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April 5th, 2013, 2:49 am #1

Dear valued members of Equestrian Legends,
Over a year ago, this site began, and at that time we flourished and thrived. The site grew, it was active, and everyone was happy. As we all know, this harmony did not last, and as tempers flared EqL was in danger of being shut down for good. Some people left, some were banned, and some stuck around to try to see things through. In the end, EqL was all but abandoned, and Equestria Legends Redux was born.

Of course, EqLR was unfortunately not long lived, sending the EqL users back to the Prime board. Some, who were fed up with the issues surrounding both sites, sadly left for good. We wish them well, and hope that they find happiness wherever they may go.

With everything that has happened since before Redux even opened, this site has stagnated. As such, the staff have decided to shut Equestrian Legends down. What does this mean? Well, not actually a whole lot. The site shall continue to remain up, characters will be approved, and you are welcome to Roleplay and chat. However, there shall be no future plot arcs or development of this site. But, being as this has been the status of the site for several months now, this does not change much.

The staff invite you to join one of our affiliate sites, specifically those that have been born out of various members that were once apart of Equestrian Legends. These sites are active and running, much more so than Prime has been in the last several months. You can find the links to them below. Some of these sites may port over characters from Prime and/or Redux, and some may not. Simply ask the Admin of that site as to what the rules are for such things.

Again, this site shall remain open, but it shall remain effectively dead. Please go somewhere where your characters can be used and your ideas may be implemented. Please do not beg us to keep the site open or off to make plot arcs. We know that there are those of you who would like to see this site continue, but it cannot be denied that it has been floundering for awhile. This is a firm decision, and we shall not be going back on it.

We wish you happy trails, fun times, butterflies and rainbows and all that jazz. Many of us can be found at the site below, or on other MLP sites around the web. EqL shall remain, but it shall not progress. Journey to more active pastures, and may you have fun elsewhere.
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