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Interests My interests? Well I like to shop and hang out with friends. I also work out as well so I can keep fit. I enjoy gaming as well and I own Nintendo and Sony game platforms. It seems that my favourite kind of books to read are manga. Yes, I watch anime too. From what I recall, I've experienced Shojo, Shonen, and Seinen. I plan on experiencing Josei though. As for interests related to academics? Well, I seem to have a liking for History. I think I'm growing a liking for Economics as well. Do I drink? Yep! What kind of alcohol do I like? I like vodka, German and Dutch beer, sake, etc. Some of my favourite brands are Smirnoff and Heineken! Now what anime series do I watch? The only series I follow right now is Hetalia.
Active Times for RPing It really depends actually.
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