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4CW RP #0040

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"I think Bronx made a statement, answerin' any questions people may have had about slippin' after droppin' that 4CW Championship strap to Manny."

"For the first time in my 4CW career, I lost a match and was the one bein' pinned in the middle of that ring. I'm sure people will be questionin' where I go from here, how do I rebound after droppin' two matches in a row. Here's the thing... Despite how I was bein' perceived, I've known that I'm not invincible. I've had my ass handed to me more times than I'd care to admit over my career. Takin' the current face of this company to his limits isn't a performance to be ashamed of. Bronx is a legit player in the wrestlin' business, anyone who doesn't think so needs to get their head checked."

"With that pristine record behind me, I can get to work without havin' to dodge the constant head huntin'."

"Well maybe not the head huntin'..."

"Since the moment I returned to 4CW, Cyrus Riddle has made it perfectly clear that he wanted another chance to mix it up in the ring with me. Surprisingly, he's been pretty tame, watchin' from afar. Not your usual tactics deployed by Cyrus. But there's a reason for that, and I get it."

"At one point in his career, Cyrus Riddle was the kind of guy you dreaded havin' to face. He was an absolute monster. He could out strike the best strikers, he could out wrestle the best pure wrestlers, and god help you if the rule book got tossed out of the window. But somethin' happened. Somewhere along the way, that clout that his name carried dissipated and he looked more and more like a washed up ole dog tryin' his best to hold onto what once was."

"The thing is, even though people around this company perceive him that way, he's made it perfectly clear that he doesn't believe that's who he is! People want to push him away, write him off, but in Cyrus's mind there's still so much left to prove. This business is filled with ups and downs and even thought the knee jerk reaction from the execs and fans might be to turn their backs on the competitor, a true warrior, a gladiator, a gritty fighter like Riddle should never be counted out!"

"All they need? That one moment that shocks the world and makes all of their critics choke on their own words."

"When Cyrus Riddle saw me return to 4CW, I instantly became that much needed moment that he's desperately been in search for. Our previous meetings have been rather underwhelmin' for him, much like his 4CW career. If he's to make anythin' of his time with 4CW, he's goin' to have to start pilin' up some noteworthy wins; and is there any win in 4CW that carries more braggin' rights than beatin' Chris Madison?"

"The only problem, Cyrus isn't gettin' me one on one. Despite his challenge and the fact that I've accepted it, Perry Wallace seems to have other plans in store for us. We're bein' thrown into one of Wallace's signature clusterfucks; a War Games match at Fright Night with teammates that he and Jimmy Walker just threw together durin' one of their ritual dick measurin' contests."

"Regardless of how it's comin' about, Riddle is gettin' exactly what he asked for; and not just once. Before Fright Night, before the War Games match, on Adrenaline we get to test out our adaptability by partnerin' up with some of our War Games teammates in a tag team match, winners get that edge of comin' out first and havin' the man advantage in the early stages of the match. Those first five minutes in the War Games match feel like an eternity, but those two minute periods of two on one, three on two, four on three, can completely break a team; especially a team that's just been thrown together at the whim of two men that are tryin' two prove which brand is better than the other..."


October 5th, 2017
Long Island, New York

Chris stood in the center of a ring inside of the Warehouse, with his younger brother watching from the apron. In each of the four corners of the ring stood a different trainee, chomping at the bits to get a chance to roll with one of the most prolific names in professional wrestling. A volatile mix of and excitement on each one of their faces, they each did various stretches to loosen themselves up.

"Alright, so obviously this War Games match is right around the corner. As much as we'd love it if you could rely on your partners, shit happens out there and before you know it you could be looking at a four on one situation. If Wallace keeps this traditional, only way you're winning is by forcing a submission or a surrender from your opponents. Easier said then done, right", Nick said as he leaned forward, resting his arms along the top rope. "You're going to have to feel comfortable with your opposition coming at you from every angle at any moment. I'm going to blow this whistle, one of these fine young men are going to attempt to out wrestle you and work a submission. You're going to obviously counter and try for a submission of your own. The other three are going to await my hand singles to jump in, break up the submission and have the fight continue. We stop when we get a tap out. Simple enough..."

Chris smirked as he looked around, focusing on each student before locking eyes with his brother. "You sure you want to do this to them", he joked.

Nick bursted out with an obviously fake bellowing laugh. "This may not be Cyrus, Sativa, or Jeb, but they've all been hand selected. These are four the best young talents we have in this school. Look into their eyes Chris. They're hungry; nothing complacent about them! You may want to take them a bit more seriously", Nick warned.

Chris sarcastically nods his head, accompanied by an eye roll. He begins to bounce from side to side on the ball of his feet and rolls his shoulders before hunching down into a ready stance. "Well, what are you waiting for", he demanded to know.

"Don't say I didn't warn you", Nick uttered before bringing the whistle up to his lips and getting the training session started.

As the whistle blew, the largest of the four students slowly took a few steps out of his corner. Chris squared up with him and waved him on. Suddenly, from the opposite corner, the only female of the group charged to the center of the ring and hopped onto Chris's back, desperately trying to work in a rear naked choke as her legs wrapped around his waist. Chris actively fought her arm from sliding across his throat before reaching up and whipping her down with a modified snap mare takedown. Instinctively, she sprawled and grabbed a hold of Chris's leg. Chris reached down and hit her with a few elbows between her shoulder blades to break her hold before reaching down and flipping her over head with a gut wrench suplex. Chris kept his hold around her waist, rolled, popped up to his feet, and hit a second gut wrench suplex. Still with his hands secured around her waist, he rolled her up to a seated position. Chris secured his leg hooks and had no trouble locking in a rear naked choke of his own.

On the verge of tapping, Nick nodded to the student who had taken those initial steps. He charged towards Chris and dropped down with a running knee to the middle of the back. Chris kept his submission locked tight until the much larger opponent pressed all of his weight down on him and repeatedly drove his knees into his side. The female student rolled out of the ring, under the bottom rope, gasping for air. The trainee clobbered Madison with a pair of axe handle smashes before peeling him off of the mat and whipping him into the corner. He followed up with a running splash that forced him to crumble into a seated position in the corner. The trainee reached down and grabbed Chris by the ankles in an attempt to drag him from the corner. Madison reached up and grabbed the middle rope, while struggling to get free. He got one foot loose and caught the massive student with an upkick that sent him staggering. As Chris rose to his feet he was forced to duck underneath a lariat attempt and countered with a spinning backfist that has the student seeing stars. Madison reached up and locked in a Muay Thai clinch. Chris forces his head down while driving some stiff knees upwards. He adjusts his clinch after a few of those knees hit the mark, taking one hand away from the back of the head and trapping an arm against his side. Chris then leaps up into the air, swinging one of his legs over the students head while locking in an armbar submission hold as they both fall towards the canvas.

Nick nods to another student who quickly jumps in, securing a front face lock and manages to pull Chris off before finishing the submission. The second student rolls out of the ring and falls right beside the first one, clutching his arm as she still tried to catch her breath. Chris pushes up to his feet and drives the student into the corner. The promising trainee manages to keep his front face lock secured. With his back against the turnbuckles, he drives his knee up into Chris's sternum and uses the momentum to switch spots. He traps Chris there by grabbing the ropes and thrusting his shoulder into his midsection. He steps back and lets Madison stumble out of the corner. He lifts Madison up onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry but Chris slips down his back and quickly turns him around, securing a standing guillotine choke. Madison begins to spin, lifting the trainee off of his feet as he continues to rotate.

Nick taps the final trainee on the shoulder, who happened to be standing in his corner. Chris releases the guillotine choke, and sense the student charging in. He leaps up and connects with a bicycle knee that drops the trainee instantly. Madison pounces and rolls directly into the Peruvian Necktie. Within seconds the kid begins tapping. Chris flips the kid over and releases the submission, arrogantly stomping his feet as he rises. "That's the best you got", he mocks while looking at the group try to recuperate.

Nick bites his lip, turns his back to his brother, and begin to look around the facility for other potential training partners. "I...", he mumbled.

"Don't bother", Chris groaned in between labored breaths. "It doesn't matter how many of these kids you line up for me. Nothing you come up with is even goin' to compare to what I'm goin' to endure in that War Games match. I've been through one before, it was hell on earth. If I'm goin' to survive this match, it's not goin' to be because of some bullshit drill that you've whimsically come up with. I have to take this match seriously, so stop wastin' my god damn time", he snapped.

Nick stared at his older brother, dumbfounded by the sudden outburst. "I'm not trying to waste your time. I thought this could help", Nick explained.

"Right now, before even getting to the War Games match, Lauryn and I need to click as a team so that we can earn that advantage. Regardless of who's put on that team with me, that advantage is my top priority! I've anchored a team, I've been that first guy in the War Games with the advantage! Cashe and I beat the hell out of each other for five minutes straight and when that cage opened up and Niobe came in to tilt the field our way, it was like a shot of adrenaline had been injected directly into my chest. I don't care how hard Riddle and Sativa come at me and Lauryn, I don't care how well they work as a team, we're walking into Fright Night with the momentum behind us", Chris declared confidently as he climbed out of the ring, stepping through the ropes before hoping down to the floor.

4CW Video Diary #40
October 7th, 2017
Atlantic City, New Jersey

[ • REC ]

"Two time Hall of Famer, multiple time champion in countless promotions, but mostly remembered for two things; your dominating performances for Boardwalk Wrestlin' followed by the countless disappointing performances for Four Corners Wrestlin'. A modern day twist on A Tale of Two Cities; Cyrus Riddle: A Tale of Two Companies."

Chris stood on the easily recognizable Atlantic City boardwalk. Leaning forward with his arms resting on the pale blue metal railing, he looked outwards towards the connecting beach.

"In this city you were a fuckin' king Cyrus; the premier talent in a promotion that this city adored. But it's funny what our natural drive for competition does to us. The easy road would have been to stay in Boardwalk Wrestlin', rule it with an iron fist, and try your best to carry it to prominence. Instead, you thought you'd try your hand at a different promotion, see if that success that you became so accustomed to could translate over to new grounds. But as easy as things seemed to be in Boardwalk, clearly, that wasn't the case in 4CW."

"Reputation alone, it was expected that you'd be an instant player. You made some noise in the first Bad Company tournament, makin' it to the finals with CJ O'Donnell before losing in a triple threat tag team match at Fright Night to Aidan Carlisle and Bryan Williams. But since then, it's been a two year long roller coaster, hasn't it? Here's big bad Cyrus Riddle, and in two years time, the only thing you have to show for your 4CW career is a short tag title reign with Rorie Steele and a whole lot of time playin' second fiddle to Dakota Smith."

"Makes you think... What if? What if Cyrus Riddle never left Boardwalk?"

"Boardwalk was a sinkin' ship and instead of the captain goin' down with his ship, you bailed. Maybe you saw the writin' on the wall. Or maybe, Boardwalk invested too much into a man that just wasn't quite as good as he was bein' billed as. The moment you left, there wasn't a shot in hell that with all of those wasted resources, they'd keep the fans comin' and the company afloat. They'd pick the scraps of 4CW, lurin' the likes of Bryan Williams, Aidan Carlisle, Brennan Devlin, Ramona Lee Epps, and Sativa Nevaeh away to try and fill that void that you left, but their demise was unavoidable; much like your constant mediocrity in 4CW... Unavoidable!"

"As a man, and as a competitor, I get this whole new crusade to prove that what 4CW has seen of Cyrus Riddle isn't the real you. But don't you think that you've bitten off more than you can chew? Right now you're doin' pretty well for yourself on Octane, pickin' up wins over John Gabriel and Jay Mora since you've returned. But there's a big difference between pickin' up a couple of wins over second-rate wrestlers and standin' toe to toe with me. We've been through this before Cyrus, on more than one occasion. I beat you one on one, when you were at your best. CJ O'Donnell and I beat you and Erron Wilder in tag team action while you struggled with Omertà. This third time around isn't goin' to be any different. Four years ago, in Action Packed Wrestlin', I competed in a War Games match. I was the first to enter that cage and my team, the Black Hand, had the advantage of sendin' in a competitor after the first five minute period. I know how much that advantage means. If you thought I was a tough fight with nothin' on the line besides our pride, you haven't seen anythin' yet! Adrenaline is goin' to be a war in itself, way before this Adrenaline versus Octane war that we'll be fightin' inside that War Games cage at Fright Night. If Jimmy Walker had half a brain, he'd pull you from this match and add Jeb Fisher, this way he'd at least sendin' his best two across enemy lines and give Octane their best chance to win..."

Madison smirked as his head stared towards the camera crew filming him.

"As for you, Sativa... Our paths haven't really crossed until now. I signed with 4CW as you were on your way out. You returned to 4CW after I had already left. There's no denyin' what you're capable of. Former Tag Team Champion, former two time Extreme Champion, you've carved yourself a pretty nice career here in 4CW with notable wins over big names, whether the popular opinion wants to admit it or not. At Fright Night, with the rules thrown out the window, you're probably in the settin' that you feel most comfortable in. But make no mistake about it, despite your reputation, despite the accolades that you've earned over the years, standin' across the ring from me is unlike anythin' you've ever had to do before in your career."

"Apparently you and Cyrus have experience as a team. Who would have known? The two of you also have had success in 4CW's tag team division with other partners. Where as, Lauryn and I, we've never been in the same ring together, as a team or as opponents. Anyone with at least half a brain would see that, and think that our backs are up against the ropes. But I'm the kind of guy that loves challenges. This tag team match should be yours for the takin'. Realistically, our inexperience as a team, and our unfamiliarity with one another should handicap us in a way that should be cripplin'."


"But luckily this business isn't decided on shoulds. Case in point, Mariano Fernandez is the reignin' 4CW Champion... Regardless of what Lauryn and I are up against at Adrenaline, the reward is worth anythin' and everythin' we're goin' to have to overcome as a team. There'll be times when this match seems to be slippin' out of our hands. There'll be moments when we look like a flawless tag team. Which ever team can find a way to dig deep and adapt is goin' to pull out a monumental victory. I've got all the confidence in the world that Lauryn is capable of squarin' up with either of you and carryin' us to a win if need be. But Sativa, can you honestly say the same about Cyrus?"

"Can you honestly trust a man whose portrait should be printed next to the word inconsistent in Webster's Dictionary, to stand side by side with you as you prepare for a war unlike anythin' you've ever been involved in durin' your career? Which Cyrus shows up? The dominatin' force that carried a company and instilled fear in anyone that even thought of challengin' for his throne, or the inconsistent competitor who's image of himself is so warped that he can't understand why he keeps trippin' over his own feet."

Madison takes a few steps towards the camera, as it zoomed in to capture only his face.

"Hope you figure that out before it's too late, because that's what's standin' in your corner on Wednesday night!"

He grins once again before the feed cuts to static.