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for those special questions that, for some reason, weren't answered in the other walls of text
Can I make a thread on an island other than Escova?
  • No; for now only locations on Escova are open for play, with the focus on Maristheum and Kyha. In the future, other locations may open up, but for now all threads must take place on Escova.</li>
What's the currency around here?
  • The Island Nation functions on coin currency and trading, with plenty of bartering. For many, the more expensive items are typically bought through trade. To give you an idea of pricing and the value of each coin type, here's some basic info:
    Coin types
    .. Brass
    .. Copper = 5 brass
    .. Bronze = 20 brass, 4 copper
    .. *Silver = 50 brass, 10 copper (2 1/2 bronze)
    .. *Gold = 200 brass, 40 copper, 10 bronze, 4 silver
    * = typically only carried by the wealthy

    Standards (approximations)
    .. Bread loaf = 3 brass
    .. A good, foot-long fish = 5 brass
    .. An average shirt = 1 bronze
    .. Horse = 400 gold</li>
How long does it take to get from Maristheum, the Capital, to Kyha, the Port?
  • The trip between the capital and the port takes about a day on foot, and less than half a day on horseback.</li>
How long would it have taken a refugee to sail from the Mainland to Escova?
  • Approximately two weeks from the nearest port on the Mainland. Any journey made to that port from within the Mainland is extra.</li>
I have an idea for a character that may be someone important (like a king who is on the run, or a prince). How do I go about creating him/her? Do I need permission?
  • While we encourage strong ideas and characters that can really steer the plot, we also want to provide an equal platform for everyone to create normal, personality-driven characters. You can create an important character, but please contact one of the staff members first to discuss the possibilities.</li>
What about technology?
  • Technology is as medieval as it gets. If you need to aim for a date in our world's history, think anywhere between 800 and 1000AD. Swords are mostly made of steel; bows and arrows are the primary ranged weapons; and paper-making has just begun to take off. There is no gunpowder in Escova, and mass-production methods (i.e. machines) are unheard of.</li>
What kind of character can I play?
  • We require every character to be human, and that every character be either a Refugee or a Citizen. Beyond that, the land is open to you as long as the characters are setting-appropriate. Thieves, soldiers, priests, merchants, scribes, magic-users, playwrights, housewives, whores, fishermen, you name it. Also keep in mind the simple rules of powerplaying/overpowering your characters. Besides that, we look forward to what your imagination brings!</li>
What's the language spoken? Are there dialects?
  • The predominant language on the Islands is Escovan. It has a few dialects which roughly correspond to the different Islands. Most Refugees can speak some Escovan, but their fluency varies considerably. In addition to Escovan, one can hear a dozen different languages from the Mainland in the Refugee Quarter of the city.</li>
I want to make a refugee. What kind of guidelines should I follow?
  • The Life and Culture in Escova article is a great place to start. Just keep in mind that Refugees trace their origins to the mainland and are often poor, poorly integrated into Escovan society, and live mostly in their Quarter.</li>
If you have any further questions not addressed here or in the write-ups, give us a shout. We'll be glad to help!