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Syd Vicious
Syd Vicious

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The Journey Began.
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"can't read Jay's predictions while im eating anymore. i just literally choked from lmao 😂😂😂"

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<<<<<<<<<< CHAPTER ONE - HARSH REALITIES >>>>>>>>>>

H 4 M 01 S 09


EWE Production Studio, how can I help you?


Err.... Hello?

Steele... It’s Justin.

Oh hey Justin, we were getting worried you got lost on the way to talk to Jack as the hospital. So what is your excuse this time eh? A lot of strip clubs in Louisville... Did one of them happen to call your name? Or was it the race track this time? Maybe just a bar.


Oh come on now.... No retort or shut up Jonathan for me to listen to?

Jon....Listen. I...

Wait.... Did you just call me 'Jon?’


You never call me by my first name. What’s wrong?

I got the interview but.....

But what?

Check your email and watch the footage Jon. Something is wrong... Very.... Wrong.



Justin White was annoyed.

It was hot and humid in Louisville and Justin could only stand under the blazing sun as the EWE crew worked around him. His dark suit stood out against the glaring day and he realized that black pinstripes were a bad idea in this kind of weather. He gave an impatient look to the sound recorder who was using the decades old generator on the EWE production truck to charge their equipment. The hot smell of diesel filled the air as Justin looked across the parking lot to where a plain looking building stood in the distance.

Only the best in EWE.....

As he wiped his brow for the third time in two minutes, he wondered to himself who he pissed off to draw this assignment. He should of been holed up in some New Orleans strip club or down in Miami watching the Greyhounds make him some money. Instead, he was in this hell box looking for the recently enigmatic Undisputed Champion and trying to get him to cover his contractual obligations to the company. Following the car accident that befell Jack, Amber and Venom, there had been no contact with the federation at all. I mean didn’t Jack get it? This was the biggest show of the year and yet the champion had done nothing to help promote. He had missed his TV spots, his interviews and even the interview he was supposed to have with that Schmuck Jimmy Justice. Buy rates looked grim and it did not surprise Justin when Jensen screamed at Steele to get someone to hunt Jack down. Two days and several thousand dollars later, word had gotten out that Jack was holed up in this plain looking building for god knows what reason.

Sound is up and running so you can head over whenever you are ready.

Justin grunted as he grabbed a wireless mic from the back of the van and made a motion to the camera ahead of him. The camera follows him across the parking lot as Justin flips a thumbs up to and begins to narrate his walk.

Hello EWE fans and welcome back aboard the WHITE EXPRESS. I am, of course, Justin White and we are on location in the arm pit of America... Louisville, Kentucky. Why are we here instead of some beach in California or in the air conditioned splendor of a casino in Atlantic City? Because of one supposed World Champion, the illustrious Jack Michaels, who has tried to vanish off the face of the earth following a car accident three weeks ago. With a world wondering what happened to this quote / unquote “Icon” of the ring, I have taken it upon myself to track down Jack and get the answers you all deserve as we close in on the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania baby!

Justin finishes his walk across the parking lot and makes his way to the unmarked door in front of him. He slides up to it as he raises his finger.

With my own sleuthing, I have managed to find Jack in this very building and demand he produce this interview for me under the authority of EWE owner Michael Jensen himself. Let’s make this happen!

Justin slams his hand into the door several times as he awaits a response. After a few seconds, a young woman in a nurse’s scrubs answers the door.

Can I help you?

Justin sizes up the pretty blonde in front of him and smiles deeply.

Indeed you can little lady. I am of course Justin White from Extreme Wrestling Entertainment and I am here to talk to Jack Michaels. Be a dear and get him for me would you?

The nurse looks at Justin nervously for a second and shakes her head.

I am afraid this is a private facility and Mr. Michaels is not taking any visitors. Thank you.

The nurse tries to shut the door but Justin slams his hand into it.

Heh.... I am afraid that won’t cut it for me. I demand you get Jack right now on the authority of Michael Jensen and EWE!

The nurse looks nervously behind her for a second as a voice is heard softly. We can’t make out the words but suddenly Justin cranks his neck in.


The nurse suddenly steps aside as the door is brought open fully and we see the current EWE Undisputed Champion.

About god damn t... Whoa.

Justin is taken aback at the sight of the champion which is not good. Jack looks like he hasn’t slept in days as thick purple rings form around both eyes. A scraggily beard has formed around his mustache and his white dress shirt is wrinkled and stained. Jack stands weakly by the door and looks at Justin squarely.

I’m not in the mood to talk with you Justin. Just get out of here.

Justin shakes off the shock of Jack’s condition and clears his throat.

Sorry Jacko... That don’t work for me now does it. I’ve been informed by Michael Jensen that you are to grant me this interview or else you will forfeit your spot at Mania and with it your Undisputed title. What do you have to say to that?
The tired features on Jack’s face scrunch up as he glares at Justin.

What do I have to say to that... Well... How about GO F**K YOURSELF for starters? How about I DON’T F**KING CARE as well? How does that grab you Justin?

Justin stands there with his mouth agape as Jack swallows hard and stares into the camera.

Is this what I am worth to you people? Is this all you really care about? No 'hey Jack, hows everyone doing after the car accident?’ No 'Gee, we wonder how you are holding up.’ No... All you guys care about is your stupid f**king title and your stupid f**king federation. I am so sick of it... SICK OF IT.

Jack looks like he is about to slam the door into Justin’s face but stops himself from doing it. He stands there blankly for a second as he looks down at the floor.

You know... It was 21 years ago this month. 21 years ago I left everything I had back home. My job, my home and my family were pushed aside in order to try and make my dream come true. 21 years ago I followed Joe Puffs from Las Vegas to Miami with nothing more than hope. That hope was that my career in underground boxing could be parlayed into a legitimate shot of being the greatest champion in the world. Not just a boxing champion, not just a wrestling champion but simply THE champion.

Jack pauses for a second as memories seem to flood over him. He looks up at Justin and tilts his head slightly to the right.

Do you know what it was like for me? Christ... 21 years of preparing, training and fighting. Going from town to town, state to state and country to country with the simple desire to prove to myself that I was as good as I thought I could be. I was able to show the world I was the man I had envisioned myself to be from the day I was able to stand toe to toe and say ‘here I am.’ It was a path I relished from the day I started and not once did I regret following the dream of a lifetime.

Jack swallows deep as he pauses again.

That was until my daughter was born. Holding her made me think there was more to life than just being a fighter. Hearing her voice made me wish I could spend as much time with her as I could. Seeing her grow up from half way across the world made me realize there had to be a balance between setting the bar in the world of professional wrestling and being the father I knew I had to be. Suddenly I find myself in the today where I did find that balance with my daughter and my career and she strives to be in my life as I strive to be in hers. Everything I do has her in my mind and everything she does inspires me to be better than I ever was before. But.... But now....

With some unforeseen speed, Jack lashes out and grabs Justin by his collar. He throws the shocked man into the room with him before ripping the camera out of the cameraman’s hands viciously. We see the door get slammed in the face of the stunned cameraman as Jack drops the camera to the ground and we get a cockeyed view of the room we are in. It is a disturbing sight as we see young Amber Michaels laying in a bed, a feeding tube in her throat and a ventilator on her chest. Several nurses surround the bed as Jack drags Justin up to eye level and spits out fury.


Jack uncorks a right hook to Justin’s gut and doubles him over as Jack leans in close.

You want to know about my professional life when my personal life has been broken. She was my everything... And now she lies in a hospital bed with both legs broken, a lung collapsed, her skull cracked and a chance she won’t ever walk again. Do you think I give TWO SHITS about your interview? HUH?

Jack slams Justin down on top of the camera which goes black. We hear Jack’s voice one last time...

Amazing how short 21 years seems when compared to the last 21 days...


The camera goes to static and comes back on with what seems like a time lapse. Justin White sits propped in a chair, a thick welt on his head and slumped to one side. His body is tied to the chair with duct tape and he appears to be drooling in his sleep. The camera gets shifted around slightly as we get a full view of Amber laying in bed to Justin’s left. Jack walks out from behind the camera and pulls a stool up to the bed side of his daughter. He gives Justin a quick slap across the face who suddenly opens his eyes and looks around rapidly.

Huh.... What... What the hell is going on....


Jack makes a quiet motion with his finger to his lip before looking down at his daughter. He takes her by the hand and looks at her as he speaks out loud.

Stop. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are going, whomever you are talking to... Just stop. Now, answer me a question... What are the darkest nightmares of your life? Where does the pain in your soul come from? Can you hear the screams calling in the night? Does your skin crawl as your loved ones wretch out in pain? Do you pray to God for just one night to stop the dreams?

Justin looks utterly perplexed as Jack smiles darkly.

To. Just. Stop. The. Dreams. Such a simple concept. Heh.... He isn’t listening you know. God doesn’t care about your torment anymore then he cares about mine. If God did care, that car accident would never of happened. My baby girl would not be laying here comatose. My wife would not of slit her wrists. Christy Chaos would not of lost her baby. Dutch Clark would never of gotten Valley Fever. Heenan would still have a jaw, Benoit would not be a vicious killer and Roddy Piper never would of had a heart attack if god cared. So if he don’t... Why should I?

Justin stays quiet as Jack looks over at him.

Do I have your attention yet? Good. Now, I want you to close your eyes and picture the future of pro wrestling. You see, I lied a bit. I do care about the main event of Mania because unlike God.... I care about the future of wrestling. I care about more than what has been taken away from me. In fact... I probably care more than any man who has ever set foot in the ring. Yeah, I should be pissed since no one cares about me as a person and only as a wrestler. But that is fine... Because that is what I strive to be. I strive to be more than a man but rather to be a god of the ring. Justin... When you look at me... What do you see?

Justin stays quiet as Jack looks back to his daughter.

The answer is a concept... A perception of what pro wrestling could be. A man who represents a time when the best wrestlers stand at the top of the mountain and they attract a new generation of fighters who wish to be the best. No politics, no fear and no lies... But no one cares about that do they Justin? No one thinks about the man behind the iron mask but only the god damn bottom line. It’s... Pathetic and sad but it’s also the reason I have to care about Mania even with my daughter destroyed. It’s why.... I’ve seen the future.

Jack looks up sharply as a tinge of madness plays across his face.

What do you mean that you’ve seen the future?

I mean that I want you both to look into my eyes and understand something VERY important. This match is not about walking out as a champion but rather who is representing the sport of wrestling. I can’t emphasize enough how much it kills me to see Christy talk about respect and Sydney look at her own self realization because the fact is... I am not ready to step aside for you. I am not ready to give it up. My ego is too god damn big to sit here like some old has been who has nothing left to give but his spot. Do you hear me? Do you HEAR me?

Jack stands up from his stool. his hand ripping the front down the buttons on his shirt and exposing his 49 year old body. He tosses the shirt off camera and cracks his neck. Every muscle is tensing on end like a tense coil as he paces back and forth. Justin looks at him in sheer awe as Jack starts to rave.

Do you they remember who they are up against? Do they remember who it is that is standing on the other side looking at them.

Jack turns to look into the camera and tenses his jaw.

I'm not some pussy whipped White Tiger or some drugged up Abdul Q am I Christy? I’m not a roided up Brock Lesnar or some delusional Angela Fortin am I Syd? No... What you are up against is the man who has set the standard for this sport since the two of you were giggling over boy bands back in high school. What you are up against is a man who has stood toe to toe with the very best in the world and earned their respect in every way possible. The Flairs, the Hogans, the Pipers and the Harts... They know who I am. They know what I can do and they know what I bring to this sport. They know I am “The Blast” Jack Michaels and that I am the BEST EVER. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can claim what I have done. NO ONE can do what I say I can do. I have done everything I have set myself out to. I have beaten everyone I said I would and by god..... I am still standing here ready to do it one more god damn time. You two think I am going to give you the rub on the biggest stage of them all because it’s time to se a new generation take over? I say go F**K yourself because I never had a god damn thing handed to me. You two want MY title... MY honor... MY legacy... I say come and earn it because nothing is going to stop me from bashing in your pretty little heads. BASH THEM RIGHT F**KING IN.

Jack seethes for a second as he turns back to look at Justin.

And why do I feel this way? How can I want to fight when I said I don’t care about this match? Trust me... I don’t want to care. I don’t want to be there. But... like I said... I’ve seen it. I’ve seen how it might end. I’ve seen how the fans react and I’ve seen how the federation follows. You see, laying in that bed with my head on my daughter’s arm gave me a vision. I was given a foresight of how things are going to come to be. I’ve seen things that have made me cry. I’ve seen things that have made me angry. I’ve seen things that will change the very FABRIC of what it means to be a professional wrestler. It’s not just about protecting what I want to hold onto... It’s about protecting the very thing that made me the man I am today.

Jack breaks his gaze and looks back into the camera.

When Alexander the great conquered Persia and sat upon his throne... He wept for there were no more worlds to conquer. At least... That is what history would want you to believe. What if he wept because he had a vision of his own demise and didn’t know how to stop it? What if he knew everything he had built would come crumpling down because he was powerless to stop it? But then again..... What if he found a way to keep his kingdom from falling and save the world in the image imagined? But... You may be asking yourself how bad the world would be with either Syd or Christy as the champion.

Jack chuckles to himself and nods his head a bit.

Fine. Let me tell you about it.



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End of the Line?
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"can't read Jay's predictions while im eating anymore. i just literally choked from lmao 😂😂😂"

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OOC - Fun stuff here and I would suggest reading my post in the tag match for more insight on why this went down the way it did. Enjoy it guys!

<<<<<<<<<< CHAPTER TWO - HOW IT CAN BE AND HOW IT WILL BE >>>>>>>>>>

A few minutes have passed since our last session with Justin and Jack as Jack has come back into the room with a glass of water in his hand and Justin continues to struggle against the duct tape on the chair. Jack takes a sip of the water and leans down next to Justin with a cool tone in his voice.

Do you promise not to run if I cut the tape? If you do before we are done here... I swear to God that it won’t just be my daughter that needs a respirator. Do I make myself clear?

Justin looks over at Jack wearily but slowly nods. Jack nods as well as he places the glass of water on the stand by Amber’s bed, reaches into his pocket and produces a small jack knife. He quickly cuts the tape on both hands before going back to sit next to his daughter. Jack watches her for a second as Justin walks over to where the camera is still picking up this footage and checks a few settings on it. He comes back into the frame and takes his seat once again as an awkward silence takes over the room. Justin clears his throat and tries to find some words.

I uh... Am sorry about your daughter. It’s horrible and uh... Yeah. I wish there was something....

Do you know what was considered one of the darkest periods in wrestling Mr. White?

Justin looks confused as Jack continues on.

The neon early 90s as it were. The WWF was rocked by drug and sex scandals, WCW was almost mismanaged into the ground, the NWA lost it’s two largest territories, UWF and AWA were bankrupted and wrestling as a whole was stricken as a joke in the world. It wasn’t until the emergence of new stars through the mid and late 90s that we started to earn just a small particle of respect once again. It was wrestlers like me who helped change the path in which wrestling had gone and made the river flow towards prosperity and respect. That’s why it’s so amazing to think of how far we have come... And to get the vision of how far we will fall.

You said that before... You had some sort of vision about the future with Syd or Christy as champion. What is that all about?

Jack sighs deeply, a cold look coming over his tired but chiseled chin. He holds his daughter’s hand once again as the screen starts to fade...

When I was praying and crying over what has happened, I got a flash of what would go down if I never showed up to the main event. What would happen if everything I worked for was set aside for my own torment? What if no one was there who knew the path, who saw the light and who could be the future took the ball and tried to go with it. Hell... It all really begins with what the fans will think if one of them wins... Especially if the belt goes back to Christy...


A montage of shots come up on the screen as we see Christy holding up the Undisputed title following Mania. We cycle through several clips as her image starts to appear on smaller and smaller publications. Headlines change from her winning the belt to a booming headline of her walking out of the fed and going full time into 4CW. Soon the headlines changed to canceled shows, wrestlers walking out and eventually EWE filing for bankruptcy. Soon we see that the EWE network has been canceled and all sponsors are pulled from EWE programming.

(Voiceover) It’s going to be a disaster for our federation if she pulls it off. The fact of the matter is that Christy Chaos has done it all in the EWE. She has won the big gold, she has beat the best and she has little to prove left outside of being able to do it in another federation. If Christy manages to win then we can kiss EWE as we know it good bye. It will be a mass exodus of talent as she tries to prove herself to be the best in the world somewhere else. Syd would be destroyed, her own ego buried under some non sustainable goal to be at the top. Guys like Alessandro, Khaos, Thunder Dragon and the such? Gone. Why fight for a belt that has no meaning, no purpose. It is no fun to be the big fish in a small pond... Especially when there is no one left in the water. With no one to front their shows, EWE would be a shell and eventually neglected to some cheap promotion with a broad history but nothing to go along with it. I mean can you see what happens five years from now...?

The image starts to shake and fawn until we get a shot of the inside of a grungey looking arena with a bunch of older and fat fans. We pan down to ringside where a mustached Jonathan Steele stands with a microphone and begins to speak...

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m Jonathan Steele and welcome to the Hammerstein Ball Room where EWE is performing in front of it’s first live crowd since 2018, 1300 rabid fans to watch this special One Night Only show! It’s been five years since we have seen the majority of this superstars and I for one am super excited to see how it goes. Joining me tonight on commentary is a man who needs no real introduction at all. He is the conductor of the White Express... JUSTIN WHITE!

The camera pans over to Steele’s right where a balding and rail thin Justin White stands with a microphone in his hand. He shakes visually as Jonathan waits for him to say something. White opens his mouth but then quickly vomits under the table as Steele looks disgusted.

Oh for god’s sake Justin... Couldn’t you clean up for one night?


Justin scrunches up his face in disgust and leans forward in his chair.

What??? I’m BALD?

I’d be more concerned about the drugs. Meth is a hell of a drug as you know.


And Syphilis but you get off easy compared to some of the other talent.



Jonathan tries to compose himself as Justin just lies under the table.

Well folks, we have an amazing card for you as all the top superstars of the past on here tonight to help kick things off! Guys like... Officer Ken Tyson, Johnny Doom, Alex Stone and even Rick Cage! All pivotal members of EWE history!

Jonathan tries to keep a straight face but it is obvious there is a ton of disappointment in this sad cash grab. The image starts to fade as the first match is about to get on the way which appears to be Hooded Figure vs. Mike Jobber...


We come back on a shot of Justin who sits there shaking his head.

God Jack, that sounds like the absolute s**ts of wrestling. How could it get worse then that?

Imagine if Syd manages to pick up the victory instead...


We come back with another montage of paper clippings as see Syd having her hand hoisted up as champion. Soon the clippings turn to riots as image after image of Syd battering the talent is seen. Eventually a New York state sanctioning book is thrown down banning Syd from competing in competition.

(Voiceover) With Syd Vicious as champion, EWE will turn into her own personal playing ground. She will be bitter as hell, regarding her world title as nothing more than a toy, a trinket on a Christmas tree. She will run through everyone here and prove her dominance by putting as many people on the shelf as she can until they are forced to eventually yank her out from the ring. The worst part? No one will think she is the best. They will think she is a bully, a con, a piece of what might of been but never truly proven since she never beat the one who guided her to the belt...

The image beings to change again as our shot changes to that of a Radio News Room somewhere with a bunch of wrestling banners and pictures in the background. Sitting with a head set on is Jonathan Steele with a full beard and a smile on his face.

Welcome back to Wrestletalk with your host Jonathan Steele! Today we talk about the downfall of the EWE and professional wrestling as a whole as we try to answer the question if the stars from today could of held a candle to the stars of yesterday. Joining me will be my former broadcast partner from the glory days of wrestling, the illustrious Justin White!

The camera shoots over to see a horrible looking Justin White scratching at his neck and eventually vomiting to the right once again.


What the f**k??????? Why am I throwing up all the time?

Heroin, it’s a hell of a drug. That and the HIV too.

WHAT? You telling me in both of your visions I am a drug addict and afflicted with VD when the fed shuts down?

Um... Yes.



With the retirement of Jack Michaels following the car accident involving his daughter, wrestling took a huge downward slope with Syd Vicious forced to take up the mantle he established. Considered a paper champion by many, Syd took to destroying what was left of the federation until not a single wrestler felt safe in the ring with her. A huge law suit forced the New York State Commission, the sanctioning body of EWE, to revoke her wrestling license and shut her out of the sport for good. As of our last check on her whereabouts, rumor has it she has been in training to become a full contact kick boxer in Thailand in the hopes that the fighters there would prove tougher then those in the states...


The image comes back to that of Justin who is staring incredulously at Jack. Jack shrugs and looks at him matter of factly.

I didn’t say it seemed like the most logical thing in the world but it is the vision in which I saw. I believe what I saw is a small taste of what COULD happen. A piece of time open to interpretation if you will. There is no logic behind it, no method to the madness. Only a small gnawing sensation in my gut that knows... Not thinks but KNOWS... That I need to continue being the champion I have been as long as I can so that the worst does no happen. If it means stopping Christy from running the federation into the dirt... Keeping Syd from becoming a paper filling killer or whatever else may happen... I need to do my best to stop it. My personal joy must be set aside... And I want you to tell the world what I am fighting against in order to STOP IT.

Justin nods as he gets out of his chair and makes his way over to the camera. He goes to pick it up but Jack stops him.

No, just upload it here. I might have more to say later if you don’t mind.

Justin looks at him oddly but plugs a Jack into his phone and then hits a couple buttons. He nods at Jack and takes a final look around the scene before heading outside. Jack watches him go before looking down at the camera and turning back to his daughter. Suddenly, she sits up to the shock of everyone and pulls the tube out of her mouth.

Bleh. Gross.

Jack laughs a bit as he wipes some of the purple make up from under his eye, revealing a very healthy hue there. He gives his baby girl a big hug as the “nurses” come out of the wood work and begin to unhook her from the machines. Jack looks at it all and turns back to the camera.

I know what you are thinking... But I don’t really care. I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again... Everything I do is done for a reason. Maybe you can’t understand why I had to pull the wool over your eyes.... But by the time you all see this footage we will find out if what I tried to do came true. It's about respect, it's about understanding and it's about trying to stop the excuses and cut to the brass tax. Will it work? I don't know exactly. All I know for sure is that for the first time in a long time, I was able to train... I was able to think and I will be able to fight knowing that I am going to get the very best of what is out there. Like it or not, I am your undisputed champion and in a few short days... I will retain what is mine now and forever.

A door to the back of the building is opened as we see Venom and Joe Puffs pop their head into the room. Amber is helped out by what we are figuring out are Jack’s MMSW students and she makes her way over to the duo.

Come on Dad, time to get back to training ok? No more slacking off you old fogie.

Jack laughs as she bolts past Joe and Venom and Joe shakes his head.

She concocts this plan with you and then busts your balls eh? Yeah, must be your daughter.

Jack thinks about it for a second and nods.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jack walks over to the camera and reaches a hand out as we fade to black...