Chaos #214 Judging: May 16th, 2016

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Monday Night Chaos #214
May 16th, 2016


-Brooke Adams Layla El-

Setting/Description: First in Stephanie's office then backstage interview. Not really much here as it was bare bones and the 2nd scne was more talking than description. But the interview replacement I liked a bit. Ofcourse most of the descriptions in the later half my eye just skimmed over with had eh it was.: 0.5

Match Talk: Really it was all though out. With Heyman picking up the slack of the No shower, to Layla's attempted interview. But still lacking in real substance but it's an AI. so eh...: 1.5

Entertainment & Flow: Well.. so apprently there was a Paul Hyeman talking with Steph... So fun. :P But Entertianment wise It had a nice 'Results segment' feel to it and not just random 'i'm replacing'. The Trixy interview had it's comedy and I think was a bit slow to get me to really chuckle but the "Let her kick you off of the apron?" comment got me LOLing litterally :P. Rest it was better. Flow wise.. well the first scene had nice flow.. as didn't feel to random when Paul showed up to have Layla replace Brook. Trixy had her random humor but it was played off well in the description so while it was randomish it still flowed well.: 2.5

Continuity: From the scene 1 replacement by 'Hyeman' to the match talk in scene two about previous things... yep it's there.: 1

Total Score: 5.5

-Eva Marie-

Total Score: 5.0

WINNER: Brooke Adams Layla El


... (5.0)

Setting: Pretty standard and bare. Fine enough though. (1.0)
Match Talk: Pretty simple. Easy pickens for an AI (1.5)
Entertainment/Flow: It flowed fine. (2.0)
Continuity: Kind of, not sure why Becky is still around Scar hasn't used her in forever lol but none the less. (0.7)

Total Score: 5.2

Final Verdict: Sasha Banks def. Kelly Kelly 5.2 - 5.0

Setting: Good despite being short. (1.0)
Match Talk: Likewise. (1.5)
Entertainment/Flow: Can def see some potential and interesed to see some real roleplaying. (1.5)
Continuity: For what it was, sure. (0.7)

Total Score: 4.7

Final Verdict: Jason Jackson by default 4.7 - 0


Shield: Seth’s shade to Thunder was funny as fuck. They make it known to Thunder that he isn’t of interest in this match and they just do not care about him, their focus being on the one who had attacked them separately on two different occasions, that man being Thunder’s tag team partner tonight…. Khaos. Judging by their hostility, you can tell that Khaos has gotten underneath their skin and they are ready for payback and to teach him a lesson. They deliver verbal blows about Khaos starting what he cant finish, how the Shield always gets the last laugh and wanting Thunder to stay out of the way. But of course according to the boys, he wont stay out of the way and him being called an idiot for it made me chuckle. That having a horseshoe would have him getting disqualified line that made Seth glare at Roman had me shaking my head with a chuckle. The Shield is hoping Thunder lets them just take care of Khaos without interference from him, saying he may just even set himself up for being Mr. Money In The Bank if he does. 8.1

Thunder: Scene starts out with Justin/Thunder talking to Jessica about wanting her to work away from the arenas with not coming to the shows due to an accident she had which has her placed on crutches. She, however, doesn’t like this and tries to protest that she can easily get around with crutches or even a scooter but Justin isn’t having it, saying she’d be an easy target if she’s at the shows. Khaos is trusted amongst Justin and his friends and are afraid that even as a tag partner for Chaos, Khaos would do something far worse than just make Jessica sprain her ankle. Kaylie saying The Shield was not that bad had me raising an eyebrow… like seriously lol… they aren’t “that bad”? Where has she been, under a rock? They are none too pleased finding out Khaos is his tag partner and says this is just basically a handicapped match being Justin’s bad blood with Khaos. Scene two has Justin talking about how he’s main concern about the tag match isn’t of his opponents but of his tag team partner, voicing about what a tag team partner is supposed to be to you and do for you. He digs into how The Shield may expect Khaos to betray him and even goes so far as to say that the difference is, he knows Khaos may betray him but unfortunately, the Shield didn’t see Dean’s betrayal coming. 8.5
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