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October 6th, 2015, 1:18 am #1

So uh ya, they knew I had saved all of them, so it was no worries when Jon deleted the old youtube channel during one of our infamous fights haha. None the less I didn't save em just as a fan like you think, like I don't save PH cause I have good net now can listen to em straight up np. Which that's why I saved them, cause when they 1st started doing these, I had very shitty net at that time. Every other sentence would stop and buffer and get very annoying lol So I just saved them, which ya with that shitty net took 20 minutes to download a vid, but I seen it as easier to wait 20 minutes to download and do other things while waiting, then listen to it uninterrupted. None the less Dustin asked me a long time ago about archiving them, kept meaning to lol Today I finally got the wild hair to do that, so ya.

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