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"Brevity is the soul of wit. So I shall be brief."

I guess I should preface this by saying I'm quite the passive person and also quite apathetic to most things. The reason I say this is because I don't like to be a burden to others and I don't want people to change how they are writing to fit my preferences. I believe things are best when they are left in their original state and I don't want to inhibit the process so really whatever comes after this isn't needed in my opinion, but whatever.

A short history I guess: I've been writing since eh... Twilight Princess was released giving me a solid 6 years I think if my memory is anything to go by. When I started I did primarily LoZ rps with the occasional Naruto Rp that Bad would run. Skipping over my emo days because I fucking hated how I wrote. I stopped Rping for awhile because things just kept seeming the same. A few years later Coifio contacts me on Gfaqs and invites me to a site of Bad's. I chill there for a bit, joining the occasional rp but not doing much. I move over to SS, made a character for 1 rp and 2 posts in said RP before quiting because I felt my writing wasn't up to par to other peoples'. After that I moved here and joined in FR as it was starting and I take credit for keeping that thing alive longer than it probably should have lived, although I admit I did this just to test some character concepts so I guess you could say I was being greedy but eh. After that I would join an rp every now and then but they all pretty much either died or I would quit. So over about 6 years the only progress I've made is the fact I have an improved vocabulary and I know how to construct sentences from AP English. And I guess thats the story of how I can't creatively write at all :\

Moving on to the questions in the topic header.
1) "What do you want to see in a roleplay" - Hmm, hard to say I guess. I guess pretty much anything pre-modern. I'll also say this, I don't like fantasy in a modern setting (although I will tolerate it if there is nothing else around I guess). I don't know, I think its from the fact that if we're doing fantasy I don't want there to be a familiarity in the setting, I like fantasy because its something new/different that detaches me from the world and draws me into a new world, not follow some kid from Philadelphia who has a sword >_>. On the matter of Fantasy and magic then: I like magic but it doesn't have to be there for me to still like it. I like both High Fantasy and Low Fantasy so either will be fine with me. As I said earlier I like pre-modern so I guess I should explain why I don't like Modern and Futuristic/Sci-Fi. Well I don't like Modern because I find guns boring. It's not even that they kill too easily or anything, I just find them boring since in an Rp its basically you saying how you shoot while w/ Swords and Wizardry (Shameless plug I know but Swords & Wizardry is a great tabletop rpg btw) you have to at least explain how you strike, where you strike, and explain how you got to the point to where you could strike and how you reciprocate and react to enemy attacks. I don't know, I guess I like complexity. So then to Futuristic. I think this is mostly just because I'm not very creative in this setting and just can't think of things. The one type of futuristic setting I do like however is Cyberpunk just because my eyes where recently opened to possibilities in this setting so someday I do want to try this one out. Side note to any setting I'm in: I like realism. Even in High Fantasy (hell, make a few people miserable in the story and have everything be dirty and its basically Dark Fantasy (one of my favorite genres)).

2) "How do you like to write?" - Uh, in paragraphs I guess (hardy har har). I'm not as elaborate as some people here and I have low self confidence when it comes to my writing as I haven't worked on it as much so I have a habit of quitting early on which I do hate about myself but it just keeps happening so eh, I've just accepted it by this point. Now that I think about it I guess I like writing out battle stuff but I doubt that counts for much. In my real life I like plays/dramas from time to time and I also like how much emotion can move some people and some days I imagine myself someday perhaps trying to act in a tragedy of some sort as a main character. I say this I guess just so I guess I could practice being emotional and such with my characters sometime. Moving on I suppose.

3) "How do you like to create your characters?" - Well, it depends. Sometimes I have a character idea that I've been working on recently that I'll use for an rp. Other times I'll draw inspiration from something I like and alter it (recently Magic the Gathering has been great for this). The rest of the time I'll just sorta make something of one of my archetypes that I reuse every now and then for a sense of familiarity. These archetypes generally boil down to either a thief or a mage who is slowly going insane. Not very creative but they serve there purpose from time to time. The process itself mostly boils down to I have an idea for either a combat gimmick, a character gimmick, or both, then I work on a backstory asking myself questions from an article a writer for Pixar wrote once (In life they did ___, then ___ happened, still normal until ___, character does ___ to ___.) Then I fill in the blanks to get a basic outline essentially which afterwards I add in flavor stuff. Then I pretty much name and equip and get ready to write. On a sidenote: Call me sexists I guess but I've never made a female character. I don't know why, I just prefer being male I guess since its easier for me to act.

4) "Any genres you're interested in?" - Erm... See above I guess...

5) "Do you desire for your characters to be a hero, a villain, or heck a neutral character or even an anti-hero?" - Good question and I guess it varies. I like having a good moral compass so I guess hero but that isn't always the case. I tried having a murderous "don't give a fuck" badass once (antihero) but it wasn't as enjoyable as I thought so I scrapped him. Neutrals are fun because they see grey where others only see black or white; they're quite fun for insightful/intelligent characters although just the way groups HAVE to work out in rp's, these guys generally land with the heroes. Yup

6) "Do you like Sidequests or do you prefer to focus on the main plot?" - Sidequests are fine I guess. I mean realistically if your character has shit he'd/she'd rather do than whatever the quest giver asked to do, they would do it.

And that's it I guess. I think I hit all the important ones... Questions, comments, and concerns should be put bellow. "My ears are open to all but I can't hear what isn't said." -Mark Rosewater