Data values dissappears from SmartView

Data values dissappears from SmartView

Deepak Shakya
Deepak Shakya

February 20th, 2013, 4:43 pm #1


I am required to apply filters on hierarchies with all shared members. Problem is after the first retrieval down to the level of shared members (level0), the data values dissappears for the subsequent retrievals in smart view. In the below example all the children of "EOP-Cassidy Turley" are level0 shared members and same is applicable to " Company" node.

----------------------------------------Accounts Reporting Scenario Year
----------EOP-Cassidy Turlely-----------333333333.3 ** contains level0 shared members as children
-----Fee Management---------------------#No Access
----------EOP-Cassidy Turley by Company-333333333.3 ** contains level0 shared members as children
-----Fee Management by Company----------#No Access
Business Units--------------------------#No Access

As long as I do not drill further down to level0 of the 2 nodes shown above with values, everything works fine. I do see the data once when I dril down further. But values dissappear after that one retrieval and also the level0 members list is not recognized as members in smartview but just as text cells.

I am applying metaread filter for the 2 nodes. Can we not use metaread filter on shared hierarchies? Please share your experience. Thank You!

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Deepak Shakya

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