Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

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How to Ask a Smart Question

   1) Did you search for an answer to your question? Resources: Oracle EPM documentation, the internet, this forum
   2) Did you describe what you've already tried, and why it didn't work?
   3) Have you provided the right amount of detail, like database type (ASO/BSO), software version, operating system, etc.?

Message Title (aka "Subject")

   1) Please write the actual subject of your post, not "need help", "question", and the like.

Allowed (reasonable quantities):

   -- EPM related job openings
   -- "Resource Available" posts
   -- EPM conference / meeting promotions
   -- Helpful posts by commercial contributors that might contain subtle promotion.

Not Allowed:

   -- Blatant commercial posts
   -- Links to certification dumps
   -- Certification questions
   -- Off topic posts

Composition Tip:

This forum trims off leading and trailing spaces. To add hierarchical indentation it is possible to insert a "non-breaking space" by pressing alt-0160 (Windows), and copy/paste that where needed.
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