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Predictions yay! This post will be in OOC. Maybe later I'll do a character :P


Singles Match
Brooke Adams Vs. Pink Phantom

Winner: N/A

Reason: My Match. Though Geeze didn't know about it until I was working to make this thing. Brooke could of gotten a free win there :D


Battle Royal
Open Invite

Winner: Whoever enters

Reason: Honestly, I don't even know what title it's for... Or really anything about this.. could of been said in current results as I'm going to be reading this after but eh... I have no clue who will enter or who will win.

Winner: See above

Reason: Well, more that I don't got the slightest idea on who'll enter. I mean Jay's got his hands full. I ain't got a clue with Dustin and Jon... atleast I think they both have a HOFer. And Mike's gone MIA. So maybe Mickie James?

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Reason: Brock's undefeated and here's hoping Jay's got time to get one up for Brock.

Winner: Mickie James

Reason: Jay's saying he's got his plate full with RL stuff so I can see this match being fed to the wolves or in this case to Mickie. He may get up a PNS or something but still I don't see him having the time to do this one.

Winner: N/A

Reason: My Match. Bring the pain Khaos... and prepare for the BOOM! On another note, I'd like to say that the name of the match type.. eh I had no idea and was expecting maybe Jay to come up with one. Guess I was wrong. Maybe a 'Learn to Fly" match :P

Winner: N/A

Reason: Yeah again my match, but I figured I'd say a few things about it. Since tbh with who I have in it, I'm not sure how well it'll go for me but taking me out of it I'd have to say we could be looking at Michelle McCool. Just Layla will be more filler than anything, Sasha... how'd she get in the match again O.o. But from what I've seen of her, sadly I don't see her taking it. Finally with Josie Wales and Mickie James. As for JW, eh, we'll see which Scar shows up. But Mickie.. honestly if Shad puts in the effort he attempted to do with the RP that got him in the match and actually have it where it should, I think he could be a real threat.

Winner: The Extreme Connection

Reason: Save our Tag Division Jay!!

Winner: N/A

Reason: Again my match. Though well, alot of these guys are real big threats. Especially Dean :P. However, I just hope Big Rig's RP in the open invite wasn't his norm or anything because if so sadly he'll be walked over and swept aside.

Winner: Abby Addiction

Reason: Yeah Yeah, there's the whole, leaving with the title, but I like the idea of Abby's final match ending in victory.

Winner: Jack Micheals

Reason: Still I believe the better RPer of the three on average. But if anyone can beat him... it's one of these two. Plus, I want to be the one who takes the crown from him :P.
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