you mean to this company. When you're at your best, you're damn near unbeatable. When you're at your worst, you're still better than three-quarters of that roster! I knew that when I left I would get some flack for my decisions; callin' me out for dodgin' the bigger names in 4CW. Shit was out of my control and since I've come back, no one can deny that I've been thrown right into the thick of it: Bronx, a rejuvenated Cyrus Riddle, the best that Octane could put together in a WarGames match. I've been busy and I've been tested with each and every match that I've competed in. Adrenaline is no different."

"Wallace wants to make sure I won't break, that I'm here for the long-haul? I say keep it comin'! Keep linin' those names up for me because there's nothin' I love more than hearin' those critics go silent."

"I'm here..."

"I'm 4CW..."

"I respect the hell out of you Jair..."

Madison's attention is drawn to the sound of heavy door being swung open and slamming into a concrete wall. He steps away from the camera that was filming him inside of the Warehouse and bewilderingly glared at his younger brother who was rushing towards him. He held his arms outward as Nick swiftly approached.

"Chris", he shouted. "You have to hear what Hopkins had to say about you!"

Chris looked over his shoulder at the camera that was filming him and let out an exasperated sigh.

"...unfortunately, respect isn't always a two way street."

He stepped forward, following his younger brother to the Warehouse's secluded office as the feed cut to static.