Help with HDR on N5300 and apps and PS4

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I got the 55" version of this from Argos just over a month ago and I have went into the HDMI settings and changed them to Enhanced which is how you enable the HDR on it. All the firmware is up to date. I have a few questions. I have a regular PS4, not the PS4 Pro which is for 4K gaming. Sony did an update a while back which allowed HDR playback on the regular PS4. I have 3 different HDMI cables and have used them all but no matter what I do it says "HDR is not supported on this TV". It's still a 1080p output but they did say if any content you were watching or playing had HDR it would allow you to see it with HDR. Yet I have seen You-tube videos with people who have the same PS4 as me enabling this feature. At the same time I've also seen many many people do the Enhanced option on the HDMI settings and confirm that this it is 10 bit color. I don't know what to do there.

Please help.

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