Never engage in a land war in Mane-Ji, they say. The soaring mountains, towering ruins, impenetrable jungles, and deserted steppes of this broad continent have encouraged an amazing variety of cultures to crop up, all inter-related yet inherently unique. It's no wonder it gained the reputation of the Far East, even though it does, in fact, lie to the west of Equestria. It is so like, and unlike, the tapestried land of Asteria.The native populations include the Inukami, distant relations of the Ghul Diamond Dogs, an amazing variety of very unusual looking dragons, and a surprising number of Qilin- Kirin who abandoned Neighpon for the mainland an inestimable time ago, not to mention the Gyphons who have moved into the area from Aquiline, in the north. However, Mane-Ji is by far the least explored of the continents, so who knows what else lays in hiding in the land without gods, the land that time forgot.

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