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wrote:No, the description line isn't a lie. During this time in SHOOT Project (this was posted on 1/30/2013), I was living on my Grandma's property out here in Barstow, CA. My Grandma had been a huge wrestling fan and was actually what got me into the sport, and was one of the few people that knew about my e-fedding and actually followed it pretty well, including giving me feedback for a few different people. If I remember correctly, we even had Grandma on one of the SHOOT Project podcasts. My Grandma was legitimately considering becoming an active handler in SHOOT Project, and loved the storyline that Nicolle and I had going, so I got the two of them in touch, and out came this beaut.

I don't know exactly what my Grandmother contributed, but just knowing that she gave Nicolle direction one way or another is enough for me to cherish this. For those wondering, my Grandma suffered a massive stroke that next November, and never recovered, eventually passing in December. Crazy to think that she's been gone for almost three years now.

EDIT: Just realized that she had her stroke three years ago today. 11/19/2013. Maybe that's why this is hitting me hard.
She was almost free.

Ainsley Lake hated being in the hospital, hated being away from her kids. She hated having her damn jaw wired shut, she hated being under "observation" like a damned animal, and she hated being stuck in a place she didn't want to be. Even with two kids, Ainsley was used to doing what she wanted... The girls weren't burdens, they were her sidekicks.

Of course, she had a hard time imagining that anyone really enjoyed being in the hospital for months. She enjoyed getting better, of course, and was grateful for the medical care... But she wouldn't have minded a miracle making it go faster.

Musing alone wasn't to last, as the door to her room was swung open. Ainsley sat up, and was left to blink in confusion. A woman in her mid-60s came marching in, her outfit crisp and pressed and perfect. Shoes, belt, and purse were all matching gold and her dress was a lovely shade of emerald green... But the scowl on her face didn't match at all.

"Of all the nerve! Can you believe that boy? No manners at all, not a single one, and I know for a fact that he was raised better than that!"

The woman doesn't even bother to make eye contact or look at Ainsley. She walks straight over to a vase and begins pulling dead petals off of the flowers.

"He was a sweet child, did you know that? Always helping out. He never complained about being in the kitchen with the women like some boys would have. He'd insist on getting everything out of the cupboards for me, lifting everything he thought was too heavy for me, and making sure I wasn't working too hard. Lord knows I've worked hard all of my life, but he didn't want me lifting a finger, and he never could abide me lifting a thing over five pounds.

"He worked hard for his daddy, too, he always had. He was one of those scholar-athlete boys, and not one of the ones who cheated to stay on the team. Why, he'd write an essay on the bus, wrestle the hell out of some poor unsuspecting kid from another school, and get back on and do his math homework! Wrestled since he was a kid, always a little scrapper, but the nicest little thing you'd ever seen."

Ainsley watched the woman begin to peel the healthy petals off the flowers as well, and would have complained if she could. But today was the last day her jaw would be wired shut, and she would just have to accept that some crazy broad barged into her room and decided that her flowers needed to suffer slowly.

"Oh! And handsome, too, just like his daddy and his grandpa before him. A family of nicer looking men you'd never want, why, I bet you dollars to donuts you two would make some darling little great-grand babies for me to spoil senseless, but he cocked that right up!"

Who the hell was this lady, why did she want Ainsley to have her grandson's babies, and why was she in her room? Ainsley was too fascinated to remember to call the nurse and complain about a second blatant security breach. She was so comfortable in here, and reminded her so much of someone she was fond of. Her own grandmother, sure, but someone else, too... Ainsley was curious, and wasn't going to ruin the game by getting her kicked out.

"To just barge on in with no consideration, not even a knock, and with a camera! A camera! I can't believe it! What if you had been busy? You could have been asleep for all he knew! He might have been bringing in a camera while you were indecent!"

Ainsley holds up an index card, patiently waiting for some acknowledgment from the strange woman in her room. When the stranger finally spares a glance at Ainsley, she bristles in surprise.

"Who am I? Why, I'm Daniel's grandmother! And a fat lot of good that does me. He never calls me anymore, did you know that? I lose his father, I lose his mother, and by God I'm losing him to his own ego! He sent a Christmas card, at least, but nothing since and nothing for months before!"

Mrs. Stein (Ainsley assumes she's Mrs. Stein, solely because most mother-in-laws would rather die before calling their son-in-law handsome) sits down, some of the wind out of her sails, and she looks at Ainsley closely.

"We'll have to do something about your hair, and about his ego. You need to take him down a bit, Ms. Lake, or I worry that he'll never come back to reality. It's all well and good for him to know he looks good and that he's great with the ladies, but that boy needs to settle himself down with a good woman who can tell him what's what, and you are just the girl to do it."

Ainsley sighs. How to let Mrs. Stein down gently...? Dan had been a friend and ally once, and Ainsley was more than willing to forgive him for being a royal fuck up when the time came... But she couldn't force him to be the man he was back in '08.

"Oh, I know you're mad at him, dear, but please... Help me to help him. He needs someone that he can rely on, and there's only so much a grandmother can do. There's only so much a man will let his grandma do. I want to bruise his ego, not crush his spirit, and if his dear old grandmother comes around and smack the taste out of his mouth I worry he'll just buckle down.

"I expect you to have this all sorted out by the summer, dear. I'll be seeing you. And please do something about that hair of yours. I know you're an invalid, Ms. Lake, but that is no excuse."

Grandma Stein stands and walks out of the room without so much as a "get well soon," "goodbye," or even a glance at Ainsley. She does, however, have the good grace to close the door behind her.

Ainsley decides that she wants to be just like Grandma Stein when she grows up, minus the jackass grandson.

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This was a fun read! Really enjoyed this.

I wish I had time to do some podcast stuff for the EWA. I think that could be a fun thing. There's been talk here and there of it happening, but nothing serious evolving from it.

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Gates wrote:This was a fun read! Really enjoyed this.

I wish I had time to do some podcast stuff for the EWA. I think that could be a fun thing. There's been talk here and there of it happening, but nothing serious evolving from it.
I would love to do this -- I know Dan Stein knows how, I used to do it with him from time to time.

I'd love to start one up here.