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Jimmy Justice: Ladies and Gentleman, we are live for eWe Xposed and the clock is ticking down to our last Pay-Per-View before Wrestlemania 12. As always, I'm your honest Jimmy Justice, and for this episode I'm playing diplomat between two huge stars in the company. Last Stand sees the lady to my right, The Phoenix, defending her eWe Women's Title against the the Flawless Michelle McCool who is yet to join us.

The camera opens up as Jimmy Justice happily spits out his introduction to his now very popular eWe Network exclusive show: eWe Xplosed. Justice sits infront of the big screen on the set, which displays the shows logo. He wears a dark coloured suit, with black highly polished shoes and a pale blue shirt. As he speaks he gestures either way to those around him.

Jimmy Justice: As of right now we are yet to joined by the challenger, but we are joined by her advocate, Paul Heyman... welcome Paul.

Paul nods his head, that devilish smile over his lips. As always, the very smartly dressed former ECW owner is comfortable.

Paul Heyman Allow me to stop you there Mr. Justice, my client will not be attending this interview today as she has had to deal with some more... urgently pressing matters, she sends her apolgoies.

Paul smirks through the corner of his mouth as he speaks, Amelia simply chuckles.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: What a shocker.

Amelia sarcastically pops, looking off to the side and shaking her head. Heyman pauses for a second, leaning forward.

Paul Heyman If you have a problem with my client not attending this interview, Amelia, then perhaps you shouldn't have twisted her arm into facing you at Last Stand so that you can line your pockets with another match against Abby at Wrestlemania.

Amelia spins in her chair towards Heyman.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Listen! Listen to what you just said. Line my pockets with money? That's not what it's about to me at all, but you hit the nail on the head. Amelia Pietersen against Abby Addiction is the match that the fans will want to see at Wrestlemania. That is the truest Wrestlemania match, and you just proved that by talking about money. Unlike you, Paul, I pride myself on being the best, being dominant and challenging myself whenever I can... not taking a back route to an easy pay day.

Paul raises his hand slightly as Amelia speaks, attempting to stop her.

Paul Heyman The fans aren't going to want to see Amelia against Abby at Wrestlemania once Michelle McCool takes that title from you. They are going to want to the see the flawless champion, they are going to want to see the best in the business - not two past their prime peices of dog meat for nostalgia's sake.

Jimmy Justice: Wh-

Using her right hand, Amelia brushes her index finger and thumb over her lips as she thinks, her eye brow cocking slightly.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: I made it clear last weak before I wiped Mizore out - if Michelle somehow manages to get the win over me at Last Stand, if she some how manages to pull some miracle out of her ass - then she can have her Wrestlemania moment, once she's earned it. I mean, let's be entirely honest, she barely earned her shot this time around.

Paul scoffs loudly, with each passing sentence from the pair Jimmy tries to get in, but he simply can't.

Jimmy Justice: I...

Paul Heyman Didn't earn it? She was the best of 15 women in that match-up, eliminating your beloved Abigail last to secure her shot at your championship. How can you have the audicity to claim she didn't earn her shot, Ms. Pietersen?

Amelia nods slightly.

Jimmy Justice: That's a-

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: She won by doing what she has made a career out of - being in the right place at the right time. I mean, let's be honest Paul, she eliminated her best buddy Layla by accident and then pushed Abby and Trish out when they were both practically already eliminated anyway. Other than that, what else did she actually contribute to the match?

Jimmy Justice: Thi-

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Getting smashed with The Abstinence? Bravo, Michelle.

Amelia scoffs shaking her head.

Paul Heyman That to me sounds like a very envious woman, Ms. Pietersen. An envious and fearful women, who realises that Michelle McCool can walk away from Last Stand with the one thing in your life you truly care for.

The slimy Heyman rubs his hands together as she speaks, before leaning back casually in the chair.

Jimmy Justice: This is m-

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: If you're so confident that Michelle is going to be able to beat me, if you think that I am fearful - why were you so desperate to not let her take the match at Last Stand?

Heyman purses his lips as Amelia grins.

Paul Heyman It's simple really, Amelia. Longer to prepare for the match, not that she needs it, and the prestiege of capturing the championship at Wrestlemania, something which you will probably be attempting - should you decide to evoke your mandatory rematch clause of Michelle beats you in your home town at Last Stand.

Heyman is still composed, Amelia simply chuckles running her fingers through her hair.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Since I got back in this company, I've heard an awful lot of noise about an awful lot of people. I've been told that 'X' is going to the one to watch, or that 'Y' is going to be the one who will beat me. Abby was supposed to beat me, she lost. Christy was supposed to beat me, she lost. Rogue was supposed to beat me, she lost. Hollie Winder was supposed to beat me, she lost. Mizore was supposed to challenge me... she lost.

Heyman continues in the same rhythm.

Paul Heyman SynStarr was supposed to lose to you, she won. Michelle McCool is supposed to lose to you - she WILL win.

Jimmy Justice: She w-

Jimmy is still trying to get his words in, but the pair of back and forth like dogs.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: I made a mistake of not taking SynStarr all that seriously, admittedly, and she scraped a win on me. It happens, people lose matches from time to time. SynStarr came in with nothing to lose and I went in with nothing to gain, stupidly, I thought the job was done and I had my eyes on knocking Rogue off of her perch already.

Amelia shrugs her shoulders.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: That hasn't happened again since because I realised the issue and I addressed it. Just look at Royal Rumble, I knew that Hollie wasn't going to be able to bring it all but I still put her away convincingly, still treated her with respect for her in-ring ability. Mizore, last week? The same thing - and if you were watching, I even made her tap out to her own move in the middle of the ring. I mean, I know Michelle and Layla were there watching that match, but I figured you were in the back massaging Brock's balls or something.

Paul seems caught off guard for the first time during the argument.

Paul Heyman I, er, neither Brock Lesnar nor myself attended Monday Night Chaos in Lawrence.

Jimmy Justice: Guys...

Amelia laughs loudly.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Oh, fair enough - perhaps you were in some cheap motel giving him a happy ending and telling him everything is okay after he failed to win the Royal Rumble because big Bill Goldberg came onto the stage.

Paul Heyman Your title defence his nothing to do with Brock Lesnar, Ms. Pietersen. I look forward to watching Michelle McCool not only beat you, but embarrass you, at Last Stand. Mr. Justice, this interview is over.

Paul climbs from his seat pulling at the clipped mic on his shirt and walking away from the set. Amelia looks on with a huge grin as Heyman takes his exit.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Something I said?

Jimmy Justice: ... clearly.

Justice pushes out his bottom lip slightly as he watches Heyman exit the area. He's sort of stumped now, having expected to interview the pair.

Jimmy Justice: Well, I guess that means we can get on with eWe Xposed - the show that allows the eWe Nation to pose questions to their favourite stars. Twitter as buzzing for this, and I'm sure there are a lot of questions for you, so let's go...

He gestures towards the big screen, which changes to show the first question for Amelia, which shows "nxtewechamp asks: 'Amelia, Do you see Michelle as a genuine threat to your title?'"

Jimmy Justice: Well, that's something we've heard a lot of - do you see her as a threat?

Amelia looks up to the screen with a cheeky smirk over her lips.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Of course she's a threat. She may have lucked her way through the Women's Rumble match, but you need a little bit of luck in that kind of a match. I would be lying to you if I sat here and said that I didn't think Michelle was a threat, everyone in this company is here for a reason, including Michelle. Sure, she has gone the wrong way about things and she relies too heavily and her buddy Layla from time to time, but so be it. I'm taking her very seriously.

She raises her index finger toward Jimmy for a moment.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: That is not to say that I think that she is going to beat me at Last Stand, because that is not the case. I said it before, I've demolished almost everyone that I have set foot in that ring with and she is going to be no different come Sunday night. I know that I have to be honest and take my time because she is going to be desperate to make her opportunity count.

Amelia shrugs a little as she looks back to the screen which flicks, "totally_diva asks: 'Amelia, you have called out 18 & Fortin lately. Do you plan to move into the male division like them?'"

She reads the question breaking into a laugh.

Jimmy Justice: Well, as stated, you have called all three out and none of them have replied as of yet, as far as we know. Why them, firstly?

The Phoenix bites on her lip softly, considering.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: For me, it's simple. I want to be the best, and a very wise man once said, to be the man you gotta beat the man - and to be the best, you gotta beat the best? Fortin and 18 have carved paths for themselves that exceed the divas division, much like Kelsi and Christy did. It's nothing personal against those two, exactly. They are just a fresh challenge. As for moving into the male division? Nah, not right now anyway. That's not on the radar for me at the moment.

She shrugs her shoulders, seemingly indifferent about moving into the male division.

Jimmy Justice: Okay, and the next question...

The screen switches "JWhiteExpress1 asks: 'After you retain, can we go on a date?'"

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: No.

Jimmy rolls his eyes a little, Amelia folds her arms with a sigh. The screen changes again "ElvisFan1 asks 'Why do you want Abby at Wrestlemania so badly?'"

Jimmy Justice: Good question, so what makes Abby so special?

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: The challenge, I suppose, first and foremost. The challenge of knowing you are facing one of the very best on the biggest stage of them all. That's a key factor in it, and then you take a look back to our previous encounters, i mean, for god sake the eWe Nation voted them as two of the best 5 matches of the year for 2012.

Jimmy nods.

Jimmy Justice: Indeed, the Girl's Night out pay-per-view Women's title match voted into 5th for the year, and the title for title match at Final Destination voted into second, only narrowly missing out on top spot.

Amelia nods her head, resting her hands onto her knees as she adjusts her position.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Exactly, plus by my math she is 2-1 up on me, and I can't let that lie just yet. I want the opportunity to pull it level and then, who knows, maybe we will have a fifth match to break the rubber and see who is the best after all.

Jimmy kind of grins.

Jimmy Justice: If you beat her at Wrestlemania, of course.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Yeah, of course, but that's not what this is about...

Amelia raises both brows slightly as she looks towards the screen. "A_Man_2 asks: 'Are you more nervous defending your title in front of your home fans?'" Jimmy rocks back and forth excitedly.

Jimmy Justice: Another great question from this guy, are you more nervous generally performing in front of a hometown audience, or in front of your family?

Amelia purses her lips.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: My family follow me a lot anyway so it's not like I have pressure from them being there are anything, they go to probably 3 of 5 episodes of Chaos and pretty much every single pay-per-view, so my family being around makes no real difference to me, the weird thing is when we are in and around St. Louis, like last week on Chaos - we are normally at a place I wrestled at when I was growing up in front of like 300 fans or something. Then you step out to a place you know and there are 20,000 fans there blowing the roof off of the place. It's intense.

Jimmy Justice: Do you notice a difference between fans in St. Louis and elsewhere?

She twists her lips for a moment.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: Not really, not in the arena. I do get a lot of people coming up to me like "Oh, you went to my High School" or "You used to hang out with my cousin" or something like that. It's cool the connections you can make with the people in your local town, and obviously a lot of people knew my dad and when I started to wrestle in the independant circuit, I got a lot of attention so I will get people like, "I saw you wrestling at the gymasium infront of a hundred people back in 2007" or something. As far as the connection with the fans generally, the fans have always had my back no matter where in the world I have been. That's something I have been incredibly fortunate with.

Jimmy nods.

Jimmy Justice: and we have time for one more question, or should I say one more item.

The screen changes, it's not a question but a tweet, directed at Amelia from her opponent at Last Stand, Michelle McCool. "EWEMcCool: 'Only 4 More Days until I beat @ewephoenixxx and make the Women's Championship Flawless... Are you all Excited? ... Just Kidding'"

The screen changes: "EWEMcCool: '@ewephoenixxx I don't care what you people think.'"

A wry smile appears over the lips of the Women's champion.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: I like that. I like that she has the confidence in herself to post something like that on Twitter, to millions and millions of people, for them to take that and put it on a meme with the video of me beating her. The internet is a cruel place, and you should always be careful what you put up.

She chuckles.

Jimmy Justice: In honesty though, Michelle does seem like she is confident?

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: I wouldn't expect her not to be, because Michelle is simple. If you put her on a lie detector test and asked her if she thought she was the best wrestler in the world today, she would answer yes and she would be telling the truth. That's not say that she is the best wrestler in the world, far from it, it's to say that she believes the crap that comes from her mouth. Paul Heyman standing by her side, feeding her ego, enlarging her sense of self-worth and making her think she is more than she is, better than she is. Of course she is confident, but she's going to find out pretty quick when she steps through those ropes that her confidence has been misplaced. She's been misguided by her snorting, sweaty advocat and lead on her merry way like a lamb to slaughter at Last Stand.

She tilts her head with a smirk.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: I'm excited for Last Stand because it will mean that once again, I can show up and make some over-hyped, self-righteous little nobody come to the realisation that they are in with the real sharks now. This isn't eWe 3 years ago, when the division was flat and even then all she could muster was a couple of 10 minute runs with the TeleVixen title and the even more worthless Shining Star Championship.

She waves her finger.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: She's swimming in an ocean full of sharks and this shark is about to take a bite out of her. Let's see if she keeps swimming after that. Let's see if she keeps TALKING, after I put my fight through her jaw and send a couple of teeth down her throat. Let's see, Jimmy.

Amelia stands from her chair.

Amelia"ThePhoenix"Pietersen: I got some stuff to do.

As Heyman did earlier, Amelia unhooks her microphone as she leaves the set, leaving Jimmy sitting looking rather bewildered. The screen behind him goes black for a second, then flashes up real quick with a message; "Fuck Mike" before the scene fades to black.


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