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Mover, Shaker,
Brute and Breaker.

Master, Tinker,
Blaster and Thinker,

Striker, Changer,
Trump and Stranger.
[+] Spoiler
Mover - Powers that allow movement over great distances at a time. Includes flyers, Teleporters and speedsters.
Shaker - Powers that affect their surroundings in some way. Can, for example, bend or compress the space in the world or creating forcefields.
Brute - Powers that grant extreme durability and/or have above average strength, either through superhuman toughness or an incredibly effective healing factor.
Breaker - Powers that "break" the laws of nature for themselves, allowing them to survive in impossible states. For example, when dealing with an Elemental Shapeshifter (being able to breath if they're made of fire) or the minor aspects that allow them to survive the use of their powers (like altering how friction applies to speedsters).
Master - Powers that allow them to control others or create minions.
Tinker - Powers capable of highly specialized technological/biological creations years ahead of their time: from building laser guns or a hover board to growing chimera-like creatures. Separated into two types: Specialty tinkers have a specific type of thing they build, while method tinkers are unique in how they tinker. Wide-scope method tinkers theoretically can create anything but with a catch, such as the inability to create the same thing perfectly twice or narrow-scopes that are more limited but can create extra effects with what they do have.
Blaster - Powers that grant a ranged attack, such as emitting lasers, hard light, or elemental powers.
Thinker - Powers that deal with the mind, allowing for instant analysis, efficient information retrieval, or outright precognition abilities.
Striker - Possible subgroup of Breakers. The ability to apply an effect at point-blank range, whether it be an elemental punch or healing at a touch.
Changer - Powers that allow changing or shifting forms. Effects range from changing parts of their own body to weapons to morphing into a more suitable body for a given situation. Also known as Shifters.
Trump - Meta-powers that copy or interfere with other powers, or which give them access to many different powers in some other way. Includes those whose power adapts on the fly, copies other people's powers, granting other people minor powers, and nullifying powers.
Stranger - Powers that can be used for stealth purposes, such as invisibility, lacking any notability, or erasing any memories of their existence.