Trainers for Business English in the Hamburg area

English training offered and wanted.Suchen Sie einen Englischtrainer/eine Englischtrainerin?

Trainers for Business English in the Hamburg area

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We are now
recruiting dedicated and inspired freelance Business English trainers to join
our team in our projects in the greater Hamburg area.
KERN AG IKL is a well-established world-wide global language services company
with some 40 branches throughout Germany.

We offer a pleasant working environment, competitive rates and ambitious and
creative trainer and organisational support.

Trainers must
currently in the designated areas.
We look forward to learning more about you. You can learn more about us at See you there!

Simply email us
your CV in Word Document as an attachment:[][/url]



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I'm not too sure what you would like trainers to do in the designated areas, but could you give us some kind of indication of how much you pay them for working there???
Simply send us a message saying, 'We pay from €X to €Y (depending on experience and qualifications)" and I'm sure you won't find yourselves interviewing the wrong type of candidate.