By the Eyes of the Blind

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February 18th, 2013, 3:44 am #1

It had been a long time since she was last here, a very long time; the last time she'd found the time to be here, she'd met a kirin who was long dead and a diamond dog whom had been utterly baffled by her attraction to the former. She had no idea what had happened to the diamond dog, but he hadn't seemed all that appealing to her, what with his apparently poor intelligence.

However, with the simple fact that Titubi had come into her hooves, she had been every bit the overly protective mother and had put off trips to the mountains as long as she could to avoid leaving her alone. However, finally, the store reached the point where 'putting it off' just wasn't going to work anymore. Her parents had agreed to watch the Flutterpony, and she was back on her own again for the first time in a while; and, shockingly, she wasn't enjoying it as much as she did before Titubi.

The cart she had rented was slowly filling with various gems, and she could 'hear' the usual magical refractions and alterations that the gems gave off with her pings, but it didn't sound as musical as it once had, no matter how pure the gems she found. She really wasn't liking how... empty the whole thing was feeling anymore.

And, to think, she used to like being alone.

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March 31st, 2013, 12:05 pm #2

In the darkness of a cave somewhere in the mountains, a pair of crimson eyes slowly opened.

They cracked open just a bit, then blinked several times as they gazed about, the being they belonged to taking the time to examine his surroundings and gather his wits. It was difficult to tell where he was, despite his new ability to see in the dark, and the creature started to slowly shift, struggling to get its limbs in working order.

Have to move... Just... have to... move.....

He managed, after several attempts to stand, wobbling on unsteady hooves... Claws? Feet?


He stood on his hooves, staggering off down the cave he found himself in, pondering his surroundings. Was this Yami? Or was it the path to Heaven?

Perhaps... somewhere in between, that was neither Heaven nor Hell?

Even so, his own death still remained fresh in his mind, even as he noticed a point of light in the distance. He stood, staring, as he contemplated it, and his options. He could go to it, and if he was dead, he would find himself in his resting place.

He could go the other way, and wander this middle ground for eternity.

He chose to walk to the light.

The creature strained to keep his head raised and his eyes open as he watched himself come closer to the light, step by step. Inch by inch.

Moment by moment.

He walked until he reached the wall...

And then fell through it.

The kirin who named himself Mitsugi fell through the opening of the cave, tumbling down the slope and ending up laying, once again, on the ground. He groaned in pain, but this time, he didn't bother trying to rise.